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Frasi con adherence (in inglese)

  1. Adherence to the principles of developing.
  2. I can only say, that it is an honest adherence.
  3. You can see that from their total adherence to 103.
  4. Surah 61 emphasizes the importance of adherence to the messen-.
  5. Banks are advised to ensure adherence to the procedure provided.

  6. When he spoke, she bowed; when he acted, she yielded her adherence.
  7. Understanding of and adherence to these policies and procedures is a.
  8. Caution and adherence to the accepted routine needed to be used each time.
  9. First was his adherence to the conservation of energy theory which he had.
  10. However, among academics, there is a righteous adherence to what is termed.
  11. Back in the 1990s, adherence to the principle of increasing all three components.
  12. Demanding dogmatic adherence to orders and procedure was a sure way to create traitors.
  13. But it must be noted that Dobie’s adherence to the rules may have been a wee bit lax.
  14. It is then that parents and peers exert the greatest pressure for gender role adherence.
  15. Beginning with 1813, he gave in his adherence to or applauded all hostile manifestations.

  16. Consistency --- Being firm and steadfast in adherence to principles and a pattern of behavior.
  17. Adherence to your trading routine is the closest thing you have to insurance against sloppy trading.
  18. When in doubt, I have opted for pleasure, not rigid adherence to rules—even those of my own making.
  19. Integrity --- adherence to moral and ethical principles --- the soundness of moral character and honesty.
  20. I think it stems principally from the Moslem religion and the unthinking adherence of the faithful to it.
  21. The question pending, when the Senate adjourned yesterday, was on adherence to their amendments to the bill.
  22. Americas success can be attributed to a free will national adherence to Christian ethics, values and morals.
  23. On the other hand, enduring the intensity wasn't easy - adherence to such a degree of perfection was also a burden.
  24. It was a sign of reverent servitude and deference, which was in fact nothing less than proper adherence to protocol.
  25. Jacob was satisfied only once Joseph vowed total adherence to Jacobs wishes, regarding the treatment of his remains.

