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Frasi con centering (in inglese)

  1. This is known as centering.
  2. Centering is meditation in action.
  3. His expert fingers began teasing her red centering.
  4. It is a centering of your mind on one thing to relax.
  5. After centering herself she meditated on it for 30 minutes.

  6. The range of returns was quite narrow, centering around –3.
  7. I think that you are beset by problems, probably centering on.
  8. This is what centering one’s life on the axis of the world means.
  9. Rapidly centering on each group one after the other, with rehearsal.
  10. She let out a slow, centering breath, then slid the wall panel aside.
  11. This centering technique combines breath awareness with the phrase or.
  12. That voice now repeated the centering chant from the book: Tat tvam asi.
  13. You can quickly stop any of these by merely centering your attention on the.
  14. Practice centering yourself, while appreciating and loving what is all around you.
  15. She turns to the mirror and fingers the diamond pendant, centering it on her chest.

  16. She closed her eyes for a moment and breathed deeply again, centering her mind and.
  17. Formwork, or centering, was the wooden frame that held the masonry in place until the.
  18. Also beware of designs centering around a patio or porch that you may not have room to build.
  19. The centering of the consciousness and its steadying within the head at a point midway between the eyebrows.
  20. Brent did and the chair moved by itself and slid forward centering him amid the vast array of dials and buttons.
  21. She drew in a deep, centering breath, and reminded herself that only ship security and top brass carried weapons.
  22. Adept Tometahin had detected the gate to the silicon realm was open, and she should begin centering herself for the journey.
  23. It Is not new to see this happening everyplace in this country and the main reason for this results is lack of centering or.
  24. Centering: means not allowing your inner thoughts to be overshadowed by stressful circumstances or negative thoughts and emotions.
  25. This centering of self around the ego, which is the virtualizing I, is a self-interested centeredness: a centeredness that cares for the self.

  26. One way of approaching it in both the yogic and Catholic Christian traditions is through a meditation technique Christians call Centering Prayer.
  27. Centering Prayer (New Age concept which is part in the contemplative prayer concept, which has an exoteric meaning that 'all roads and religions leads to God').
  28. The older approach, centering upon the conception of a stable average earning power, appears to have been vitiated by the increasing instability of the typical business.
  29. The view moved in closer, centering on a large peaked roof woven of palm fronds and supported by tall bamboo poles, with carpets and furniture placed on the sand beneath it.
  30. But everyone cared violently about hurting Melanie or India and the storm revolved around them, rather than Scarlett, centering upon the one question—Did India lie?
  31. The brokerage houses promotional material usually discusses option buying, centering on the benefits of the limited risk aspect of options and the potential for unlimited profit.
  32. She was grateful, of course, that Sienna had took the time out to train her and help her with centering her energy; but that had absolutely nothing to do with them liking each other.
  33. Our society has been conditioned to trivialize the ―root causes‖ of violent crimes committed by one race (Black) against another (White) by advancing abstract arguments centering on ―institutionalized racism,‖.
  34. A generalist mage walks by the tree, notices the carving, and says to himself: "Imagination equals space per time, what a useful operational precept! By centering myself, my imagination can move the world!" He walks away.
  35. Ulysses that grabs on the fig tree seems to talk about Ulysses who is centering himself on the Cosmic SELF , so he can defend himself from being pulled under by the great devouring mother that is the atrocious reality of this world.
  36. The term FPS has generally come to refer to games where the player has full control over a (usually humanoid) character and can interact directly with the environment; almost always centering around the act of aiming and shooting with multiple styles of weapons and limited ammunition.
  37. Such awareness of Self may facilitate the transforming, blending, and centering within, the integration of the stories between Self and the Creator, thereby identifying the authentic Self with the understanding and knowledge about who Self really is in relation to Self’s personal independence, uniqueness, sovereignty and dignity.
  38. Indeed, the centering of Self, where Self looks and reflects within Self’s consciousness, personality, attitudes and values, with self-pride, acceptance and love, notwithstanding self’s ability for imperfection, but instead embracing imperfections as being the inevitable part of the human condition from having evolved from primate.
  39. Once the Supreme Court succumbs to external (political) pressures or its own unqualified assumptions of Justice, without regard to legality, that legal body can no longer be properly considered an objective interpreter of our nation‘s laws; its critically-minded reviews and summary conclusions centering on the (penumbral) legality of questionable (historical) assumptions….

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