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Miss en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I miss you a lot.
  2. I kind of miss it.
  3. I miss them a lot.
  4. We had a near miss.
  5. My mom, i miss her.
  6. We miss that a lot.
  7. I miss her so much.
  8. I miss it, you know.
  9. It was hard to miss.
  10. You miss 100% of the.
  11. I miss my auntie Sio.
  12. Man, I miss that guy.
  13. And it does not miss.
  14. I miss her every day.
  15. And I miss the sex -.
  16. Gosh did he miss her.
  17. He swings a near miss.
  18. We must not miss that.
  19. Give it to Miss Brown.
  20. I also miss her a lot.
  21. Miss Carrie told me to.
  22. This is miss bad luck.
  23. I will truly miss him.
  24. I hope I didn't miss.
  25. I knew I’d miss him.
  26. I miss those days Sel.
  27. The first few miss him.
  28. How could you miss it?
  29. How greatly I miss her.
  30. I miss fucking my wife.
  31. You will not miss much.
  32. He didn’t miss a beat.
  33. I miss you, she said.
  34. I miss you and Elandria.
  35. Say what you mean, Miss.
  36. Do you still miss him?
  37. Oh, I do miss you Sarah.
  38. Never have I been a Miss.
  39. I'll miss the fresh air.
  40. You could not miss that.
  41. Boy do I miss home!.
  42. I will miss her, though.
  43. Uh, as you wish, miss.
  44. You'll miss it too much.
  45. Miss Manette, it _was_ I.
  46. Rory and Miss Tania, Sam.
  47. I miss her, really a lot.
  48. Miss Lucy has become Mrs.
  49. I’m going to miss you.
  50. Miss Simone smiled at him.
  51. I did miss you, though.
  52. I really miss my husband.
  53. Blink and you'll miss it.
  54. Oh! I will miss you all.
  55. I am sorry, Miss Helga.
  56. I'd miss a proper summer.
  57. He is going to miss Dana.
  58. Miss Tik had the formula.
  59. Can't miss the big room.
  60. I can't afford to miss!.
  61. How could I miss it?’.
  62. Miss those who have died.
  63. How did I miss this?
  64. That part I won’t miss.
  65. We won’t miss her much.
  66. I'll miss a lot of things.
  67. She did miss him – and.
  68. Or take the case of Miss R.
  69. He’s not going to miss.
  70. And one which I will miss.
  71. He wasn’t going to miss.
  72. This must be about Miss K.
  73. No, Miss Manette, to none.
  74. He was going to miss them.
  75. She did not miss the hint.
  76. Miss Nitz is with Ka Rudy.
  77. Miss Simone shook her head.
  78. In one thousand, miss, to.
  79. You are too right, miss.
  1. It was missing a few.
  2. Part of me is missing.
  3. And it is not missing.
  4. It was missing one of.
  5. A part of the missing.
  6. This is a missing suit.
  7. It was the missing man.
  8. A part of me is missing.
  9. He was missing a front.
  10. Seems his gun is missing.
  11. The terror is missing now.
  12. That is what is missing.
  13. One of the items missing.
  14. At the 90% missing matter.
  15. I— My wife is missing.
  16. How could it be missing?
  17. And that note was missing.
  18. But she’s missing a lot.
  19. Missing more than just a.
  20. Fill in the missing words.
  21. Now I was missing it, too.
  22. Her mom was still missing.
  23. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).
