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Broadcast en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Wilx cut off the broadcast.
  2. Then the broadcast cuts out.
  3. They saw the CNC broadcast.
  4. He took over the broadcast.
  5. That was his last broadcast.

  6. He must have watched the broadcast.
  7. Who broadcast lessons about science.
  8. It was a broadcast of a church service.
  9. Victor was on the media broadcast showing.
  10. Park saw gold in owning broadcast stations.
  11. Holiday specials were being broadcast on TV.
  12. Four HD flat-screen televisions broadcast.
  13. Roberts, once said to the British Broadcast.
  14. Exactly one month ago we broadcast a message.
  15. Pittypat had certainly broadcast her arrival.

  16. Faye Anne watched the broadcast several times.
  17. As he did, the screen continued to broadcast.
  19. A broadcast filtered over the bridge speakers.
  20. It would be taped for broadcast two days later.
  21. Johnny has broadcast more hours than anyone.
  22. Suddenly a broadcast appeared on the telescreen.
  23. Why are they broadcast on the news? We get it!.
  24. There was no transmission possible to broadcast.
  25. As one of only two broadcast journalists who had.

  26. In 2003, they actually broadcast it on BBC Radio 3.
  27. Its 500th episode was broadcast on 19 February 2012.
  28. I'm going to broadcast the location coordinates now.
  29. And that at last bring us to the end of this broadcast.
  30. I was so pissed off at that breaking news broadcast I.
  31. The broadcast was drowned out by the chattering crowd.
  32. But there were two things unusual with the broadcast.
  33. With a grim face she broadcast, He’s the cook!.
  34. No, I don't think they will broadcast that on the radio.
  35. In November, they had learned about Louie’s broadcast.
  36. On television, the morning news broadcast was beginning.
  37. The program being broadcast was about the pharmaceutical.
  38. He filled out a card with information about the broadcast.
  39. She said I'm going to try to broadcast it to her handheld.
  40. Luckily the broadcast had a choice of English as well as.
  41. A broadcast over the large television monitor on a nearby.
  42. The pictures in the broadcast media did not do her justice.
  43. A broadcast broker came up with a client who impressed Roy.
  44. I’m Rachel Upholtz and this is your local news broadcast.
  45. Its a criminal offense now to tune into a foreign broadcast.
  46. If not, then why are these programs still being broadcast?
  47. Marianne sent a link to the broadcast and Gomes opened it up.
  48. Ford and Number One had all gathered to receive the broadcast.
  49. All news channels covered the broadcast by the Home Secretary.
  50. Traditional broadcast radio can have a limited audience reach.
  51. Other potential sponsors also exist within our broadcast area.
  52. The crowd erupts, you cut off the broadcast from the car radio.
  53. However, bridges do pass broadcast traffic across the WAN link.
  54. The live broadcast shows a helicopter view of Willie traveling.
  55. Broadcast Charity Drives Full Of Something Other Than Stuffing.
  56. Before the end of the broadcast the camera came to rest on Mrs.
  57. Louie was taken back to the studio and urged to do the broadcast.
  58. The problems arise when workstations generate broadcast messages.
  59. Commander, there’s a news broadcast that I think you should.
  60. What’s the matter, I said, still surprised by the broadcast.
  61. And a broadcast of your show in my gallery will greatly benefit us.
  62. Here the doings of men correspond with the broadcast doings of the.
  63. One was the Broadcast Drive flat he had been in a few hours before.
  64. I think this is what's causing the sudden broadcast of Radio Cygnus.
  65. Q broadcast the story, he received threats of a lawsuit from the DNC.
  66. Maybe its so deeply affecting the balance because it was broadcast.
  67. Mention of Boston on the national news broadcast caught his attention.
  68. When some news of security or alarm comes their way, they broadcast it.
  69. Cape Race threw the appeal broadcast wherever his apparatus could carry.
  70. The broadcast had come to a climax when Michael had introduced Kandras.
  71. This total abomination is being broadcast on TV and on the Internet too.
  72. Molly has undertaken the task of writing the commercials for broadcast.
  73. We will now broadcast this feed from space, live to the viewers at home.
  74. I listened to the entire broadcast and then Chandler paused the recording.
  75. The Brazilians had actually met them and broadcast their pictures to Earth.
  76. I awoke on my futon at 8:05 AM, as broadcast by the VCR’s green LED digits.
  77. I was able to get interview with all of the local print and broadcast media.
  78. It is our choice whether we hear the evil managers’ voices that broadcast.
  79. The company still refused to give any details beyond what had been broadcast.
  80. That means everything we say does not get broadcast until four minutes later.
  81. The entire broadcast network, in fact all electronic transmission, shut down.
