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    1. It was really nothing more than a long tie-dye tee shirt, and was accepted street and business attire for both sexes

    2. It was actually thicker and richer than coffee from Earth, even the Brazilians had grudgingly accepted it

    3. She had broken that barrier and accepted the fact that she was here, about sixty Earth years ago

    4. Human nature is such that he always tries to benefit at the cost of others and in the process if palms have to be greased, it is accepted and in some cases even encouraged to take undue advantage of the loopholes

    5. I had lived there continuously for thirteen years but of course, I couldn't go back in time and go to school in the local Christian Brothers in order to be fully accepted by the natives of Darklow

    6. her heart and she repented and accepted God that warm summer eve-

    7. While he ate and drank his wine, of which she accepted one small glass to be

    8. He accepted her

    9. As with Smiler and his off-hand brutality, the basic pattern of my existence shifted and I accepted the relative kindness of The Kid over the next couple of days

    10. ” (at that point I begin to suspect he means me) “She has asked to return to Janus lately, I accepted, but I know she will leave again soon; nevertheless, I am not going to take her back for a second time, I won't allow such a disciple to come back

    11. She was impressed and she suggested my joining her party! I accepted at once, full of joy

    12. I smiled and accepted the guru's review – which was nothing more than one of his tricks for breaking Egos

    13. He had even accepted the fact that a phone here has a small crystal ball stuck in the end of a long seed pod with holes in it

    14. I have accepted more of this world since then

    15. While he ate and drank his wine, of which she accepted one small glass to be sociable, she talked of her home in the mountains, of how it had all been sold and how she roamed the world now, stateless but always with a casket of earth from her own land by her side as a reminder of home and her beloved family

    16. As her offer was accepted, Angie contemplated the situation

    17. ‘As I thought, Berndt’d worked out for himself what I meant about Angie – he’s confirmed that she’ll be accepted

    18. Old Testament prophecies – such as Isaiah 56 – tell us that there would be people outside of Israel that are accepted by the Lord as a part of Israel

    19. in his pockets whilst he accepted the Travel Device off Joe

    20. He loved the idea that he had a friend he could talk to, and who accepted him for himself

    21. From then on they accepted Jake as our protector

    22. When Lady Jennie hatched, she was accepted right along into our extended family

    23. and you have accepted these gifts,

    24. I want to feel accepted

    25. "You are certainly accepted

    26. Their parentfolk happily accepted their excuse as it

    27. She wants to be a rider Sam, and we’ve accepted her

    28. They were content, and each accepted their mate with great tenderness

    29. They willingly accepted the task that was asked of them," he explained to them, “understand this, they could all die in the process

    30. Again I felt different - accepted and reassured somehow

    31. They accepted us without question

    32. He had accepted her contact so she put her arm over his shoulder, leaned on his back and put her chin over his other shoulder

    33. Their mother sat at the kitchen table and accepted with a shrug the food that was being served to her by her smiling offspring

    34. My presence is accepted without question or comment

    35. It was already accepted that I would be on medication the rest of my life and that was ok, just as long as I got better

    36. ADHD is widely accepted now as a mental illness, whether it is always legitimate or a 'pawned off explanation for something else

    37. You accepted her wish to be a Dragon Rider and as hard as it was, you let her go

    38. So to pacify him, I accepted a raki whereupon he raised his glass to me, grinning his winning grin, 'My friend

    39. The people were enthralled with the Blue Dragons, and they accepted them with great respect, especially after Surfman opened his mouth and began to speak

    40. Listening to their babble and knowing full well that no one in that group could speak my native language, I felt at home, accepted on trust

    41. It all seems eminently sensible to me, though the accepted inference that Alastair would then come home to me does rather take my breath away

    42. Maybe I should have accepted a fee

    43. accepted the chocolates but said no to cricket coaching, and a foot-stomping no

    44. He offered me the milk and wine and I accepted, toasting him and all his crazy plans, but it was so sour I almost spat it out

    45. Rayne explained the philosophy behind this and Altera understood and accepted it

    46. the skeleton, muscle testing is now widely accepted

    47. He’s saying the results are meaningless when the instrumentation violates accepted theory

    48. accepted the poisoned chalice of a foreign war, tried desperately to

    49. Naria accepted his arm, a sign of great respect Alexei noted by the reaction of the assembled crew

    50. The most widely used and accepted method of

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