  24. Flybe – The Missing Post.
  25. That was the missing piece.
  26. He was still missing Katrin.
  27. You were the missing piece.
  28. He was missing at rollcall.
  29. Not with those missing kids.
  30. She went missing last year.
  31. The hands are still missing.
  32. I found that one was missing.
  33. This one was missing an eye.
  34. You went missing 5 years ago.
  35. Yes, I’m missing my son.
  36. I think they are missing a.
  37. Without missing a beat the.
  38. Their missing parents are a.
  39. I felt that I was missing him.
  40. It’s been missing for days.
  41. But that's missing the point.
  42. What could be missing then?
  43. This missing the basics was.
  44. Show him what he’s missing.
  45. The only one missing was Sam.
  46. One chair is missing a leg.
  47. There are some missing links.
  48. Like it was missing dentures.
  49. Much of the roof was missing.
  50. The bloody signs are missing.
  51. No one would notice me missing.
  52. There was a whole day missing.
  53. Hell, he was missing a woman.
  54. Surely she was missing me too.
  55. The roof was entirely missing.
  56. I knew I was missing something.
  57. My Dracula teeth were missing.
  58. You’re missing a gas can.
  59. There was other stuff missing.
  60. Technically no one is missing.
  61. Attachment is the missing link.
  62. Maybe I was missing something.
  63. The largest part was missing;.
  64. I know his dad went missing.
  65. Nothing appeared to be missing.
  66. All that was missing was a bed.
  67. He had been missing his family.
  68. And thirdly, the missing factor.
  69. Body torn up, limbs missing.
  70. Missing big wins happens a lot.
  72. He may not actually be missing.
  73. His arms and legs were missing.
  74. That we are missing an element.
  75. Carlotta without missing a step.
  76. Both your parents went missing.
  77. Then the leaves were missing.
  78. So this was what he was missing.
  79. What is the missing Link?
  80. But they were missing the point.
  81. McCann is missing, I’m afraid.
  82. Pages ripped out, pages missing.
  83. The only thing missing was Damon.
  84. Three missing and presumed dead.
  85. What was I missing? Something?
  86. Jenova, she was missing her head.
  87. You missing a dog or a cat?
  88. There was only one thing missing.
  89. The DeGeorges missing in action.
  90. We found what was missing from.
  91. They had to be missing something.
  92. I was looking for a missing baby.
  94. He was missing Ruth in a big way.
  95. Otherwise, you're missing out on.
  96. It was the link that was missing.
  97. Or rather, something was missing.
  98. Let’s see what we’re missing.
  99. Two; we’re missing two kilos.
  100. There was just one thing missing.
  1. I missed by a lot.
  2. I missed her a lot.
  3. I missed half of it.
  4. I missed you a lot!.
  5. She missed us all a.
  6. I fired but I missed.
  7. How much I missed Joe.
  8. MQP: Yeah, I missed it.
  9. How I had missed that.
  10. I must have missed one.
  11. They missed you a lot.
  12. Oh, how he missed her.
  13. My heart missed a beat.
  14. He missed it by a yard.
  15. I’m glad I missed it.
  16. He missed them so much.
  17. I missed her too, a lot.
  18. I had missed her a lot.
  19. He fired and missed me.
  20. I had missed it so much.
  21. How had I missed that?
  22. Man, I really missed it.
  23. He said he'd missed you.
  24. Aw, you just missed him.
  25. Had I missed the light.
  26. I'm certain I missed it.
  27. He will be missed there.
  28. How had I missed this?
  29. I missed out on that.
  30. But she missed the cues.
  31. I have missed you so.
  32. How We Missed the Story.
  33. I think we missed it.
  34. They will all be missed.
  35. We missed him by minutes.
  36. Oh, how I had missed her.
  37. I never have missed them.
  38. Then he missed the cup!.
  39. But Haven missed the clue.
  40. I was afraid and missed.
  41. You will truly be missed.
  42. I was sorry I missed him.
  43. I had to have missed him.
  44. How did they missed that.
  45. He still missed his wife.
  46. I had actually missed it.
  47. He would not have missed.
  48. He will be deeply missed.
  49. Jim never missed a class.
  50. She missed those days too.
  51. I have missed you both.
  52. Then she missed her period.
  53. One of them missed his bus.
  54. How could he have missed?
  55. But most people missed it.
  56. She never missed the toys.
  57. Somehow I missed this one.
  58. I think you missed one.
  59. Mama, I missed you so.
  60. You missed the other half.
  61. They had missed that sound.
  62. Roger's heart missed a beat.
  63. I missed Bridget very much.
  64. Our GP may have missed an.
  65. It missed, but not by much.
  66. But he had missed something.
  67. Having missed out on that.
  68. I missed William and Avery.
  69. You know, you just missed.
  70. He missed a week of school.
  71. Haven missed that last word.
  72. It barely missed her heart.
  73. Neither of them missed her.
  74. Missed my calling, I guess.
  75. He had missed touching her.
  76. They would be sorely missed.
  77. Libby missed the social cue.
  78. He missed his son terribly.
  79. Haven and missed her company.
  80. I have missed you like hell.
  81. I missed you too, by the way.
  82. I missed you, she said.
  83. I missed them on the island.
  1. And now she misses him.
  2. She misses the other one.
  3. Daddy misses you a lot.
  4. She misses Papa, Paris, Dr.
  5. Dad says that he misses you.
  6. I think he misses his mama.
  7. Vincent rarely ever misses a.
  8. She misses all of this hotness.
  9. I think he misses his mother.
  10. Mama’s fine, she misses you.
  11. When one misses this mark, they.
  12. Misses don’t count, they only.
  13. A failed rol will mean he misses.
  14. Have a good supper, Misses Alinka.
  15. One misses Mítenka at such times.
  16. That way, neither of us misses out.
