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Frasi con add (in inglese)

  1. It did not add up.
  2. If we add up the.
  3. Add 4 tsp of suger.
  4. Add 2 cups of the.
  5. Nor can you add or.

  6. Add water to the cup.
  7. Add the egg to the.
  8. And I might add, Mr.
  9. And to add a warning.
  10. Add the rest of the.
  11. This will add up to.
  12. I had nothing to add.
  13. Now you can add color.
  14. Add one can of stoc.
  15. And to add insult to.

  16. I add an orange juice.
  17. Add the eggs and mint.
  18. Add the sugar to taste.
  19. Add 1/2 litre of milk.
  20. Add to this, real or.
  21. Gradually add 5 to 10.
  22. Add 4 to each number:.
  23. Add the rice and stir.
  24. Add salt and keep for.
  25. The Lord does not add.

  26. Add a few more dropps.
  27. Try to add water that.
  28. Add besan and than fry.
  29. Add to that a certain.
  30. Add rye flour and stir.
  31. Make the number add up.
  32. Add the pepper and stir.
  33. Then add on your markup.
  34. To add to this, as the.
  35. Lower the heat and add.
  36. Add in the credit of $0.
  37. Not enough O2? Add some.
  38. Add the yeast and flour.
  39. Onto a roof, I add.
  40. Add on half of the rice.
  41. Add the onion and garlic.
  42. Add the sugar and lemon.
  43. Add the onion to the oil.
  44. Add butter and cut into.
  45. Add brown sugar and stir.
  46. Add the cooked brown rice.
  47. Add the saved kombu and 0.
  48. Founders of the ADD Team.
  49. However, I will add one.
  50. And you can add a third.
  51. We can add c squared to.
  52. We can add it to the APB.
  53. Add the rum and stir well.
  54. Add lemon juice and toss.
  55. How could I add to your.
  56. I have nothing to add.
  57. Remove the rinds and add.
  58. Stir, and add the gata.
  59. Add the onions and garlic.
  60. Add butter and beat with.
  61. Once melted add the garlic.
  62. Add ice water to the bowl.
  63. Add pan back to oven and.
  64. Add to your daily bath a.
  65. Add the proper amount of.
  66. Add water and lemon juice.
  67. Add the white wine slowly.
  68. It could add up to nothing.
  69. Now try to add one thing.
  70. Put into a bowl, add the.
  71. Then, add the shrimp paste.
  72. Add Nama Shoyu, and onion.
  73. And, I add in my head but.
  74. Add the egg, and mix again.
  75. But I'm open to it, I add.
  76. Add fruit juices or water.
  77. Add sauce and stir to coat.
  78. Add ice cubes and mix well.
  79. Add chicken and its juices.
  80. Add the oil and prosciutto.
  81. Add the curry leaves, red.
  82. Add the nuts and stir well.
  83. To add insult to injury I.
  85. Add an image into the text.
  86. To add to their woes, the.
  87. So what did this add up to?
  88. He even managed to add his.
  89. It just wouldn’t add up!.
  90. Now add 2 1/2 cups of flour.
  91. When hot, add mustard seeds.
  92. With difficulty I might add.
  93. Add the water to a small pot.
  94. I would like to add that I.
  95. Neither, I would add, did Ms.
  96. Programs that add music to.
  97. They add to your toxic load.
  98. Is it possible to add some.
  99. Add the bacon and pepperoni.
  100. Add the potatoes and spices.
  1. By adding butter to your.
  2. Adding the subplot of the St.
  3. Soon after she began adding.
  4. You’re just adding to the.
  5. And adding to his awe of the.
  6. You can compare by adding up.
  7. Adding to this, the dune line.
  8. This way you're not adding too.
  9. Begin adding one food at a time.
  10. Adding to this, he pranced in a.
  11. Notice that by adding the fifth.
  12. She rolled her eyes before adding.
  13. Also adding that they were very.
  14. Furthermore, adding month 9 and.
  15. You are adding value to the com-.
  16. Adding to that life's full vision.
  17. Finish by adding the roasted flour.
  18. Payout by the Stake, and adding one.
  19. Profit by the Stake, and adding one.
  20. Cool before adding the pie filling.
  21. Adding minced onion to your shampoo.
  22. To which adding the average malt tax.
  23. His bluish lips were adding to the.
  24. Decorate the bunny by adding features.
  25. Then he could not resist adding:.
  26. She nodded hesitantly before adding:.
  27. I am adding the northern lands myself.
  28. Adding records and calling a program.
  29. And now our twins are adding two more.
  30. An adding machine sat in front of her.
  31. Dave adding to the case against her?
  32. Adding this to the dividend yield of 2.
  33. She began to enjoy herself, adding up.
  34. Adding a canopy to the lean-to shelter.
  35. We’re adding more questions after this.
  36. Gigantic trees were daunting, adding to.
  37. There was another factor that was adding.
  38. For example, adding a new view is trivial.
  39. Adding as she always did, that she hoped.
  40. The other went on adding the figures aloud.
  41. Adding and searching by product categories.
  42. When adding honey to your herb teas it is.
  43. Adding electrolytes and vitamin C to your.
  44. One would assume that adding the lead and.
  45. Yesterday I was adding up how much time I.
  46. His brother Ivan made it worse by adding:.