  82. Are you trying to broadcast to me? she asked, as she stirred the batter.
  83. This, on top of broadcast alerts of possible terrorist activity today….
  84. We will broadcast a Reading of that event for those of you who wish to see it.
  85. Figuring out whether new transactions broadcast across the network are valid.
  86. A broadcast email is a one-off email that is sent to your existing subscribers.
  87. The citizens dont question what is printed or broadcast through the mass media.
  88. He focused on the operating profit that a broadcast station produced every day.
  89. A fax broadcast was done several years ago, and it is still useful and powerful.
  90. It therefore played a big role in readying those shows for television broadcast.
  91. The router will accept that command without the "broadcast" option, but routing.
  92. We have evidence from their broadcast news programming that this is the case.
  93. London Radio was the first station to transmit and broadcast this news in detail.
  94. On august 15th he broadcast to the nation that the war must be brought to an end.
  95. The emergency generator came on line but by then the broadcast feed had been lost.
  96. I thought that if I made the broadcast powerful enough, my brother would hear me.
  97. Whether you wish to believe the broadcast or not is up to you, but I for one, do.
  98. I remembered the pools of gore on the streets from the television news broadcast.
  99. The story was being broadcast live and Sally sat in the bedroom watching Channel Five.
  100. These two commercials were broadcast apropos with the theme of the network programme.
  1. As the television holiday broadcasting.
  2. Park, president of Park Broadcasting, Inc.
  3. Monday was not a happy day at Park Broadcasting.
  4. The Andorian was broadcasting his intentions and.
  5. The LED screen above the pitch began broadcasting.
  6. It’s a local broadcasting station, said the kid.
  7. Maybe they really are broadcasting to our root canals.
  8. NASA has the MAV broadcasting the Ares 3 Hab homing signal.
  9. Each of us is like a radio station, constantly broadcasting.
  10. It was broadcasting footage of the riot in a continuous loop.
  11. Podcasting is a form of broadcasting using audio on the internet.
  12. So ended my association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
  13. By the way, we are broadcasting every few minutes that you are here.
  14. As television and radio stations abandoned regular broadcasting to.
  15. This building had now become the hub of current affairs broadcasting.
  16. It is deceitful broadcasting against the best interest of the public.
  17. The wall across from the foot of the bed started broadcasting the news.
  18. Of course it wasn’t us broadcasting but the VC jamming our radios and.
  19. Have them all broadcasting but have our boys filter out those frequencies.
  20. The broadcasting in the evening of a declaration from the self-proclaimed.
  21. Cara then reached with her mind, searching for a connection and broadcasting.
  22. For some reason, they are broadcasting on the prison communication system.
  23. Broadcasting tools for the creation and distribution of user-generated media.
  24. Kenneth WOLFE, The Churches and the British Broadcasting Corporation 1922-1956.
  25. At first, oral recitation was the only method of broadcasting what must be shared.
  26. Another benefit with broadcasting a podcasts is that subscribers tend to be very.
  27. He was about fifty years old, a former broadcaster of Royale Broadcasting Network.
  28. Many are television and radio channels broadcasting entertainment channels and news.
  29. He, John Roddenburg, would be in Kansas City broadcasting live the rest of the week.
  30. I have a successful broadcasting business, I fell in love and I have a wonderful son.
  31. If he’d said the elevators were broadcasting to his root canals, maybe not so much.
  32. Eartheart's parts are not holistically healthy, since we are broadcasting incoherence.
  33. This broadcasting system, called Bousaimusen, is set in every village, town, and city.
  34. It was headquarter of Zulimistan international broadcasting Network in Korkgow city and Mr.
  35. By tomorrow afternoon, he would be broadcasting from Kansas City for the rest of the week.
  36. On September 26, 1961, at age fifty-one, he founded what would become Park Broadcasting, Inc.
  37. He said such a principle was wholly inapplicable to the concept of public broadcasting where.
  38. They quickly set in motion a plan to make sure Johnny Guitar never really stopped broadcasting.
  39. We need to start broadcasting our thoughts as soon as we near his house, Hunter explained.
  40. Tom asked one of those who were leaving to contact the local TV broadcasting station that had a.
  41. Who is she? Daughter of the broadcasting Frenchman? Granddaughter? Why would he endanger her so?
  42. The term operating profit, as it is calculated in broadcasting, does not account for all the costs.
  43. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting set out the following objectives for the Conference:.
