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Strived en una oración (en ingles)

  1. He strived for the public good, especially when it.
  2. That is what I have strived for, despite a failing memory.
  3. Instead, he strived harder every year to produce the most.
  4. In the state of excited Vishuddha a person strived to say.
  5. If we all strived to be half the officer he was, we’d all be heroes.

  6. At any rate, what I once strived for matters little at the present time.
  7. I admire his calmness and collectedness and have strived to achieve it myself.
  8. We have strived for an age to experience a mystery such as this, Morn said.
  9. We strived to obtain patterns as close as possible with the information provided.
  10. From then on, I strived to prepare a sheath of wealth for you to ward off the lecherous folks.
  11. But Olin had failed to anticipate something, though he always strived to foresee unsafe situations.
  12. Instead, he strived harder every year to produce the most remarkable flowers, vegetables and fruits.
  13. She had no more time for thinking - she had her first sudden, wild orgasm, the kind she constantly strived to enjoy.
  14. Cage that freedom behind the dictated standards of others and you would never be as free a spirit as you strived to be.
  15. Enjoying the fulfilling feeling of that emotional conjugation, he strived to make her experience the joy of being loved by man.

  16. I had never known my father, but in a way over the past eight years I had strived to please Chantry as if he had been a father to me.
  17. The swingset at the rear of the lot looked sturdy and overbuilt, two things that Paul always strived for in residential construction.
  18. At that time Bruiser’s SEALs had a reputation as the toughest SOBs at SEAL Team Three and we both strived to continue that tradition.
  19. He had always strived to keep The Rocks disease free so he suspected, as Wolfi had suggested, that the ailment lay with one of Zygmunt's internal organs.
  20. He was in a rage to think that a vicious murderer without a conscience was about to kill either Olin or Judy; people that had always strived to do only good.
  21. However, the Brahmans, as though to make amends for the sins of their forefathers, strived hard to clear the social debris that Brahmanism had left on the Indian soil.
  22. She was the wife of a man of meager means who had big dreams for their twins, a boy and a girl; so he strived to improve his net worth through hard work to uplift their future.
  23. She had had too many experiences where, she was certain, luck had played a vital role in her obtaining sexual gratification, a thing fondly to be wished for, strived for at all costs.
  24. Evidently, he had never been worthy of such prestigiousness and position with his lack of etiquette, and that which he displayed was not the grace of a true gentleman but rather of an individual who mocked those towards which he strived.
  25. This same spirit carried him on to join the fencing team which at that time also bore a stigma which he felt was invalid, and he strived to prove that it was a sport that required skill and concentration rivaling any other athletic competition.

  26. Was he ever deceived by false shapes or seduced by beauty, even though he strived to keep his heart pure and avoid being infatuated with superficial beauty? On the contrary, he was far removed from that, for he always bore witness to the realities and depth of the Godly Presence, His sublime Paradises, and luminous Revelations.
  27. How can you possibly expect me to lead an appropriate display tomorrow when I have never organized such matters; in fact I’ve never taken a course or even a single lesson in how to do so?’ Amin was upset at being asked to perform a task that he lacked the training to execute well; as an honourable and conscientious man, he consistently strived for perfection in all that he did, and he would never undertake to lead a parade that was lacking at any level.
  28. For years he strived,.

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