  47. Another technique you can use is by adding.
  48. We tried adding butter, but quickly stopped.
  49. If you are adding this to a blog at Blogger.
  50. Adding some vibrant colors and patterns in.
  51. Reduce heat and start adding the cheese cubes.
  52. Boil for 10 minutes adding herbs for flavour.
  53. Warren refrained from adding in what respect.
  54. That often means adding to existing positions.
  55. Fairfax, who repeated the news; adding that Mr.
  56. Keep adding profitable setups to your PlayBook.
  57. He took it a bit further, adding his own notes.
  58. Smilie's proposition by adding the following:.
  59. Make sure the meat broth is hot when adding it.
  60. I started adding more positions in the company.
  61. One of the most helpful innovations was adding.
  62. The inspiration for adding it to this book came.
  63. Thereafter, I paid him, adding a ten percent tip.
  64. We expect to be adding several more to that list.
  65. It is worth adding that your line manger always.
  66. Adding humor not only helps, it is more effective.
  67. Adding an alternate answer to the truth creates.
  68. Adding in skew, this can make any month a winner.
  69. Interval training is simply a adding high-energy.
  70. Something isn’t adding up though, she said.
  71. Masturbation plays an essential role in adding to.
  72. Christmas panties and adding them to the Santa Trap.
  73. I think she enjoys adding more misery to the world.
  74. The numbers only operate in the adding of numbers.
  75. He was thoughtful for a moment before adding: ‘I.
  76. Soon all had joined in with many voices adding the.
  77. Here is the obvious formula for adding two points:.
  78. Though adding to their interesting nature, once in.
  79. Adding to it are the sorrows and anxieties…alas!.
  80. Calculate your Total Score by adding up all 20 scores.
  81. Terry placed it on the trap, adding some more on top.
  82. He responded with a nod and a salute before adding:.
  83. But something’s still not adding up with this, sir.
  84. Adding the bass to the piano makes it a little better.
  85. Snow is another thing adding significance to your yard.
  86. Adding passing tones to guitar scales is a great and.
  87. Adding to their problems, lemurs are slow reproducers.
  88. What are the 2 ways of adding constraints to a route?
  89. It was not long before the others began adding their.
  90. This time instead of adding peanuts try adding coconut.
  91. The van had just exploded adding to the conflagration.
  92. Loud horn's and screeching tires adding to his anxiety.
  93. Again, check with your supplier before adding them to.
  94. Gatsby identified him, adding that he was a small pro-.
  95. Improve insulation and increase warmth by adding layers.
  96. This alapana went on slowly adding depth at every node.
  97. Adding into concrete steel fibers in the amount of 1-1.
  98. So more and more MPs were adding their names to the EDM.
  99. Douglas started instructing the pilot after adding him.
  100. He made a few changes by adding the laundry downstairs.
  1. It was added to my.
  2. But the old man added.
  3. She added a spoon of.
  4. He looked up and added.
  5. Only to hear her added.
  6. After a moment he added.
  7. She however added to it.
  8. Plus I’ve added the 7.
  9. He added, ‘This is a.
  10. That gets added to the.
  11. I added some more yeast.
  12. Then he added, But I.
  13. Priest Zi Bo coldly added.
  14. But not Gabby, he added.
  15. This also had the added.
  16. But they still added to.
  17. Josh added: Look at him.
  18. Added: January 1999, 1- 8.
  19. And then the voice added:.
  20. She had just added detail.
  21. The tall imposing man added.
  22. Then he added, I'm Ingram.
  23. I think more will be added.
  24. But I won’t, He added.
  25. But Mei Yinxue slowly added.
  26. Another note was added to.
  27. Nothing else need be added.
  28. Locke added up what he knew.
  29. Every minute added to the.
  30. The priest laughed and added.
  31. Mei Yinxue laughed and added.
  32. She softly laughed and added.
  33. And the Master Jesus added:.
  34. It added warmth to the room.
  35. Sue then added, My older.
  36. No way, she quickly added.
  37. Warren smiled sadly and added.
  38. Nangong Ping smiled and added.
  39. All revisions were added on.
  40. It merely added to the chaos.
  41. Then Fielding had added to it.
  42. Added to the circle’s miles.
  43. It is added in only for taste.
  44. Each round key gets added by.
  45. Thousand Was Added To The Law.
  47. The laser was added insurance.
  48. Euredon and Uncle Xolon added.
  49. I heard nothing, added the.
  50. He added, in color the way Mrs.
  51. I heard that, added Jerry.
  52. And thanks, he added softly.
  53. I quickly added, I’m sorry.
  54. Foot notes were carefully added.
  56. So she said, Thomas added.
  57. Oh, I almost forgot, he added.
  58. Héctor added about the poem:.
  59. Then he added, We should go.
  60. Then we added one or two shows.
  61. After a moment, he added,.
  62. I added with a slight smile,.
  63. At the end, he added gruffly,.
  64. After a pause, the UPS added,.
