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Frasi con alteration (in inglese)

1. An alteration in the mood was needed.
2. He came and showed little alteration.
3. Deceived black in alteration celebrated.
4. This alteration of being and becoming is.
5. There is no alteration to the words of God.
6. There was no alteration that was immediately obvious.
7. The true art of memory is the art of alteration.

8. This alteration spell has sped up the turning process.
9. No alteration will ever take place without a reason to be.
10. The only manmade alteration that he could readily discern.
11. A raised eyebrow greeted her slight alteration to her story.
12. His had been a love "which alters when it alteration finds".
13. You can only hope that they will tell you about the alteration.
14. An indefinite alteration had come over his whole person and manner.
15. I made a corresponding alteration to my will immediately, of course.
16. Troubled, Hanor could detect a substantial alteration with the Souls.
17. This is a slight alteration resulting from the activity in Phase—1.
18. She finally stepped off the alteration platform and hugged her mother.
19. Even so, he didn’t seem too fazed by the alteration in my appearance.
20. Th e states related to alteration of individual’s self-consciousness.
21. Alteration and sublimation are achieved by God and derive only from Him.
22. If any material alteration be made in the bill, I believe it will not pass.
23. They both raised their eyes as I went in, and both saw an alteration in me.
24. Nevertheless the average alteration can range between six to twenty inches.
25. I was doing things, without alteration, that had worked in other situations.
26. Four soft, quick taps of the keys later, and he had completed the alteration.
27. Material alteration : Any alteration that changes the tenor of an instrument.
28. Dashwood again assured him that no alteration of the kind should be attempted.
29. This being the case, Holland had to decide what that course alteration might be.
30. On testing this with vegetable blue infusions no alteration of colour took place.
31. Modern technology has also allowed us to make one more alteration to Project Cleanse.
32. They found that stimulant dependence is characterized by a distributed alteration of.
33. The slightest alteration to the file would cause a noticeable change to the hash output.
34. If you’re faced with that scenario, just pray that they let you know of the alteration.
35. And these changes have taken place only because the general opinion has undergone an alteration.
36. The present situation of Mobile and Orleans is the reason why I want some alteration in the bill.
37. He did not expect the sudden alteration to her statements and did not bother hiding his confusion.
38. Davenant to this alteration in the present system of excise duties, seem to be without foundation.
39. Whether an alteration could or could not be made without their consent, he would not undertake to say.
40. Exhaling slowly and with no alteration to his breathing pattern or heartbeat, he took a further breath.
41. There is a slight, but undeniable, alteration in the sound of the human voice that somehow comforts us.
42. She felt that she had arranged everything extremely well, and that any alteration must be for the worse.
43. Even when Agni intensified thermal abrasion there was little alteration in that Danava’s outer composure.
44. An alteration in the surname might provide an advantage, but it probably will result in more work for you.
45. Amy had fancied that perhaps a love trouble was at the bottom of the alteration, and now she was sure of it.
46. This is why the second alteration to Project Cleanse will be the relocation of City Central dwellers to Earth.
47. The alteration didn't really look dangerous, but it didn't seem necessary either, so they agreed to remove it.
48. His warnings, like Joshua’s challenge, might have deterred the alteration of the message during his lifetime.
49. Seven days glided away, every one marking its course by the henceforth rapid alteration of Edgar Linton’s state.
50. What an alteration in mood! They slow-danced to the unconventional tune, instinctively moving closer to one another.
51. The dominions of kings are limited either by mountains or rivers, or a change of manners, or an alteration of language.
52. Casaubon when he drew her attention specially to some actual arrangement and asked her if she would like an alteration.
53. My pupils adjusted to the alteration in light, reducing in size as I looked at Jiva and then moved along to her brother.
54. The second alteration to Project Cleanse was made due to the genetic flaws of some of the chosen people in the space station.
55. And, by making a slight alteration in his or her stance when the field, the seven-wood can help get around or over an obstacle.
56. She was upset and the alteration reflected in the bluish vein that was sparkling in her forehead with every word she promulgated.
57. If enough time passes (and you have positive theta), your initial plan may – and probably should – undergo a minor alteration.
58. But this I can say, that if he ever was a beau before he married, he is one still for there is not the smallest alteration in him.
59. The punt slipped downstream smoothly, without any alteration of the Most of the rabbits had very little idea of what was happening.
60. Nothing could be more complete than the alteration that had taken place in my feelings since the night of the appearance of the daemon.
61. Unless the right had been reserved, the consent of the State would have been necessary to a cession, or other alteration of its boundary.
62. The next meeting of the two Mansfield families produced another alteration in the plan, and one that was admitted with general approbation.
63. She was a small thing and did not know what adversity meant, and was much bewildered by the alteration she saw in her young adopted mother.
64. Just as she'd never dreamed of leaving this house until recently, so had she never visualized any significant alteration prior to this minute.
65. They included alteration of vision with illusions, disturbances of hearing, taste and smell, numbness of the face, confusion, giddiness and delirium.
