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Awful in una frase (in inglese)

We want to be awful.
He is an awful rogue.
It is an awful thing.
It was awful to hear.
In fact he felt awful.
It would be an awful.
She was an awful girl.

My drive home was awful.
All this dust is awful.
And she is awful at it.
Awful early for a call.
But what was awful was.
My new posting was awful.
That was the awful part.
That will be awful for.
It must have been awful.
That's awful nice of you.
On this awful wintry day.
I said some awful things.
I was an awful person.
I also felt awful about.
It was awful to see her!.
She is in an awful state.
From out that awful wreck.
This is awful, she thought.
His breath was awful, too.
That must have been awful.
There was an awful thwock.
My God, it sounds so awful.
Saves an awful lot of time.
It is an awful visitation.
Yes, it was awful, but it.
Not that awful Joey punk.
What an awful thing to say.
Did I do something awful?
There's an awful lot to see.
How could you? It’s awful.
You are an awful aristocrat.
Still, it was an awful week.
Yes, that was awful, but-.

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