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  1. That’s a very robust drink.
  2. That led to a robust Sharpe ratio of.
  3. He was robust in stature, with deep-.
  4. His mask is that of robust mental health.
  5. He was a robust Christian and loved to.

  6. The once robust man was now old and weary.
  7. By the end of 30s, we had a robust economy.
  8. Now on this spot I stand with my robust soul.
  9. The correlation here was a relatively robust.
  10. His robust aplomb had fascinated the rustics.
  11. It keeps the portfolio robust and diversified.
  12. The best trading systems are simple and robust.
  13. The robust properties of this clever invention.
  14. The robust ate only plants while the gracile ate.
  15. Charlotte was a robust woman of thirty-eight years.

  16. Only the strongest and the most robust contestant.
  17. Having been in robust markets that have cooled to a.
  18. Even with the most robust of systems, losses happen.
  19. In fact, they are robust for the very reason that commercial.
  20. Certain seasonal patterns appear surprisingly robust over time.
  21. I looked pale and sickly, not the robust teenager I remembered.
  22. He later attributed this to his robust good health and excellent.
  23. He was genteel, effeminate, graceful, robust, sluggish, ferocious.
  24. In his forties, he had an honest, resolute face and a robust body.
  25. I see that they are worthy of me, I will be the robust husband of.

  26. Competition in this amateur league turned out to be robust and keen.
  27. The seven women were all fairly robust; the journey had eliminated.
  28. Madam Agnes herself was a cheerful, robust redhead in her mid-thirties.
  29. She was still singing strong and true, but was less robust off the stage.
  30. My grandfather was always robust, active, and busy, despite his numerous.
  31. This can allow for increased automation and building robust applications.
  32. Therefore, the global maximum of this optimization space is quite robust.
  33. He was a man of medium stature, thickset and robust, in the prime of life.
  34. The intention being to build those nods into robust support at a later date.
  35. She'd made fun of him, comparing his limp offering with Guy's robust member.
  36. Maureen's daughter Aoife was a robust four year old, lively and full of games.
  37. The simpler these tools are, the more robust and useful they are likely to be.
  38. He was intelligent, robust, adroit; he did his best; the master seemed pleased.
  39. For that it needs a robust and vigorous economy and preponderant military power.
  40. The keyhole could be seen, and the robust latch, deeply sunk in the iron staple.
  41. There are worse wives than these simple, rosy-mouthed, robust girls of the farm.
  42. Admittedly, the determinants of swap spreads have not been very robust over time.
  43. Hag Abdullah's appetite for food was deficient; his appetite for talk was robust.
  44. Any observed return predictability is mild, possibly spurious, and rarely robust.
  45. These patterns can form a foundation for a robust understanding of trend analysis.
  46. The Nords were a proud, robust people and he respected their courage and persistence.
  47. One of the male villagers stood at that moment, his large physique like a robust wall.
  48. Clearly, if you haven’t put the time in to develop a robust exit strategy for this.
  49. It too was not nearly as robust as it would usually have been, due to her own fatigue.
  50. The key is to utilize a robust and flexible version that best fits a trader’s needs.
  51. The debate is robust, if not always constructive, and can nevertheless be entertaining.
  52. Cloud applications will move to the mainstream as better, more robust applications and.
  54. Over the previous five years, earnings per share had risen at a robust average rate of 8.
  55. His breast and arms tingled as though some robust, ancient wine were singing in his veins.
  56. The property contains many robust and sturdy elm trees and structures built of kauri wood.
  57. In the daylight, he looked much more robust than he had in the somber lighting of the club.
  58. She had seen her only a few months earlier, and Margaret had seemed to be in robust health.
  59. It set up concentration and labor camps—the beginning of the more robust gulags that came.
  60. In reality, the robust and tenacious resistance from the American forts had made him nervous.
  61. The universal principles of trading are risk management, psychology, and a robust methodology.
  62. I focus on monthly seasonals and especially the most robust seasonal: January-related effects.
  63. This produces a very robust behavioral system, cleared of traumas and unprocessed experiences.
  64. On the demand side of the equation, demand for crude oil and products worldwide remains robust.
  65. He’d drawn a simple picture on the blackboard of a robust woman bending over, a simple drawing.
  66. My lad, Pete was there, he tried to stop her but she was quite a robust woman and knocked him down.
  67. Get out! He waited until the last of the cops was out the door, then broke into a robust laugh.
  68. According to the definition given earlier, an optimal solution situated within such an area is robust.
  69. What you apparently resent are the letters with sturdy sentiments in them and a robust relish of life.
  70. The applause is polite, which disappoints him, for it is not the robust ovation he was hoping to hear.
  71. Developed by Ralph Vince, it may be more robust in some trading applications than the Kelly criterion.
  72. Lord have mercy! the robust chambermaid shrieked, startled by the unanticipated and abrupt action.
  73. Clearly, the nonparametric bootstrap is more robust than the parametric since it has fewer assumptions.
  74. While drying Kin up with a towel, she was able to appreciate how robust and strong his body already was.
  75. To the fortress of Belogorsk, said Pougatcheff to the robust Tartar, who, standing, drove his horses.
  76. Although Bishop Chalmers was below medium height, with anything but a robust figure, he had a striking face.
  77. The staircase, clad in robust cord carpet, stretches up the opposite side of the hall to that in her house.
  78. Earlier generations of humans were hardy, robust, and self-reliant, which is hard fare for demons to digest.
  79. Then another report suggested a robust economy, and gold prices sank with thoughts of higher interest rates.
  80. Harsh? Yes, but skepticism is not an ideology that exists visa vie a robust relationship with its antithesis.
  81. He was asking advice from his friend who was equally robust, younger but his hair was almost white and curly.
  82. Fortunately, the main results are robust to using other reporting conventions, so they tend to hold generally.
  83. There would be some hope for the boy if he were more robust and if his character were less gentle and more selfish.
  84. Shelagh, too, was more robust but she expressed a healthy youthfulness that many a younger woman would have envied.
  85. We are most exceedingly fortunate that our microbial life forms are more robust than the native Altgeld life forms.
  86. There was stretched Sarah Reed’s once robust and active frame, rigid and still: her eye of flint was covered with.
  87. This red-haired man was neither a sergeant nor a corporal, but being robust he ordered about those weaker than himself.
  88. Often the robust invalid who abused the doctor's compassion remained in the hospital until he was turned out by force.
  89. But in some unexpected way, the robust breeze was comforting - even though the near-spectral moons did give him pause.
  90. Even at a robust 10% annual rate of return, it will take more than 43 years to break even on this overpriced purchase!.
  91. Only the strongest and the most robust contestant would be a suitable match for her grand-daughter’s spirited nature.
  92. That night, to his wife's consternation, Whitey closed himself in the music room and drank two bottles of a robust Burgundy.
  93. We went to school with reluctance, and remained with discomfort; for we were not as robust as the children of our neighbors.
  94. Pfuel was short and very thin but broad-boned, of coarse, robust build, broad in the hips, and with prominent shoulder blades.
  95. The robust Burgomeister of Wood’s End sat down with relish and dug into his second plate of roast beef, carrots and quiche.
  96. The latter toil unremittingly and are robust of body; the former is made up of men and women more or less subject to disease.
  97. These areas are not robust enough and their relief is quite broken (hence, they disappear as a result of the transformation).
  98. Looking physically robust and in command of the facts, Ford made it clear which candidate was the president and which was not.
  99. However, if you get satisfactory results doing this, then your strategy is robust and you can trade it with greater confidence.
  100. The ground colour, by the direction of light in which I viewed him, was deep glaucous or livid, he was much more robust than C.

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