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Tenacious en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Carton had set his tenacious jaw.
  2. But the tenacious Cunningham was undeterred.
  3. She was small and tenacious and would not yield.
  4. When on a hunt this dog is tenacious, fast, and.
  5. He clung to it with a more tenacious, mental grip.

  6. The girl has an absorbent and tenacious character.
  7. Exceptional horses that are ridden by tenacious jockeys.
  8. You’re as stupid as you are tenacious, Kathy said.
  9. His tenacious mother never had a job growing up and had.
  10. Her affections were not acute, nor was her mind tenacious.
  11. She was a hands-on homicide cop, maybe gifted, and certainly tenacious.
  12. Reputation for being tenacious, has the nickname of the ‘Rottweiler’.
  13. Mighty means the strong which has tenacious and well-connected parts.
  14. The rest of the house was given over to the tenacious assault of destruction.
  15. Although visibly dazed, the tenacious Jedi maintained his grip on Torms leg.

  16. It’s just incredible that they are still so tenacious in our educating age!.
  17. All of those descriptions are tenacious in maintaining their hold on consciousness.
  18. Scrambling on all fours through the tenacious grass, Sam headed away from the water.
  19. He’s a tenacious bastard and he’d love nothing more than seeing me go to prison.
  20. The most curious were baffled by her silence and the most tenacious by her obstinacy.
  21. When he would not let go, one man lifted his leg, boot aimed at the tenacious digits.
  22. TENACIOUS in achieving long-term goals through self-regulation and behavioral control.
  23. Denson is tenacious, asking, Tell me about Lovejoy? What was the hit and run deal?
  24. Steven slowly crept into the lot, intentionally attempting to avoid the tenacious salesmen.
  25. He is as brave as a bulldog and as tenacious as a lobster if he gets his claws upon anyone.