  17. He misses his full brother greatly.
  18. God knew there had been near misses.
  19. He still misses her, I know he does.
  20. She misses you too, I answered.
  21. Many had however achieved near misses.
  22. Didn't want to live without the Misses.
  23. How long before he misses it, I wondered.
  24. Even though she misses her son and will.
  25. I miss that and I know she misses that too.
  26. The Misses was all about that online web.
  27. She been nussin’ de young Misses all day.
  28. Half of me misses my family and girlfriend.
  29. And how she misses your perfect lovemaking.
  30. Chandal who misses them is still far from it.
  31. Doing well, I think he misses you the most.
  32. If it misses one quarter, that is acceptable.
  33. The first shot misses him, as he knew it would.
  34. The more misses you make: the lower your score.
  35. Dilcey, she settin’ up wid de young Misses now.
  36. Records… But he misses the world record of the.
  37. Misses the 44 bus, and takes the 22 twice instead.
  38. The Misses Chambers have an excellent reputation.
  39. My mother misses going shopping in Cheena Bazaar.
  40. Three misses and one hit, I said with a sigh.
  41. Memories, thoughts play as he misses his loved ones.
  42. She loves Montana but said that she misses me a lot.
  43. The tip of her cane just misses the toe of his boot.
  44. When Alan misses a chance he just blows it away.
  45. The misses will pay me when she gets out of hospital.
  46. I know her well, but she misses my dad more than ever.
  47. The car barely misses her and slams into a telephone.
  48. It misses its mark and falls inches away from our car.
  49. Maybe the near misses were my way to get his attention.
  50. But the bolt misses the Runner and goes straight to me.
  51. It travels at high speed and misses the stealth bomber.
  52. After a couple of near misses with the boy’s flailing.
  53. He also misses strolling around the hills Shamah and Tafil.
  54. Misses Collins was simply going to fetch Princess Margaret.
  55. The Misses Morkan, all three, looked down at the tablecloth.
  56. This way, he misses out on dangerous gap ups in the morning.
  57. I mean, I’m sure the Wayland family misses you a lot, but.
  58. I know he misses my mother, but I would rather see him happy.
  59. My client misses his children and he really wants to go home.
  60. It was always a great affair, the Misses Morkan's annual dance.
  61. A marble whizzes past me and barely misses Lucas’s shoulder.
  62. Your comments and recollections will be welcome, Misses Dows.
  63. Our friends can use our help above and each of us misses home.
  64. We can’t afford two misses, if there actually is a beast nearby.
  65. Besides darling, daddy truly misses all those things we used.
  66. It misses Lucas and slams into the chest of the player behind him.
  67. PS: Sandhya called on us yesterday and says she misses you as ever.
  68. This is newsworthy stuff … but completely misses the big picture.
  69. I mean she misses you like crazy, but she’s safer out of all this.
  70. Remember that a Huldra never misses when she is fixated on her target.
  71. The rocket misses by about ten feet as the hunter springs to one side.
  72. It's only once it's gone that he realizes that he misses the old thing.
  73. The more misses you make: the more chance you have of starving to death.
  74. Living off the misses for the rest of your life, eh, you jammy bugger.
  75. He thinks about how he misses Earth, his family, friends and girlfriend.
  76. She grins and slips away - not too far, but he misses the feel of her anyway.
  77. It misses the warmth of the messy, emotional questions that used to plague it.
  78. She wants you to come see, she misses you and hopes you forgive her, she says.
  79. There were several near misses, but I had to lead him where I needed him to be.
  80. Although they argued so much, they truly loved each other and he so misses her.
  81. Daniel waved to the misses and then smiled at the man in the small black jacket.
  82. Because your husband is officially dead according to history, Misses Crawford.
  83. Any method that misses the mark by more than double should be considered suspect.
  84. Maybe if I get done early, me and the misses could come over for a little beer and B.
  85. If the student misses more than 6 of the answers, then this may be an indication of.
  86. She does this because they leave her for extended periods of time and she misses them.
  87. She even misses the sky with many of her eyeballs and they splatter all over the ground.
  88. He misses, grimaces at his failure and makes one last effort to hold the jewel in flight.
  89. Jock bends and tries to kiss her on the forehead but misses as Maggie turns her head away.
  90. Mary said, What if the pilot misses and the cable gets caught in the propellers?
  91. Rochester, Miss Ingram, the two Misses Eshton, and their admirers, were all busied in the.
  92. Your father misses you badly also, but he won’t say more than to spit on your false faith.
  93. Something in her misses that emotion, but she must trust that Gelahn will restore all things.
  94. It hasn’t taken long for the rumours would get round about my misses, he said to Nick.
  95. The seer related tales of near misses and chases and what happened when they caught a stranger.
  96. This famous Australian Air Force team thrilled the crowds with what appeared to be near misses.
  97. The man who misses sleep lives irregularly--bolts his food so that his blood supply is imperfect.
  98. The fact every one misses is that any structure that is not part of the Earth’s crust has an.
  99. The hard, fussy, cut-out, photographic appearance of trees misses all their beauty and sublimity.
  100. Miss Ingram is mine, of course, said he: afterwards he named the two Misses Eshton, and Mrs.

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