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Frasi con banes (in inglese)

1. He was overcome with thoughts and anxiety, the twin banes of his sleep.
2. The schoolgirls saw two others: one, the chaplain, the Abbe Banes, old and ugly, whom they were permitted to contemplate in the choir, through a grating; the other the drawing-master, M.
3. Life is not as unkind to the self-introspecting man as it is to a self-reflecting bull for it lends him the scope to contain the damages the vagaries of his habit occasions; but still, save a Gary Sobers, who said he never committed the same mistake twice, man fails to benefit from the let-offs of fate, and that only proves that man is more adept at thwarting the perils without but not at averting the banes within.

Sfortunatamente non abbiamo ancora frasi di esempio per questa parola.

Sfortunatamente non abbiamo ancora frasi di esempio per questa parola.

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1. Bane was happy to answer.
2. Bane too looked, the relief.
3. And what is Isildur's Bane? '.
4. Bane on the half-empty balcony.
5. He was truly a bane of Olympus.
6. Bane, for once, could only agree.
7. What is that? Bane pointed.
8. We see that now, Bane said.
9. Ordering Bane to fetch what he.
10. Bane could only guess at its depth.
11. Me? Bane said, as if innocent.
12. Bane and Kifter took their coats off.
13. Which way is that? Bane teased.
14. Missing Nole and Bane, the sense of.
15. What are they? Bane pointed left.
16. Shedding a few tears with Bane at the.
17. A dream? Bane said, his tone sharp.
18. It's the bane of my existence, and the.
19. Curbing frustrations, Bane did as ordered.
20. Kifter peered out to where Bane last called.
21. With a final kick of a rib, Bane joined him.
22. Closing his eyes, a shudder ran through Bane.
23. Watchful, Bane was confused by the questions.
24. Maybe, Bane said, leaning on his elbow.
25. Cutting in, Bane ignored the Tard’s caution.
26. Bane off, but Hallen would be rebuked if he did.
27. Remote controls are the bane of a prospective.
28. Stepping down, Bane led his Kyboe after the Fife.
29. Hanor was making his way towards them with Bane.
30. It is no good looking at him, Bane pressed.
31. The fall of these is the bane of today’s world.
32. Embarrassed, Bane scraped the ground with a stick.
33. Awaiting the fury, Kifter, Hallen and Bane were.
34. Kifter and Bane were nearly across the other side.
35. What is it? Bane asked, looking for trouble.
36. Of course little Bane, Hallen said, grinning.
37. Bane felt like a child, keen to see the treed City.
38. Creaky joints proved Bane had overdone it recently.
39. I have lived a sheltered life, Bane conceded.
40. The thought of Hanor stumbling in the dark cut Bane.
41. What was that? Bane cried through the darkness.
42. Betraying Hanor by leaving without him, Bane peered.
43. So what is the point of this? Bane felt cheated.
44. They are surely the bane of the wanderer's existence.
45. Despite that, Bane battled on, not letting them down.
46. Only when drawing close could Bane see the tree had.
47. Is he still alive then? Bane asked, hopes firing.
48. Bane had been helpful, eager to find out too, but had.
49. Nervous that he and Bane were untrained, Hanor had at.
50. In the half-light, Hanor, Nole and Bane stroked it by.
51. Daring, Bane extended his hand to touch the tunnel wall.
52. Shall we stop? Bane called, guessing the response.
53. Hoping to strike a friendship with Bane and the others.
54. Fascinating, Bane said, a warm glow stirring within.
55. Boon seeking has become the bane of the religious spirit.
56. Bane would want to find out more, and I cannot give more.
57. Disgruntled, Bane was only prepared to tolerate Nole’s.
58. Enjoying the chuckles from his audience, Bane finished off.
59. If you get into trouble…, Bane said, wiping a tear.
60. Turn back! Bane sneered, bowled over by his audacity.
61. Bane sat up, alerted by the unsteady snorts of their Kyboes.
62. A good-sized roast on a wooden platter was something Bane.
63. Too many nouveau shorts are the bane of the pros' positions.
64. The prophecy was clear: The bane of Olympus shows the trail.
65. Hallen was at the rear, trying to steady both Nole and Bane.
66. I asked Bane what he would do, and he admitted he did not.
67. Rising to his feet, Bane had to turn away, the hurt too strong.
68. Disorientation and sickness passing, carefully, Bane looked up.
69. What is it? Bane asked, covering his nose from the stench.
70. You have a choice Bane, Hallen said, getting to the point.
71. The beautiful bane of his existence sat no more than a foot away.
72. Bane and Nole hotly pursued by the Freeloaver, nothing was missed.
73. I am… managing, Bane said, unwilling to look across at him.
74. Raising Hell’s Bane in one meaty hand, he pointed it to the Rift.
75. What… is it? Bane screamed, horror scrawled across his face.
76. It is odd that he has sent us considering the risks, Bane said.
77. Legwork is the bane of all policemen and women anywhere in the world.
78. Honda Cubs and even smaller brains – is a bane to the rest of the.
79. We have come to support Hanor, Bane said, proud of his loyalty.
80. Then neither is mine, Bane scoffed, fatigue catching up on him.
81. Checking that Bane was still sleeping before turning to Kifter, the.
82. Staring over the leaved balcony, Bane twitched where he sat, agitated.
83. Unsuspecting, Bane came around the bush but stopped on seeing the two.
84. Relaxed considering the unnerving circumstances, Bane was way out of.
85. Lying down, eyes closed, Bane enjoyed the quiet, ignoring the wildlife.
86. Releasing his grip, Bane sat back, the need to express his grief easing.
87. This is still grisly, Bane said, with no idea what this all meant.
88. He looked at me with burning teenage intensity, the bane of every parent.
89. I do not think he should go in, Bane declared, shocked at the idea.
90. The handle of Hell’s Bane was well worn from facing such beings.
91. It was never sharp anyway, Bane joked, trying to ignore the unease.
92. Conscious of his brother and Bane, both were sitting either side of Hanor.
93. I am glad you have invited Bane to join us, Kifter said, meaning it.
94. What was that look for? whispered Bane to the other two, suspicious.
95. Since when have you been friends with old men? asked Bane, surprised.
96. Yes, Bane said, looking at Hanor, hoping he would remember something.
97. Reaching the bank, Bane was crying further on in the forest, reaffirming.
98. Amazed, Bane could only guess at why it had grown in such a structured way.
99. You caused this! Bane screamed, the first signs of tiredness apparent.
100. Conceding this was the final chance for Nole and Bane to go back home, he.

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