  44. Everything on the east coast is out and we need broadcasting abilities for a long period of time.
  45. Columbia Broadcasting Company of America arranged a radio address by Gāndhiji on 13 September 1931.
  46. We have a bunker, secret place, I don’t know where it is, and from there they will keep broadcasting.
  47. He had a job at that time broadcasting for the Yankees on television, as well as at the games themselves.
  48. He was particularly interested in the college’s communications programs in broadcasting and journalism.
  49. The Corporate Republican Media has done this kind of selective censored lying broadcasting many times before.
  50. Only friends are so easy together, just as the way Reginald looks at you is broadcasting that he‘s in love.
  51. The Park Foundation makes grants primarily in the areas of education, public broadcasting and the environment.
  52. The article was dated September 28, 1978, which was during my third year as vice president of Park Broadcasting.
  53. Despite spectacular success and recognition, Roy was restless and ambitious to get into newspapering and broadcasting.
  54. One of the leading satellite TV companies was Sky, owned by the Australian-born broadcasting billionaire Rupert Murdoch.
  55. He can find nothing on the NW News archives: there must be some alternative news station which is broadcasting all this.
  56. It is surprising indeed that a series of weird murders happened inside Royale Metro Broadcasting Network (RMBN) Channel 3.
  57. Park Broadcasting and later Park Communications never paid cash dividends on its stock, to him or any other shareholders.
  58. Soon after this lesson, I was called by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to work in the interior of British Columbia.
  59. By this time, his broadcasting group reached 25 million people or 12 percent of the total population of the United States.
  60. A loud speaker was broadcasting some music from a local radio station, helping to give the place a more relaxed environment.
  61. Rapp knew he was constantly broadcasting, but it was still unusual for him not to have made a specific report of his status.
  62. How is my proposal? Did they like my masterpiece? Finally, I have a TV show that will set the trend of Philippine broadcasting.
  63. A year ago I’d made a trial programme as TV presenter for the broadcasting corporation, never dreaming there’d be payment.
  64. In 1976 I was shifted from the outdoor division to become vice president, advertising and promotion for Park Broadcasting, Inc.
  65. I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we only tune in.
  66. He hinted that his boss acquired almost 100 percent of his furniture and personal items at the expense of the broadcasting station.
  67. He then turned to the camera and said to the world, We will also be in Kansas City on Thursday, broadcasting Jack’s sermon live.
  68. His light hair was carefully styled and the room he was broadcasting from, a private office, looked immaculately clean and organized.
  69. Members of the board at that time were my father and mother, the then treasurer of Park Broadcasting and ironically, Johnnie Babcock.
  70. Every television and radio channel is broadcasting the same message; and it is an invitation for Grailem to visit the planets capital.
  71. I said to the BJP chief spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad that he could well be the next information and broadcasting minister once again.
  72. After listening to your public broadcasting channel for a few weeks now, our choice of metals turned out to be a well advised one indeed.
  73. They had previously ignored it, due to its lack of mass, but now that it was broadcasting, it was a curiousity that couldn’t be dismissed.
  74. He did, but was soon replaced by experienced outdoor-advertising managers and shuffled off to the Park Communications broadcasting division.
  75. Here was where their images would be beamed to every broadcasting station world wide, their voices translated into over a hundred languages.
  76. You have television helicopters flying around constantly broadcasting what’s going on around the prison, you can’t control everything.
  77. He was aware that Rivan’s hunger was affecting him vicariously and he was surprised by the intensity that she was broadcasting her feelings.
  78. The only problem with this is that TV remotes don’t always want to watch what the viewer does—TV remotes are fond of public broadcasting.
  79. The meeting was with the chief executive officer (CEO) and chief financial officer (CFO) of a newspaper publishing and TV broadcasting business.
