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    A Dream...

    I am having a contest to see who can design the best cover for my book, "A Dream..." the winner gets his/her design on the cover of my eBook.


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  • B. Cameron Lee
    Followed by 14 readers

    Shade under 6 foot around 180 pounds, generally fit and an observer of life as well as a participant. Have had over forty different jobs but would have liked to play American Football as a tight end. Not a city type. Although I've lived in them I prefer more rural areas with less people. Built my own house and have many and varied interests.

  • Greta Krafsig
    United States
    Followed by 17 readers

    Let's see... I've wanted to be a writer for almost as long as I can remember. I started writing when I was 6 years old and have been doing it ever since. I self-published a teen book but I'd love to find a publisher or agent for some of my other work. Right now it's just a hobby but I hope it's something I can continue to pursue for the rest of my life. If you like my work please tell your friends!

  • Jeffrey A

    Followed by 5 readers

    By the author of the hottest new suspense THRILLER! Lost Relic Of The Gods" See The Movie Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETtwihuzN7s --Jeffrey A. Friedberg is an acclaimed, published Five-Star author with many reviews on Amazon, Borders, B&N, and elsewhere Online. He authored Lost Relic Of The Gods, Black Road 2012, and the Secret Pillars Of Writing. Friedberg is a master of secrets; he's a 32nd Degree member of the mysterious Masonic Brotherhood--the 2nd highest degree possible. As such he is a "Sublime Keeper of the Royal Secret. Friedberg was also a private eye for 32 years. He holds various certifications in martial arts and serious self defense. As a detective he worked in Philadelphia, PA; NJ, De, NY, and FL, employing up to 125 people. With a Department Of Defense Clearance, he specialized in: deep investigation and undercover, organized crime, nuclear plant protection, personal defense, and more. He knows real life, dark secrets, deep conspiracies, and the madness of others.Friedberg was an internet guru, and, later, a consultant to America On Line. He has a BA in English and Psychology/Sociology and has been writing for a lifetime. Friedberg studied writing under the great John Truby, Harold Lazarus, George Deaux, Stephen Berg, and the uniquely oriented, one-time convicted triple murderer Jay Smith (sentence overturned due to "prosecutorial misconduct"). Friedberg lives and writes from his mile-high hurricane shelter in the New Mexico desert, in the shadow of a dormant volcano. ========================================= Most Helpful Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars ***** Essential Writer's Guide - for New and Experienced Writers, August 26, 2010

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  • Vegetarian Recipes

    Healthy Vegan Recipe Variations is a meat-free diet needn't be predictable with these colorful and nutritious recipes. The cookbook consist soups, salads, lasagna...

  • Decipher Destiny: Decode God’s Will

    There is a mechanism to all ‘probabilities’ in life which we call God’s will. This mechanism has its own energy and patterns of possibilities. Those...


    This book inspires, motivates and helps you to improve your productivity in the journey of your life.

  • The Book Of Pesadillas

    We write stories that will push boundaries (not in terms of extreme gore and violence, necessarily), the entwining of flesh and stark machinery, techno-industrial...

  • The Powers That Be

    The powers that be want to gain world dominion and one man is standing in their way.

  • Accounts From An Old Ledger

    A series of short memoirs starting from my very early school years,(G.P.S.) through secondary education, (Delinquents), through university studies in London...

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