  26. But strict adherence to rules meant nothing here because this was a place beyond all decency, all logic, all understanding.
  27. So, in adherence to some kind of perverse morality, these little menaces were never deployed as a long-range offensive weapon.
  28. But if there is true adherence to the Self, it leads us to realize the highest goal through providing control over each breath.
  29. Somewhere over the past 20 to 25 years --- ‘Military Policy’ has shifted away from adherence to the Founders’ perspectives.
  30. Larry Hite described his conversation with a friend who couldn’t understand his absolute adherence to a mechanical trading system.
  31. A fanatical adherence to Islam has become a way to challenge the West for the humiliations real and imagined and our diminished status.
  32. Before proceeding further, let me be clear: Adherence to a fixed policy allocation with its required periodic rebalancing is hard enough.
  33. This is a good time to lie, she decided, although lying while defending her adherence to God’s laws seemed wrong and counterproductive.
  34. He does not realize that our constitution defines the best government in the world and adherence to it would solve our financial problems.
  35. He did not know that Adam (pth) got that rank because of his truthfulness before his Provider and his adherence, love and obedience to Him.
  36. However, the destruction of the body is not due to weak adherence the Yang particles to the Law of Identity, and because of the Law of Repulsion.
  37. Nothing less than close adherence to the true sense of the English language can furnish a panacea for this juggling of words such as we are seeing.
  38. However, resistance to new ideas and blind adherence to official tactics and doctrines were still major scourges in the United States Army Air Forces.
  39. Interesting that existence of the organism, its life is provided at first just the particles Yin, their greatest adherence to the Law of Identification.
  40. But in the course of time idolatory and irrational adherence to entrenched conventions sup-planted dharm and gave rise to innumerable misguided notions.
  41. Even more selfish is the individual who purposefully seeks personal gain at the expense and pain of those others who have trusted in his or her adherence.
  42. In the 1930s few policy makers held this view, especially because they believed that adherence to the gold standard was essential to long-run prosperity.
  43. But how is it he is not already returned? It seems to me the first care of government should be to set at liberty those who have suffered for their adherence to it.
  44. Yet some men's beliefs – or anti-beliefs - stand like statues, monuments celebrating their stubborn adherence to marble ideals in a desert world of shifting sand.
  45. So far from any deviation from his original system being indicated in this letter of the Duke of Cadore, a strict adherence to it is formally and carefully expressed.
  46. In 1885 he had publicly expressed his adherence to the collective and national economic programme advocated by James Fintan Lalor, John Fisher Murray, John Mitchel, J.
  47. At this time there were only about one hundred disciples who had the moral courage to brave the opposition of the Pharisees and openly declare their adherence to Jesus.
  48. Having support designated as work flows and work tools would obviously help better execute job processes, use of inputs, adherence to governance, and promoting feedback.
  49. Michael Price met the challenge by combining a strict adherence to the principles by which he was raised with a pragmatic exploitation of the power that size can convey.
  50. We might as well say to France we will cling by the English copy, as she could insist upon an adherence to the French copy; and if she urged ignorance on the part of Mr.
  51. Adherence to the approach results in missing many investment opportunities where securities are attractively priced by standards other than those used by fundamental finance investors.
  52. To the worship, belief and adherence of ‘man made gods’ and ‘systems’ that purport to quench human thirst for answers to existential questions the human spirit possess to desire.
  53. Adherence to the safe and cheap approach4 results in missing many investment opportunities where securities are attractively priced by standards other than those used by value investors.
  54. In short, long and every in between, we are the force-keeping particles of our own, each other's, and all of ours lack of transcendence, adherence to the law, and occlusion of anomalies.
  55. At first glance, simultaneous application of the two basic principles of the partially directional strategies—reliance on forecasts and adherence to market-neutrality—contradicts their inner logic.
  56. If we have any remark to add, it is, that an adherence to the technical precision with which most rocks are at the present day described, appears desirable in mineralogical and geological descriptions.
  57. But, if Hitler’s decisive campaign of the war was to have any chance of success then it would require strict adherence to the original plan and the methodical execution of each phase of the operation.
  58. Most evil of all is the denial of the belief that undergirds the philosophy that provides the benefits of adherence to that covenant, and denies the Author and Finisher of that greatest of all agreements.
  59. Was there a “traditionalist” view in that ancient time that insisted on adherence to a one-world view of life called “Nature,” wherein unseen animal Essences somehow directed the flow of all life?
  60. Just as slavish, mindless adherence to Aristotelian and Christian tradition retarded the progress of science for centuries, so too is the false doctrine of materialism retarding the progress of science at the present time.
  61. From that day and date, have we departed from those counsels—in my humble judgment, at least—from those principles, adherence to which had induced the people of the United States to clothe us with their power and confidence.
  62. Soon, you certainly will get the precious and indescribable experience of Yourself not in actions, opinions, and views of other people, but in your own response Choices, and in adherence to your principles in your own decisions.
