Oraciones con la palabra "lowdown"

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Lowdown en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Chapter 19 has the lowdown.
  2. By then she had been given the lowdown on what.
  3. The lowdown on cholesterol: not al cholesterol is bad.
  4. It turned out to be Diamond with the lowdown on Lehman.
  5. How was it, Jason wondered, that he didn’t know about this historic figure? He’d better study up and get the lowdown on Mr.

  6. For once, their love of gossip and ear for the real lowdown, might be used with a passion that could give them the ultimate scoop of who really has the Stanley Cup.
  7. His rather dashing successor, Helmut Schmidt, steered the country through the effects of the Arab oil embargo (see Chapter 17 for the lowdown on this) but he lost support when he allowed the Americans to station long-range missiles on West German territory and was forced out of office.

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