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Here you will be able to find what’s going on with our Foboko Community, news, important announcements, hot books, new authors, groups and most important NEW BOOKS IN PROGRESS.

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  • B. Cameron Lee
    Followed by 16 readers

    Shade under 6 foot around 180 pounds, generally fit and an observer of life as well as a participant. Have had over forty different jobs but would have liked to play American Football as a tight end. Not a city type. Although I've lived in them I prefer more rural areas with less people. Built my own house and have many and varied interests.

  • Greta Krafsig
    United States
    Followed by 18 readers

    Let's see... I've wanted to be a writer for almost as long as I can remember. I started writing when I was 6 years old and have been doing it ever since. I self-published a teen book but I'd love to find a publisher or agent for some of my other work. Right now it's just a hobby but I hope it's something I can continue to pursue for the rest of my life. If you like my work please tell your friends!

  • Terry Clark

    Followed by 6 readers

    In today's economy with all the job lost and families losing their homes, a lot of stress has been added to married couples, infidelity, money and divorce etc. Some of my closes friend who have been married for 15 to 20 years or more are getting divorced, the lack of communication was next to nothing. I just wanted to help somebody, my marriage has it ups and downs too, but I wouldn't change a thing - that's how life is you have to work on your relationship day in, And day out. I hope that my little ebook will provide you with a insight on how to get your marriage back on track, but don't stop there go to my blog for more tips and advice to saving your marriage or solving the problems in it.

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  • Evi1 - A Novel About You

    A bizarre cross-genre fiction piece about the most evil man in the multi-universe. He is on a long and difficult journey to conquer all of existence and become God....

  • The Stud Farm

    'The Stud Farm' is a short science fiction story in the tradition of George Orwell's 'Animal Farm.' In a world dominated by an alien technology, ignorance is policy...

  • It's not a Love Story

    It's a kind of story that you may love or you may not. It is basically a simple bonding between different people and their different life styles. Ryan, Vicky and Ishita...

  • Accounts From An Old Ledger

    A series of short memoirs starting from my very early school years,(G.P.S.) through secondary education, (Delinquents), through university studies in London...

  • La mue de Boujelloud

    La jeune femme perdue entre deux cultures : arabo-africaine et occidentale, se trouve obligée d'organiser quelque chose de spécial pour son jeune mari...

  • Cremate or Bury, What saith the Bible?

    Have you ever thought about your very last decision here on earth? Will you be cremated or buried? Do you have enough information and facts to make an informed...

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