  80. The apparently uninformed source of this item is a broadcasting station in California quoting the War Department of the United States of America.
  81. In the meantime, with the guidebooks gone, my father , while still consulting with P&G, entered his fourth career, founding Park Broadcasting, Inc.
  82. Whiteboards often are used in conjunction with other products, such as videoconferencing, the real-time, multi-way broadcasting of video and audio.
  83. Also, SPV wallets usually don’t accept incoming TCP connections and may not participate in broadcasting third-party transactions/blocks to peers.
  84. An Australian Broadcasting Corporation website offers a Greenhouse Calculator that will tell you at what age you should die to save the planet.
  85. In so doing, he became the first broadcaster to reach the Federal Communications Commission’s then-legal-limit of twenty-one broadcasting stations.
  86. Years after Johnnie Babcock resigned, my mother told me that things didn’t work out because he wanted to take over the whole broadcasting operation.
  87. As he was well-known and highly regarded, the producer’s opinions aside, this effectively meant the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation would not hire me.
  88. And his noble saying: "the one hair in it sings" means: whenever you move the pointer a range of one hair, it transmits the broadcasting of another station.
  89. The (then) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting hosted a national conference under the theme ICT for Poverty Reduction and Sustainable Development.
  90. Just as his broadcasting properties catered to medium-sized markets, the vast majority of my father’s newspapers, as I said, had circulations under 20,000.
  91. When Butch Roxas’ Royale Broadcasting Network started to lose income and almost gone bankrupt, they did all measures to raise the ratings of their programs.
  92. Out of curiosity, I pushed the elevator buttons for several floors in between that were, I thought, occupied by sister divisions, Broadcasting and Aerospace.
  93. All three major networks had their broadcasting interrupted unexpectedly as the president of the United States suddenly appeared in living rooms across America.
  94. He actually got one local station that broadcasted in Tagalog, the local dialect, plus two American local military entertainment stations broadcasting in English.
  95. As it went on and on, a British radio announcer broadcasting it back home struggled to keep his audience entertained: We’ll have Herr Hitler in just a moment.
  96. She was also a regular guest on Wall $treet Week with Louis Rukeyser, a very successful weekly TV stock market show produced for the public broadcasting affiliates.
  97. Johnny Guitar, whom everyone assumes is immortal, has been heard broadcasting on Radio Cygnus for about 426 years, despite the fact that he died at the tender age of 32.
  98. Fazlullah kept broadcasting that girls should stay at home and his men had started blowing up schools, usually during night-time curfew when the children were not there.
  99. Parallel early meetings of the FCC with media industry to allocate assets to the public for government broadcasting within the nation and within the states would be held.
  100. I was still part of the Park Broadcasting division when I came across this article, but I knew that the outdoor operation, under its new managers, was not performing well.