66. At first she had been coldly passive, struggling to conceal her resentment and distaste for the act she was performing; then he had seen a slow alteration.
67. A piece of furniture that has been somewhat modified is always less desirable in the marketplace than an antique where little or no alteration has occurred.
68. It is even possible that some alteration in the way of presenting God’s justice and love to them may work for the better, and diminish their blasphemies.
69. In Bohemia, in consequence of the alteration in the system of finances which was begun in 1748, a very heavy tax is imposed upon the industry of artificers.
70. The subtle approach of influencing the course of history, to bring about an alteration of the inevitable, when the inevitable meant beyond hope of any repair.
71. The rhythmic alteration between the Chinese and English languages was as beautiful as the content of the words the grandmaster conveyed through the interpreter.
72. I was startled, I confess, by the alteration in his manners this morning;--he did not speak like himself, and did not return your kindness with any cordiality.
73. I was startled, I confess, by the alteration in his manners this morning;—he did not speak like himself, and did not return your kindness with any cordiality.
74. If, then, for the revoked decrees, municipal laws, producing the same effect have been substituted, the mode only and not the measure has undergone an alteration.
75. We were shown that the alteration we had felt before was due to being implanted and that our ship had been tagged so it could be tracked no matter where we were.
76. The first is the invention of writing, which alone gives human nature the power of transmitting, without alteration, its laws, its contracts, its annals, and its.
77. Then your eyes fixed themselves upon your newly-framed picture of General Gordon, and I saw by the alteration in your face that a train of thought had been started.
78. This book presents irrefutable evidence as to the alteration of the Zapruder film, handled by both the Secret Service and the CIA on the night of the assassination.
79. The next day produced little or no alteration in the state of the patient; she certainly was not better, and, except that there was no amendment, did not appear worse.
80. This less than useful alteration to our cognitive, spiritual and emotional functioning can subsequently change one’s behaviour in an escalation and cyclical process.
81. Randolph said that for the last eight years or thereabouts an alteration had taken place in the manner of doing business at the commencement of each session of Congress.
82. Consequently grief, the alteration in her mode of life, and her lack of activity soon combined to develop in her a malady to which she had always been more or less subject.
83. And now, for the first or second time, an alteration is proposed, the consequence of which cannot be foreseen, without any evidence that it is either necessary or expedient.
84. That was a nice trick getting past the firewall, but an even nicer trick altering the template for producing clothing without the replicator diagnostics catching the alteration.
85. However, I recognize freedom of choice and am not aware of these physical alteration procedures, which, incidentally, all carry health risks, being outlawed anywhere in the world.
86. Since the establishment of this valuation, the value of silver has been pretty uniform, and there has been no alteration in the standard of the coin, either as to weight or fineness.
87. The land is rented from the State, of course, and there's seventeen years to go upon the present lease; it means an alteration to the lease to put Joe's name into it jointly with hers.
88. In living bodies, variation will cause the slight alteration, generation will multiply them almost infinitely, and natural selection will pick out with unerring skill each improvement.
89. Also note the ―Residual body hair is seen in the perineum (genital area) and is unremarkable‖ and ―examination of the lungs reveals heat alteration of the anterolateral left lung.
90. But her death, which happened ten years before his own, produced a great alteration in his home; for to supply her loss, he invited and received into his house the family of his nephew Mr.
91. It seemed not worth while to upset the whole affair for the sake of one sentence, and when one alteration had been agreed to it seemed not worth while to protest against a second and a third.
92. The result of the alteration was, that although more was done during the sessions of the Republican Congresses, they terminated them three or four weeks sooner than ever had been done before.
93. In this manner three years passed away, and our relations with each other remained the same, benumbed, congealed, motionless, as if no alteration could come to them, either for better or worse.
94. From this inconsistency between the new conception of life and practical life follows a whole succession of contradictions and sufferings which embitter our life and necessitate its alteration.
95. A key was mislaid, Betsey accused of having got at his new hat, and some slight, but essential alteration of his uniform waistcoat, which he had been promised to have done for him, entirely neglected.
96. More important, even the slightest alteration to the unencrypted message would cause the cryptographic hash to be completely different, thus preventing any interceptor from modifying the signed message.
97. Had the unhappy man on whom she lavished her assiduities been previously acquainted with her, so sudden an alteration might well have excited suspicion in his mind, or at least have greatly astonished him.
98. Jennings's acquaintance to inform them of her being in town; and Marianne was all the time busy in observing the direction of the wind, watching the variations of the sky and imagining an alteration in the air.
99. Jennings’s acquaintance to inform them of her being in town; and Marianne was all the time busy in observing the direction of the wind, watching the variations of the sky and imagining an alteration in the air.
100. But, by the time she met Richard, she’d begun to accept Bruno’s proposition that if the revolution ever happened, it would be without, or prior to, any alteration to the contours of her own individual existence.

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