  26. The moral nature of man is more tenacious of life than the physical, and grief never kills.
  27. I was looking at the old Chip Miller, cute, tenacious, pretty, handsome, elegant, athletic.
  28. He was not easily discouraged; he was a plodder and very tenacious in anything he undertook.
  29. In reality, the robust and tenacious resistance from the American forts had made him nervous.
  30. Steng reacts, We agree, except there is one more point, thanks to Stacy’s tenacious research.
  31. Still, the Vietnamese were tenacious, at times they employed scorched-earth tactics, they fought.
  32. Wellington was rigid; he gave orders that any one caught in the act should be shot; but rapine is tenacious.
  33. Between this and the saussurite, or tenacious feldspar, the one contains eleven of lime, and the other only a trace.
  34. I have to give him credit for being tenacious; he went to the library and studied about the bird and how to raise it.
  35. I’m embarrassed about my past blindness; if she wasn’t so tenacious I would have lost a gem without realizing it.
  36. But yes, I am hopeful, and, should you fail, you’ll have to remember that life is more tenacious than you think.
  37. After the Shepherd had examined the branches of them all he said to me I told you that this tree was tenacious of life.
  38. There was snow on the ground and bare patches were even the tenacious cedars couldn’t find a crack to plant their roots.
  39. Without a tenacious leader to rally them, they would disband within minutes and trickle off into homes, bars, and hotel rooms.
  40. But the constitution of joint-stock companies renders them in general, more tenacious of established rules than any private copartnery.
  41. Tree Stump: Lack of faith; tenacious; to take a hard stand and not move; cut off from the life of Jesus; possibilities of hope or promise of.
  42. The amount of conflict and suffering that is created simply by their tenacious refusal of all old cultures to change, their refusal to die out.
  43. Thus the heaven becomes of tenacious bodies and inseparable parts which allow the universe to move within unchangeable order throughout the ages.
  44. It was a political threat that might have brought a timorous leader like Chamberlain to the negotiating table but never a tenacious warrior such as Churchill.
  45. These schools and the teachers they graduate are dedicated to subjecting the nation to the onslaught of these particularly tenacious brigades of the Civil War.
  46. Mercer’s phantom interviewer, who was proving to be fucking tenacious, had gotten it out of him: lately, William had been acting more and more like a junkie.
  47. Unlike our current consciousness, which is tenacious in its hold on us, our early conscious and unconscious minds seem to have been conceptually separated by a.
  48. Then the wind began, warm, incipient, full of voices from the past, the murmurs of ancient geraniums, sighs of disenchantment that preceded the most tenacious nostalgia.
  49. Wellington was tenacious; in that lay his merit, and we are not seeking to lessen it: but the least of his foot-soldiers and of his cavalry would have been as solid as he.
  50. While earnestly wishing to erase from his mind the trace of my former offence, I had stamped on that tenacious surface another and far deeper impression, I had burnt it in.
  51. The insiders then move into the accumulation phase to restock the warehouse, and move prices back and forth in a tight range, to shake out any last remaining tenacious sellers.
  52. Not all companies in a sector will fall into the same pattern, but if the student/investor is tenacious enough, he or she will derive a solid indication of how these leverage state.
  53. She first tried to kill them with a broom, then with insecticides, and finally with lye, but the next day they were back in the same place, still passing by, tenacious and invincible.
  54. I thought about my mother’s cancer, what a tenacious bitch it was, and how, despite the chemotherapy, the radiation, the surgery, and my mother’s strong will to live, she had died.
  55. In those algid moments, the happy, noisy and tenacious spirit of Salome, with the corncob smile never apart from her lips, was the necessary, indispensable ointment, for the relief of our sorrows.
  56. At the same moment that the Olsen's were celebrating and Olin was wrestling with Samantha to break her tenacious grasp, the farmer Michaud was leaving his barn after having pitched hay to his animals.
  57. One Au-gust afternoon, overcome by the unbearable weight of her own obstinacy, Amaranta locked herself in her bedroom to weep over her solitude unto death after giving her final answer to her tenacious suitor:.
  58. The motion of the small foot shod in a Tartar boot embroidered with silver, and the firm pressure of the lean sinewy hand, showed that the prince still possessed the tenacious endurance and vigor of hardy old age.
  59. Pon repeated the last part of the conversation with Thran, who warned that they dealt with a tenacious, dangerous and motivated group, who appeared to be well funded and possessed all the latest high tech equipment.
  60. The Morg heavy ships, having their hands full already with the tenacious battleships of Garth’s Main Force and with many of their sensors damaged by synchrotron radiations, had trouble facing Konovalov’s flank attack.
  61. In truth, he always behaved as if he were the eternal husband of Fermina Daza, an unfaithful husband but a tenacious one, who fought endlessly to free himself from his servitude without causing her the displeasure of a betrayal.
  62. Heyward instantly knew it for a trinket that Alice was fond of wearing, and which he recollected, with the tenacious memory of a lover, to have seen, on the fatal morning of the massacre, dangling from the fair neck of his mistress.
  63. Let us enter this inevitable, necessary palace of war; we shall be able to observe there how the most tenacious of our instincts, without losing any of its vigor, is transformed and adapted to the varying exigencies of historical epochs.
  64. Homer chooses Ulysses because Ulysses is a courageous, cunning, patient and tenacious man, but above all he chooses him because Ulysses knows how to pray, with a special type of prayer that is not to be found elsewhere either in the East or the West.
  65. I may add that I walked out to the athletic grounds this morning, saw that tenacious black clay is used in the jumping-pit and carried away a specimen of it, together with some of the fine tan or sawdust which is strewn over it to prevent the athlete from slipping.
  66. I may add that I walked out to the athletic grounds this morning, saw that tenacious black clay is used in the jumping-pit, and carried away a specimen of it, together with some of the fine tan or sawdust which is strewn over it to prevent the athlete from slipping.
  67. Nevertheless, badly the priest could be provided with the submission of Tula, who rushed forward at him in a tenacious battle of elbows and words, to be located again in the forefront that was corresponding to him, with the subsequent reply of elbows and words on the part of Father Tobias.
  68. Through all his bodily infirmity there ran a tenacious nerve of ambitious self-preserving will, which had continually leaped out like a flame, scattering all doctrinal fears, and which, even while he sat an object of compassion forthe merciful, was beginning to stir and glow under his ashy paleness.
  69. What many of these women and their proselytized (male) cohorts fail to recognize, howe ver, is that manly qualities are determined by nature and that although the underlying characteristics(s) that typically define (most) males may be artificially modified, nature‘s tenacious capacity to overcome such efforts is demonstrated in the remarkable manner it is able to recover itself.
  70. Thus relieved of a grievous load, I from that hour set to work afresh, resolved to pioneer my way through every difficulty: I toiled hard, and my success was proportionate to my efforts; my memory, not naturally tenacious, improved with practice; exercise sharpened my wits; in a few weeks I was promoted to a higher class; in less than two months I was allowed to commence French and drawing.
  71. Upset by two nostalgias facing each other like two mirrors, he lost his marvelous sense of unreality and he ended up recommending to all of them that they leave Macondo, that they forget everything he had taught them about the world and the human heart, that they shit on Horace, and that wher-ever they might be they always remember that the past was a lie, that memory has no return, that every spring gone by could never be recovered, and that the wildest and most tenacious love was an ephemeral truth in the end.
  72. The old bookseller, knowing about Aureliano’s love for books that had been read only by the Venerable Bede, urged him with a certain fatherly malice to get into the discussion, and without even taking a breath, he explained that the cockroach, the oldest winged insect on the face of the earth, had already been the victim of slippers in the Old Testa-ment, but that since the species was definitely resistant to any and all methods of extermination, from tomato dices with borax to flour and sugar, and with its one thousand six hundred three varieties had resisted the most ancient, tenacious, and pitiless persecution that mankind had unleashed against any living thing since the beginnings, including man himself, to such an ex-tent that just as an instinct for reproduction was at-tributed to humankind, so there must have been another one more definite and pressing, which was the in-stinct to kill cockroaches, and if the latter had succeeded in escaping human ferocity it was because they had taken refuge in the shadows, where they became invul-nerable because of man’s congenital fear of the dark, but on the other hand they became susceptible to the glow of noon, so that by the Middle Ages already, and in present times, and per omnia secula seculorum, the only effective method for killing cockroaches was the glare of the sun.

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