  1. Murrow and the Broadcasts that.
  2. I remember the live radio broadcasts of the event.
  3. Some have even claimed that broadcasts of various.
  4. Christian television and on network Sunday broadcasts.
  5. The live broadcasts always received lots of phone calls.
  6. Radio stations for streaming radio broadcasts with iTunes.
  7. You may have seen it on his broadcasts the past couple of days.
  8. Olga shared during these live broadcasts was accurate about them.
  9. You want to balance out promotional updates with quality broadcasts.
  10. We must trap these broadcasts so we can hear them again and again.
  11. The women listened halfheartedly to the succession of news broadcasts.
  12. However, each time there was an event they did several fax broadcasts.
  13. The more consistent you are with your broadcasts, the easier it will be.
  14. The laptop automatically broadcasts the transaction to the Bitcoin network.
  15. The rumors have it that they are going to begin the broadcasts there this week.
  16. He absolutely loves what he does, and this comes across each day in his broadcasts.
  17. He was in the middle seat, reserved for guests such as him during all race broadcasts.
  18. They’re annotated, dated and indexed with links to relevant TV and radio broadcasts.
  19. If the broadcasts of the loudspeakers that are supposed to echo the intelligence of the.
  20. In fact, Saturday afternoons meant listening to the broadcasts of the Metropolitan opera.
  21. Grailem listens to the broadcasts that are directed towards him from the planet Dangilhooley.
  22. She thinks, Tonight, I've tuned into the only radio show that broadcasts at this late hour.
  23. Stephan worked for a service that monitored broadcasts and sent news of POWs to family members.
  24. Make it Easy To Use: Networks need simplicity, for example Twitter simplifies broadcasts to the.
  25. It seems certain that the broadcasts will be blamed for something, and Werner will be found out.
  26. The news of Louie’s disappearance headlined California newspapers and led radio broadcasts on June 5.
  27. The broadcasts appear to be no different than what Earth was producing in the twenty first century.
  28. A subordinate tells Volkheimer there are reports of resistance broadcasts washing out of the Leopoldstadt.
  29. Most of his life now was the war, and he was going over transcripts of broadcasts that had been intercepted.
  30. Most of the tapes in the archive were not even original Johnny broadcasts, but rather these fake recordings.
  31. There are no broadcasts, which means that switching, and not routing, is an integral part of this technology.
  32. The Director of Information Services knew only too well the importance of catching the stations’ broadcasts.
  33. From the Com/Ops station, Garcia had been recording live Iotian broadcasts since their arrival in Iotian space.
  34. Old Frau Stresemann, shes one of our neighbors, she says she can hear Deutschlandsender broadcasts in her tooth fillings.
  35. We urge all citizens to stay alert to this developing situation by tuning in to their local Homeland Security broadcasts.
  36. The broadcasts were full of reports about the soldiers that had been sent to the Isle of Wight to cull all the infected cats.
  37. His primary job was to do instant surveys on the populace by monitoring various broadcasts to get public reaction to the news.
  38. She would think of the hi-fi bought on installments from Sears, used only for the Metropolitan Opera broadcasts on Sunday afternoons.
  39. Too often, these broadcasts begin and finish a story and just before the commercial break throw out a teaser line for the next story.
  40. A television gal I know in Seattle, interviewed these phonies a couple of years back, and got the mysterious Russian broadcasts line.
  41. No, I don’t know! Who was killed? I have not seen any of the local news for weeks just satellite channels with no news broadcasts.
  42. On some mosques they set up speakers connected to radios so his broadcasts could be heard by everyone in the village and in the fields.
  43. To avoid the wasted bandwidth caused by broadcasts, it has become necessary to implement certain routing concepts on switched networks.
  44. Television Broadcasts exhibited an exceptionally strong double signal at the top of an uptrend, consisting of two bearish piercing lines.
  45. One of the advantages of creating multiple LANs and connecting them with routers is that broadcasts are limited to the individual networks.
  46. Long a friend of the United States, they listened in horror to daily broadcasts of anti-American propaganda by the new Sandinista government.
  47. We’re going to begin sending in stories from where we are, with one editor in the bunker compiling and formatting the site and the broadcasts.
  48. The television news broadcasts blared the sensational announcement of a multiple murder at number 9 Cherry Lane, at a pleasant suburb of the city.
  49. The room was hushed, even the veteran reporters did not know what to expect next, but knew, too, they had the lead story on that night’s broadcasts.
  50. When systems have the hardware address for that router in the ARP cache, they can transmit the majority of their datagrams without using ARP broadcasts.
  51. This is merging and being spread globally through a variety of information technologies: books, tapes, Web pages, online forums, and Internet broadcasts.
  52. We’ve received few highly educated souls after 2152, Charles said, So all we know about recent history is from the broadcasts we can intercept.
  53. This will keep the local traffic generated on each segment local and still permit broadcasts and other traffic intended for the other segment to pass through.
  54. Developments in technology had led to satellite broadcasts of such sporting events being shown in cinemas in London and elsewhere where large Irish populations.
  55. For five days he hears nothing on his transceiver but anthems and recorded propaganda and broadcasts from beleaguered colonels requesting supplies, gasoline, men.
  56. Even turn on your local news or National news and it appears that they spend more than half the broadcasts talking about war around the world of some national murder story.
  57. She knew the frequency band on which to transmit, but would they reply? Unlike a phone call, the transmitter broadcasts to anyone within range and tuned to that frequency.
  58. Broadcast messages are forwarded to all of the connected segments, however, making it possible to use protocols that rely on broadcasts without manual system configuration.
  59. For safety’s sake, Gordon moved all records to an aunt’s house and, with travel arrangements and luggage close at hand, watched the live broadcasts of the US congressional hearings.
