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  • Eleanor Smith
    March 28, 2016, 5:49 pm

    Providing stability and support, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a working component of the knee. Individuals who participate in sports or other athletic routines are more likely to acquire an ACL injury. Impacting negatively on exercise or training routines, a torn ACL may create a significant amount of pain and limit range of motion.

    ACL Surgeon for Athletes

    An ACL surgeon Huntington Beach will be able to design an individualized treatment program to provide optimal results for the patient. ACL surgeons for athletes have specialized training with the complex musculoskeletal system. An ACL knee problem may be the direct result of a degenerative disease or an injury. The orthopedic surgeon will be able to use the specialized training to focus on the knee issue by providing an accurate diagnosis.

    Finding an ACL Surgeon

    The best ACL surgeon for athletes can be discovered through referrals and reviews from both professional and personal resources.
    • Referral from the primary care physician who believes specialized care will improve the quality of treatment
    • Referral from the patient’s medical insurance representative to find an ACL surgeon who is within the care network to maximize coverage costs
    • Referrals from friends, family members, or co-workers who have past positive experiences with an ACL surgeon
    • Online medical reviews describing the best characteristics of the ACL surgeon
    • Reviews from the American Medical Association or other professional medical agency providing documentation of education and credentials
    Picking the best ACL surgeon will help an athlete return to normal activity levels without pain.

    ACL Diagnosis

    An ACL surgeon begins with a precise diagnosis to verify the injury, disease or damage to the knee.
    • Complete accurate medical history
    • Details of the circumstances leading up to the ACL issue
    • Physical examination and in office testing
    • X-rays, MRIs, or other imagining tests to look for any type of contributing factors to the knee issue including broken bones
    After reaching a complete and accurate diagnosis for an ACL injury, a progressive treatment approach will begin.

    ACL Treatment Approaches

    ACL treatment approaches are based on an athlete’s peak physical condition. If the damage to the ACL is not severe ,or only partial torn, non-surgical options may be the first step in the treatment process.
    • Physical therapy is commonly used to restore the ACL back to the condition prior to the injury
    • Knee brace or other support to help in the healing process
    • Use of crutches or other walking support
    • Ice may be applied to the knee to help reduce pain and swelling
    • Rest to help the healing process
    Under most circumstances, surgical treatment is necessary to repair or reconstruct a completely torn ACL. Reconstruction involves a replacement graft to the damage ACL within the knee.

    ACL Surgeon for Athletes in Huntington Beach

    The best ACL surgeon Huntington Beach for athletes and sports participants, Dr. Howard Marans starts treatment with an accurate diagnosis. Please click the icon below to schedule your consultation with the Doctor – or, call direct 714.979.8981.

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