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Editorial Guidelines | Foboko

Editorial Guidelines Editorial Guidelines for eBook Submissions

Please read the following guidelines BEFORE submitting an ebook here at These guidelines have been created to ensure we deliver a quality experience to our members, while presenting realistic expectations to authors, and respecting copyright laws.

To have your ebook approved you must meet ALL the following guidelines:

1) First and foremost: you must have the RIGHT to submit the book. Uploading materials that you do not own is a Copyright Violation and against the law. If you upload material you do not own, the material will be removed and your account will be deleted.

2) You have read and accepted our

3) The book cannot be overly promotional or contain excessive advertising, nor can it contain any number of affiliate links. While we encourage authors to promote their services and products in subtle ways, your book cannot be excessively promotional. For example, having a line in the footer with your website URL is advised and approved. Whereas using the first 5 full pages of your book to advertise your website is not acceptable. Our editors retain full rights to use their judgment in these matters.

4) Length and content: Typically books of less than 40 pages will not be approved. There are exceptions, with respect to short stories or kids' books. Editors look for creative works and content that are entertaining and beneficial to our readers. This means we are looking for quality material which may be delivered in fewer pages.

5) Cannot be an article, press release, sales letter or brochure.

6) No hate-based, or pornographic materials.

7) Must not contain any content that is a violation of the law.

8) Proper use of grammar must be maintained.

9) Excerpts, previews or Incomplete eBooks will not be accepted.

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