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    1. It also helps you achieve a clearer mind, improve your concentration, and discover the wisdom and tranquility within you

    2. , of Concentration, are often amazing

    3. Therefore, we will do no more than see that our breathing is quiet and regular, and will then withdraw our thoughts from the body altogether and begin the work of concentration

    4. The first step is concentration, or the ability to hold the mind steadily and unwaveringly upon that which the aspirant chooses

    5. The stages in concentration are themselves well marked and can be stated as follows:

    6. The application of the mind, or the paying of close attention to the object chosen for concentration

    7. It is an uninterrupted flow of concentration aimed to heighten one's awareness and oneness with the universe

    8. automotive world, he found now that his concentration wavered

    9. All her concentration was turned inwards, focusing on the translated feedback from the ship

    10. In the Great War, when the concept of concentration wiped out the lives of millions, there were always those who remained, those who survived and who told their stories

    11. Out on the hard shoulder, cocooned within the thin metallic hull of his dilapidated Austin Metro, the small wee man in tweeds and corduroy had now counted for nearly an hour, but instead of marshalling his thoughts towards the infinite number of tufts woven into the boot carpets of this modern, global, automotive world, he found now that his concentration wavered

    12. But while the probe was moving, she followed the concentration of beams toward the place Alan had told them he was going, the city on the volcanic plug

    13. ‘You … mother … being here at the villa … there was a garden, I think …’ I frown with the concentration of remembering

    14. They were the largest concentration of metals that had ever been observed, and had been closely studied because of that, but it was their motions of the previous year that caused them to send for him

    15. The Arched Foot Breathing Exercise taxes your sense of balance but as in all such exercises it can be used as a valuable exercise in concentration

    16. The effort needed for the perfection of this advanced posture will greatly improve your powers of concentration and in addition to the benefits to the muscles of the arms and torso the deep breathing will help congested lungs and bronchial tubes and the posture tones up the entire nervous system

    17. She'd had one cup a little while ago and there was still a touch from it, with enough concentration she could keep the dimness at bay and actually enjoy the wonderful scene

    18. The practice of concentration and meditation, and the

    19. This exercise strengthens the eye muscles and increases the powers of concentration by fixing all the attention on one point and through that to the central nervous system, which will be soothed and relaxed

    20. And now for one last exercise to relieve eyestrain, which is also a good exercise in concentration and the calming of the mind

    21. It has the effect of relaxing the nerves and relieving eyestrain, but it can also be used for the purpose of practicing concentration

    22. When your thoughts stray lead them gently back to the object of your concentration

    23. ' With great concentration, he plucked a string and listened

    24. "No I don't, we'll be standing the last shift, that takes concentration, then we'll be unloading

    25. Nonetheless, she found herself positively enjoying the concentration of interest that surrounded her whenever the conversation turned to the state of the nation and to the whole immigration issue

    26. ‘How do we send a message back?’ I asked, my concentration fully on this beautiful creature with such intelligent eyes

    27. 'Whenever I play with concentration, my head starts hurting, Ali said

    28. concentration of interest that surrounded her whenever the

    29. Dave frowns in concentration

    30. concentration camp by the Nazis during the Second

    31. “We who lived in concentration camps can

    32. “As you know,” she began once formalities were over, “Tometahin requires utmost concentration to perform his duty

    33. She found it took quite a lot of effort and concentration to move her arm toward the latch that let her out of here

    34. ’ I replied, blushing slightly ‘His concentration might be a little off though

    35. southern Ireland which happened to contain a concentration of

    36. ornament in front of him, frowning with concentration

    37. His mind was trained to appreciate small things like that while still giving full concentration to the task at hand

    38. distractedly and a frown of concentration made his gaunt,

    39. The perspiration was no doubt caused by his unwavering concentration

    40. He stopped very briefly for a late Duskmeal at a little bigger concentration of urban structure along the canal in the Sentinels

    41. lost his concentration on the back of the brick building

    42. She had to admit that this development made her concentration wander somewhat

    43. There was a slight wrinkle in his forehead, a sign of concentration for most, but

    44. study in concentration as she struggled to find the right

    45. I think he could've easily worked in one of Hitler's concentration camps and enjoyed himself; he was that mean and evil

    46. In that area of concentration, the greatest concentration of all was in a single megalopolitan area at the end of a smaller arm of that lake near the equator

    47. Toward the end of Israel’s history there was a concentration of prophets

    48. She knew that was just a mental lapse, a break of concentration and before she knew it her hands were playing some other riffs from some far-off time and song

    49. Her concentration completely shattered

    50. Seth had conducted many experiments in his Earthly travels and had concluded that, with a small amount of concentration, the human beings saw the Fair Folk as tall, well muscled, handsome and blond versions of themselves

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    concentration assiduity assiduousness compactness denseness density tightness absorption engrossment immersion gathering company group congregation band party mass consolidation converging compression compacting thought attention deliberation concern application congestion solidity reduction condensation consistency thickness