  1. Which only adds to L.
  2. He adds the time, 12:45 p.
  3. A way which only adds on.
  4. And of course John adds;.
  5. The pain adds up, really.
  6. He stands and adds his hand.
  7. It only adds to my dejection.
  8. This adds hurt to your hurt.
  9. Day by day, it adds up and.
  10. It really adds up quickly ($.
  11. User adds an item to the cart.
  12. Chris stands and adds his hand.
  13. It just adds insult to injury.
  14. Razz adds, Or we could help.
  15. Being the one who adds to the.
  16. We need to hurry, he adds.
  17. Adds to Worries About Economy.
  18. Wills quotes it and then adds:.
  19. For every hand adds its tax –.
  20. And then adds this tragic story:.
  21. The heat from the fireplace adds.
  22. The riflescope adds just over 2lb.
  23. The metal adds a lot of weight.
  24. Leanne shouts, and then adds, softly.
  25. This adds a personal touch that wil.
  26. Luke then adds, Then know that her.
  27. The end stop adds thrust to the spear.
  28. This adds a twist to option evaluation.
  29. Harry Head in the Sand, Rand adds.
  30. Now Lynch adds his support to the idea.
  31. And it’s what I want, adds Will.
  32. Living in debt adds stress to our lives.
  33. Hear how it adds extra color and spice.
  34. There is none left now, her brother adds.
  35. Simple and smooth navigation adds to the.
  36. Krishn adds, sages would have practised it.
  37. The milk vendor often adds water to it and.
  38. John adds of this 'spiritual Sodom,’ xix.
  39. He adds it to make it prove what he wants.
  40. The tarantula in the cage adds a nice touch.
  41. Knowledge adds on imagination to accomplish.
  42. That would be convenient, adds Matthew.
  43. Steng adds, I’ve been around a long time.
  44. Much as a painter adds color to a canvas to.
  45. There are clubs, too, you know, adds Al.
  46. In comments upon the above report, it adds:.
  47. The add() method adds a new user to the list.
  48. I no tell anyone, she adds, shaking her head.
  49. He adds, I'm here to help…if you need it.
  50. Cox, himself no mean Rabbinical scholar, adds.
  51. And our total adds up to a double-digit minus.
  52. Stressing the same again, he adds in the sev-.
  53. Having our love inspire love just adds to the.
  54. Nostradamus’ version adds certain tweaks and.
  55. And the gracious Spirit adds His blessing still.
  56. He works at it, oversees his herd and adds to it.
  57. A random voice adds, It's like dinner theater.
  58. Furthermore, the Quran adds that Joseph will be.
  59. For instance, the sugar substitute fructose adds.
  60. Being a Harvard graduate adds a third risk factor.
  61. It adds a grace to what was already full of charm.
  62. He outlined in detail his entries, adds, and stops.
  63. The voice adds impact to the word’s manifestation.
  64. For those willing to pay for it, Ciere adds mentally.
  65. She hesitates, then adds, Or it could be Guntram.
  66. Leaving the relationship only adds to the nightmares.
  67. Remember every little bit of toxin adds up to a lot.
  68. We still need to know whether this growth adds value.
  69. Micah adds this verse to his signs of the end of days.
  70. The reason is, he adds, the want of pecuniary motive.
  71. This of course adds greatly to their collect ability.
  72. For these firms, growth adds zero to the current EPV.
  73. The pilot stops talking, smiles kindly, adds a remark.
  74. Then he adds a verse or verses from the holy Qur’an.
  75. They often think they do, which adds to their problem.
  76. He adds bitterly, In what condition, I can’t say.
  77. The presence of other elves adds power to the binding.
  78. All of this adds up to a 6% return for 7 trading days.
  79. The symbolism of the Philosophers’ Stone adds more.
  80. However, this spread adds a third component: direction.
  81. Inflation adds a whole new dimension to the discussion.
  82. It as surely adds to character as it demands character.
  83. David adds, ‘My family [only his mother; they really.
  84. This adds to the karmic possibilities of the situation.
  85. This adds up to the total required area for a unit hive.
  86. It’s the only way to stay in touch, Emerson adds.
  87. Cyril and Steven stand and adds there hand to the circle.
  88. Why not profit by your riches? Wealth adds to happiness.
  89. Scorch adds, Plus, I was able bodied without this suit.
  90. She adds some scented bubbles and mixes it with her hand.
  91. A child inherits some or all our traits and adds some of.
  92. Then in Section 2 he adds: — But when this tumult was.
  93. I enjoy receiving your letters and it adds joy on my day.
  94. But I still don’t see how it adds up to Merchenko money.
  95. Leona is serious, though and adds, "Shouldn't be allowed".
  96. They want you to have children — adds to the slave pool.
  97. Luke then adds, Then know that her desolation is at hand.
  98. M: Experience leaves only memories behind and adds to the.
  99. His dark eyes lifting to mine, he adds, But I resist it.
  100. To make the offer more attractive he adds two bonuses --.

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