19th Oct

5 reasons to listen to audio books instead of reading

Ever considered listening to a book instead of reading it? If not, you should! There are many reasons to why you should listen to a book instead of reading it. In this article I’ve summed up five good reasons to inspire you to choose audio books over regular books.


       1. You can listen to an audio book while doing something else.

This is one of my favorite things with audio books. Because many times I’ve read a really good book that is super hard to put away, but at some point I need to, because of other duties. But instead of doing boring stuff, such as laundry, I can actually with an audio book still listen. This is not only convenient but also helps making the daily routine more fun. I promise you, laundry and cleaning up have never been as fun as when I started listening to audio books.


       2. The narrator can add a new dimension to the book

Sometimes it’s an actor that’s the narrator of an audio book, and if not the person is always a very experienced storyteller. This can really add value to the whole experience of the book. Both actors and other narrators are usually trained to not only speak clearly but with empathy. This could really make the book and the characters come to life. Imagine you’re going to see a play, but in complete darkness. You can’t see anything of what’s going on, but good actors can still make you understand and feel the drama just by talking. This is exactly what a good narrator will do in an audio book.


     3. You can listen to your book at anytime, and not disturb others

This is mainly a problem when you for example are sharing bed with someone else. Let’s say you and your partner are having completely different work schedules. Your partner starts working really early in the morning and therefore needs the lights to be out by 9 pm. But if you on the other hand starts working at 10 am, you might want to stay up a little longer and read your book. This creates a problem when you’re reading a book, because you’re depending on having the lights lit to be able to read. Therefore, you might have to sit in another room while your partner then falls asleep. But what about us who still wants to cuddle and read the book? TA DA, here comes the perfect solution: Audio books. You’re not depending on the lights to be lit, just your headphones to work, and you can stay in bed and cuddle as your partner falls asleep.


     4. Avoid motion sickness

Many people, such as myself, suffers from motion sickness. This is something that could be triggered when you are reading a book on the bus, in the car etc. Scientists have explained this phenomena like this: The inner ear contains sensors for both angular motion and linear motion. Under most circumstances, the senses and expectations all agree. However, when they disagree, a conflict occurs and motion sickness is the result. For example, let’s say you are sitting on a bus and reading. Your eyes are then fixed on the book, and say to your brain that you are still. But as the bus goes over bumps, turns, or breaks, your ears disagree. This is why motion sickness can occur in this situation. With that said, listening to an audio book will not give you this problem, and you can easily finish your book without nausea.


    5. As long as you have your phone, you’ll have your book.

Forget bringing an extra large bag, to be able to fit your book. Forget the extra weight in your backpack, caused by a heavy book. As long as you have your smartphone with you will have your book as well. The audio book is not only a compact and simple solution, it’s also opens up for other opportunities. Let’s say you find your book not to be very interesting, and you want to change it. Your smartphone will be able to have as many books you’d like (as long as you have enough space on your phone). So you can easily switch to another audio book, and see if you like that better.


I hope these reasons have inspired you to at least try listening to an audio book. If you want to buy your new audio book right now, I would recommend to use either or! If you have any more tips or thoughts about this topic, you’re welcome to leave a comment below!

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