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    1. If you believe you can earn a certain amount of money, then that is what you'll have the ability to earn

    2. I believe in practicing all that I mentioned above, but

    3. I believe that, when

    4. If you want to be what you want to be in your life, believe it, become it, then do what you need to do

    5. So put it into action, believe it's possible, and be consistent

    6. action, believe in yourself, and be consistent

    7. I believe the reason they are not expecting it, is because

    8. of failing to believe God and stand on what they believe

    9. those who believe that times of supernatural acts of God

    10. They believe it was necessary for God to do

    1. This principle is applied in homeopathy, where it's believed that the more a substance is diluted the more potent it becomes

    2. Gen: 15:6: And he believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness

    3. The bible says Abraham believed God and God counted

    4. revelation of who God is and believed in Him only

    5. He began to think that maybe he wasn't as charming and fun as he once believed and that maybe it was just the alcohol that made him happy

    6. a direct result of the vague hope I had felt on hearing that the Inspector believed me …

    7. ‘What do you mean? The Inspector said he believed me

    8. But that was what heroes did; they died defending what they believed in

    9. ‘For a while I almost believed that it was going that way

    10. He would keep quiet about Narrulla's Tear and believed starships might be possible, but not that they attacked

    1. unlimited amounts of money,” than that's what your brain believes

    2. I have this friend who believes that we always meet the same people in every lifetime

    3. For the record, the Invisible Gardener believes that the secretary should ban each of these practices:

    4. The Order of the Wolfians, as its members call themselves, believes that Blitzer is actually the original and purest vampire

    5. Aldman believes there is a clue in their mantra: “We are with you in the Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer

    6. “What is beautiful about my father is that he believes everything on that label,” says Ralph, who says that way back when, he suggested his father’s soap - of which the uses range from shampoo to toothpaste, laundry cleaner to bug repellent, and plant cleaner to body message (though customers swear there are hundreds more uses) -something catchy like ‘Mint Glow’

    7. bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all

    8. gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not

    9. believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever

    10. 9:23), who believes the One Who is Almighty

    1. like believing that times of signs and wonders are over

    2. I will not stop believing in the manifestation of God’s

    3. Keep believing in the

    4. just believing with his/her heart that God raise Jesus from

    5. only way to be saved is through believing in the

    6. require believing in supernatural acts of God, that means

    7. Keep believing and expecting the supernatural acts of

    8. Similarly they should praise within limits and definitely not in such a way that the child stops believing you

    9. Jewish leaders called the speech “a step backward” and were disappointed by the Vatican’s anti-Semitism, believing that this speech will cause some Jews to close dialogue with the Catholic Church

    10. Before going back to Errd, she gave you up for adoption, believing it the best course for you

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    believe conceive consider think trust accept understand conclude suppose gather guess presume have faith in