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Frasi con countries (in inglese)

  1. In many countries of the.
  2. The countries are all dead.
  3. Low in the Low Countries.
  4. There are a lot of countries.
  5. India and the Arab countries.

  6. Africa and other countries in.
  7. There are 31 other countries.
  8. Many countries similar to the U.
  9. And countries like Syria know this.
  10. Association in almost all countries.
  11. This is evident in many countries.
  12. Production shifts to countries with.
  13. Spain and other countries of my.
  14. Residents in Countries other than U.
  15. Copyright laws in most countries are.

  16. Few other countries can proclaim that.
  17. Ethiopia, Britain, and other countries.
  18. Not that most of those countries need.
  19. Haply the seas and countries different.
  20. The party that other countries respect.
  21. The pavilions related to countries are:.
  22. Most countries allow for guide dogs to.
  23. They came into these countries as Aryans.
  24. In northern countries, spring is coming.
  25. Copyright laws in most countries are in.

  26. Credit card companies in some countries.
  27. Wherever the citizens of such countries.
  28. Many of these third world countries had.
  29. Today: only rich countries have citizens.
  30. In over fifty countries, Christians are.
  31. And countries sink and rise upon the seas.
  32. Again this applies only in other countries.
  33. In some of these countries, if you are a.
  34. In those countries, the universities are.
  35. Phone tapping is illegal in most countries.
  36. In the coin of many countries the silver.
  37. Many countries have a history of oppres-.
  38. Grace to the countries surrounding Israel.
  39. The countries that are bombed have changed.
  40. Many countries, cities and men has he seen.
  41. In countries that already have ID cards or.
  42. Countries remain ill with this disease for.
  43. Africans come from countries that have been.
  44. Patriotism is the sole province of countries.
  45. United States can learn from other countries.
  46. Countries such as Libya come to mind as one.
  47. The flame of war has burst out in countries.
  48. The amounts advanced to those countries was.
  49. Many are my names in many countries, he said.
  50. What makes the story of the two countries on.
  51. Powerful countries live life without any fear.
  52. They were to lead the countries of the world.
  53. Thereafter, interest spread to other countries.
  54. Chimpanzees once inhabited 25 African countries.
  55. The price in many bookstores in many countries.
  56. In 2004, these 3 countries approximately add 1.
  57. ME: So what were those countries you spoke of?
  58. In those dim countries where they go,.

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