  63. In the First Class lounges and the ship’s ballroom, the band played a combination of light classics and sentimental melodies that would have sat well with Pat’s love of strict tempo, consonance, and adherence to the printed music.
  64. Perhaps that was inevitable given the poverty, the wretched living conditions, the lack of education and ignorance and, finally, the unthinking adherence to the religious rigor and narrow-mindedness of Islam and Christianity of the native.
  65. When the people are tired of the embargo, as a means of preserving peace, they will tell you so, and say, "Give us war!" But none have said so; and yet, sir, I know well that myself and some others are blamed for our adherence to this measure.
  66. The collation and collaboration of these frightening verses, are obviously calculated to inflict the inducement of maximum fear on the believer, enforcing strict adherence and obedience to the rules and laws of these particular religious faiths.
  67. While ZERO BELLY is exactly the kind of high-nutrient plan that will give you rapid weight reduction, this seven-day cleanse can turbocharge those results—and a turbocharge at the start might improve your chances of long-term adherence to the plan.
  68. For he told us of the emptiness of their lives, their adherence to the rules of the temple, but no one or nothing cared about them or made any difference in their life, and supposing they didn’t know of any true power; but this Jesus that they’d heard about did.
  69. However, their version of the one God hovers remotely over them, requiring only slavish adherence to ritualistic practices, at the center of which is a huge polished black stone (of possible meteoritic origin) that was also at the center of their pre-Islamic pagan ancestry.
  70. In common with many advanced economies, rapid urbanisation and the early industrialisation of food production as well as female emancipation have resulted in a highly modern consumer society with reduced connection to the rural environment and adherence to traditional household roles.
  71. But in spite of the delicacy of her form, and the gentleness of her eyes, her glance sometimes flashed fire in a manner very like the flashing eyes of her father, and in her strong will, firm character, and inflexible adherence to what she believed to be necessary and right, Anna was exactly like her father.
  72. Some persons have turned to the Book of Revelation and hung over its sublime imagery, as if these were literal descriptions of our eternal home; but we must remember that this is a book of symbols, and that this fact will not permit a strict adherence to the letter in seeking the meaning of its glowing visions.
  73. Notwithstanding this apparent adherence in Magua to the original determination of his conquerors, Heyward could not believe his tempting bait was so soon forgotten; and he knew the windings of an Indian's path too well to suppose that its apparent course led directly to its object, when artifice was at all necessary.
  74. Johnson: Some persons have turned to the Book of Revelation and hung over its sublime imagery, as if these were literal descriptions of our eternal home; but we must remember that this is a book of symbols, and that this fact will not permit a strict adherence to the letter in seeking the meaning of its glowing visions.
  75. If it were my individual concern, I should certainly rely upon my own judgment: but when every thing dear to my country is at stake, I cannot justify to myself a pertinacious adherence to a proposition already rejected by a great majority, which would hazard the loss of a measure, the best, in my opinion, that can be obtained.
  76. It remains, then, for the Congress of the United States, at this very interesting crisis, to dispel that delusion by a firm adherence to this measure, and thus to disperse every gleam of hope which may have resulted from the circumstances of discontent which had appeared, and the evasions of the law which took place in the country.
  77. Those rules might take at least seven lifetimes to digest and yet we have tried to follow them all, in every situation! And after extensive study and research at great personal cost, it can be written here in black and white, without excuse; that adherence to all the rules has left us confused, frustrated, knackered and even slightly paranoid.
  78. In fact, it is the fear generated from the threats of eternal punishment and damnation of Hell with Satan, written in the gospels and indoctrinated by Christian religions, that has been used as the leverage for obedience, compliance and adherence to ‘infallible’ religious authority, and not the story of Jesus’ compassion, miracles and resurrection.
  79. So, what are we to make of the biblical flood story? Is it a portion of the “history of a people” as I posited in the beginning of the introduction? A story of their “origins” or was it meant to illustrate a moral principle, the “rewards of adherence and consequences of resistance” to the precepts that it was there to teach? It seems that it is a good fit into all of these categories, but which one would have been the most important reason for its retelling over the many hundreds of years? It would appear that the moral lesson of what happens to people who obey as against what happens to those who don’t would be the larger meaning that it was meant to impress, as it was handed down from an older generation to the younger.
  80. He might assert as lofty a spirit, as unyielding an adherence to the deliberate convictions of his own understanding, as Lord Chatham himself; who, because he set his face against corruption, and had the art of making every coward scoundrel in the nation his foe—concentrating upon himself the "rays of royal indignation, which might illumine but could not consume him;" who, because with intuitive glance he penetrated, resolved and combined every interest of his country, and each design of her enemies, and reached his object "by the flashes of his mind, which, like those of his eye, might be felt but could not be followed," was by the plodding, purblind, groping politicians of the day, attempted to be held up as an empty declaimer, a theatrical gesticulator.
  81. This adherence to truth is cultivated by incessant reflection,.
  82. To monitor your progression and adherence to the established activities,.

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