  60. And the model house? Did Werner let himself back into the grotto to retrieve it? Did he leave the stone inside? She says, He said that you and he used to listen to my great-uncle’s broadcasts.
  61. He told her that during World War II, his grandfather used to follow broadcasts about the war on that radio, and that was how he had found out the Japanese were being rounded up and forced into camps.
  62. You subtract 2 to account for identifiers consisting of all zeros and all ones, which are traditionally not used, because the value 255 is used for broadcasts, and the value 0 to represent the network.
  63. Then the morning after, on TV, we would hear of more Taliban killings and wonder what the army was doing with all its booming cannons and why they could not even stop the daily broadcasts on Mullah FM.
  64. Al-Sharq Radio, which broadcasts its programs in French to the countries of European Union had a meeting with Prof Abdul-Qadir Al-Dayrani, the Islamic Researcher and Thinker, and of what he had said we mention:.
  65. He (cpth) also said about the radio 'the antichrist's donkey' that: "No home it shall enter but corrupts it": that is: it corrupts the spirits of its listeners because of what immortal sexual low songs it broadcasts.
  66. In one of the increasingly regular war-related analysis broadcasts, a psychologist claimed this was in part due to wartime solidarity: the sense of togetherness in the face of adversity but also imminent dramatic change.
  67. Each came with a shortwave tuner and a special high-efficiency aerial kit to ensure clear reception of both the standard radio broadcast on NBC and shortwave broadcasts in a variety of languages direct from Berlin.
  68. However, once he had seen the super-spatial-transmitted broadcasts of The Eliminator devouring vast regions of space-time-probability-improbability and all who lived within, changing everything into itself, McWipple knew what had to be done.
  69. Then I remembered the elections, the new government, the ravings of my parents about the trouble the country was in, the special broadcasts on TV, the political petitions my classmates were circulating online, the heated debates between teachers at school.
  70. There was even a radio on which the boys would be able to listen to everything from baseball games to Fibber McGee and Molly to live broadcasts of the New York Philharmonic direct from Carnegie Hall or, if Joe got his hands on the dial, to The National Barn Dance from Chicago.
  71. Wodehouse, and later realized that Roderick Spode and his Blackshorts was not a comic fantasy but a jab at Oswald Mosley, so it was shocking to find that the author was later regarded as a collaborator or even a traitor for making ill-advised broadcasts from Germany while interned by the Nazis.
  72. Video showing Americans who looked as ordinary as everyone’s neighbors being placed in trucks and buses, to be driven to train stations, was interspersed with breathless broadcasts from reporters at roadblocks talking over video of cars being checked and the occasional attempt to speed away stopped by hails of bullets.
  73. If ABC only broadcasts those programming elements with which it agrees 100%, decent Americans ought to wake up and wonder at just what values (or lack there of) are being embraced by these media apparatchiks and seriously ponder whether these reprobates should be allowed to continue their stewardship of the public airwaves.
  74. Were there families worldwide with similar thoughts, plans, dreams locked in mirror-image flesh? Was there a genetic plot to seize the future? Would a day dawn when these unseen, unrecognized fathers, brothers, nephews, cousins rose as rulers? Or was this just God's ghost and spirit, his Providence, his unfathomable Will? Were we all identical seeds hurled forth in wide broadcasts so as not to collide?
  75. In a consumer driven, corporate controlled economy: what point is there in having a media that broadcasts only what the consumer wants to hear and only what corporations allow them to hear? What is the point in broadcasting only one major story… the same story to billions of viewers, and by that pyramidal focus: implying that no other news stories happened that day to 7 billion people? That is the opposite of news.
  76. Moreover, those of the readers who reach out to people via mass media platforms, such as books (fiction or non-fiction), radio broadcasts, films, articles in newspapers, magazines or online portals, or the likes, can incorporate these contentions so as to dispel the prejudices enumerated in the book (it is necessary to specifically bring out the prejudiced notions and have them rebutted on the basis of facts and logic as has been done in this book; it is not sufficient to just have a Muslim character in a story who is a nice person from the point of view of changing mindsets of those strongly prejudiced against Muslims).
  77. One of the reasons I was sent to Iotia was to determine the source of these television broadcasts,.

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