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Frasi con entertain (in inglese)

  1. You won’t entertain the thought.
  2. I even allowed myself to entertain.
  3. These Augustans know how to entertain.
  4. I refuse to entertain the possibility.
  5. She did not entertain the thought of.

  6. Muslims aren’t allowed to entertain.
  7. They will not entertain us because they.
  8. Unfortunately, we had nobody to entertain.
  9. She could entertain me for hours with them.
  10. Do not entertain a moment of its deception.
  11. There are many ways in which we entertain.
  12. He says he’s not in the mood to entertain.
  13. In the afternoon, he used to entertain people.
  14. Rochester would entertain an idea of the sort.
  15. To harbor it in one's mind is to entertain an.

  16. Just the moment you entertain "doubt" you lose.
  17. We could entertain ourselves with her tonight.
  18. We argued that the court should not entertain the.
  19. He had a volatile side that few liked to entertain.
  20. I’ll be there, but only to entertain the show….
  21. By then she would have found others to entertain her.
  22. I entertain guests here but they are normally quiet.
  23. He refused to entertain the idea of apparent failure.
  24. He will find nothing that may please or entertain him.
  25. It is our hope you will entertain it in its entirety.

  26. And now eat and drink; I will entertain you to-night.
  27. For example, you say: If one comes, entertain him.
  28. Then they would actually have to entertain themselves.
  29. Once he stops, the people give him food, entertain him.
  30. They do not entertain tourists or the passing cottager.
  31. Besides, she had better things to entertain herself with.
  32. He played cards to entertain the end of his hard existence.
  33. Thought is the property of those only who can entertain it.
  34. I do not entertain any doubt that a vessel may be blown up.
  35. In spite of herself she began to entertain doubts and fears.
  36. You should go entertain the Grievers—see if they laugh.
  37. So he's going to entertain her and listen to her fake tears.
  38. Yes, the house is mostly designed to entertain rich guests.
  39. You can educate, intrigue and entertain all at the same time.
  40. Then I will be more than please to entertain you with them.
  41. We picked a local park as a suitable place to entertain them.
  42. They are certainly at liberty still to entertain that opinion.
  43. To entertain a conspiracy is a form of thought experimentation.
  44. We all entertain ourselves with money, but most of us have at.
  45. For example, you could say: When John comes, entertain him.
  46. Dorje Shugden, they should not entertain any hopes of inviting.
  47. Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter and O’Reilly don’t entertain me.
  48. Besides, how could I entertain the clients in their house?’.
  49. It should be designed to inform, educate, inspire or entertain.
  50. Davis could act, sing, dance, do great impressions and entertain.
  51. No, sir, I will not for a moment entertain so degrading an idea.
  52. For example, you could say: If somebody comes, entertain them.
  53. Every Triweekend, the council sends Para angels to entertain us.
  54. Most of those who think will probably entertain no doubt whatever.
  55. Since reading you ought to illuminate and entertain their learning.
  56. This remains true whether or not we entertain the idea of rebirths.
  57. It was a new experience for all the men to be able to entertain a.
  58. She wanted to show him her home and entertain him there in private.
  59. During that hour you will not entertain any thoughts of worry at all.
  60. But do not entertain false hope; the world will stumble at my words.
  61. He has more friends than he has time to entertain, Kitara said.
  62. Mophi had other ways to entertain himself and his soldiers of fortune.
  63. If she invited people without consulting me she could entertain them.
  64. He realised that they were never going to even try to entertain the.
  65. Some of those not too burned out will entertain the possibilities and.
  66. But there are others who entertain views diametrically opposed to these.
  67. And those who entertain these views do not really comprehend the doctrine.
  68. It is terrible to have to entertain people who do things on such a scale.
  69. You, Phil, as all Redmond knows, entertain callers almost every evening.
  70. Only a week ago, there was no way she could entertain talking about this.
  71. They like to have a nice home where they can entertain family and friends.
  72. They are adamantly protective of their position and cannot entertain and.
  73. It is merely a possibility I am willing to entertain, because it suits me.
  74. I thought they were probably making it up, to entertain themselves by that.
  75. I have one other question, if you have time to entertain it, Gene said.
  76. Certainly he did not entertain the idea of letting Anne know anything about.
  77. Sid was sick and had to miss the fun; Mary remained at home to entertain him.
  78. My uncle, washed, shaven, and restored by tea, laid himself out to entertain.
  79. Miss Orin said she would be pleased to have you entertain her in your office.
  80. However, I shall entertain you for moments longer, if you will live to see it.
  81. You are the most distinguished guest I have ever had the honor to entertain.
  82. He was the joker of the family and could entertain a crowd of people on his own.
  83. We may entertain occasional rains and thunders but they will also come to pass.
  84. He had the energy and childlike attitude to entertain the boys for hours on end.
  85. Not once do they dare entertain the thought of ever letting go in their embrace.
  86. Bantu and colored association had paid handsomely to bring the star to entertain.
  87. I have already mentioned his book, which should entertain you as well as inform.
  88. It is so preposterous that you will not even entertain the idea of considering it.
  89. You will never be enough of a thief to even entertain hopes of doing what I do.
  91. If you don’t have to do a deal, you can always simply entertain the possibility.
  92. They were to show every kindness to those who might entertain them in their homes.
  93. I have been instructed to entertain your entourage while you speak with Empress.
  94. From out of the portrait Helen, Karl and Josh sprang forth to entertain their guest.
  95. Certainly, such a man would have done well not to entertain any political opinions.
  96. Actually, customers that Fast Wine Tavern refuse to entertain, we do not dare to.
  97. He just wanted to entertain or have fun; he was not really a battle breaker like me.
  98. Come, let us play bob- 'Then at least we must entertain you,' said the Black Rabbit.
  99. Abraham and Moses were strangers in the land, and we are told to entertain strangers.
  1. Regan, but not as entertaining.
  2. The story is very entertaining.
  3. It could be really entertaining.
  4. Kaliea entertaining us some more.
  5. The evening was most entertaining.
  6. It was as entertaining as a funeral.
  7. Have the questions entertaining also.
  8. Yet what a fine room for entertaining.
  9. Can capture yourself entertaining one.
  10. Ally makes it all the more entertaining.
  11. Evidently, he was used to entertaining.
  13. But, they certainly can be entertaining.
  14. They also found Thomas quite entertaining.
  15. Almost as entertaining as a two year old.
  16. Not entertaining that edge of spirit in.
  17. It was an entertaining game at the worst.
  18. Ahab was entertaining guests in the palace.
  19. The other PMW thought it was entertaining.
  20. This trading is more entertaining to them.
  21. This one is entertaining but also very funny.
  22. Holohan was entertaining the Freeman man Mrs.
  23. One day, however, when I was entertaining a.
  24. My big mistake was in entertaining such drivel.
  25. The audience found this extremely entertaining.
  27. Louise shivered at the thought of entertaining.
  28. Olivia Allcock was entertaining her friend, Mrs.
  29. Perhaps my efforts were so entertaining to the.
  30. It was briefly entertaining to be such a bastard.
  31. I have been entertaining such an idea for a long.
  32. Kaha wasn’t the only girl entertaining the males.
  33. One that would be a lot friendlier and entertaining.
  34. His writing is lucid, far-reaching, and entertaining.
  35. We've been entertaining some Buffalo friends of Mrs.
  36. I have been very negligent about entertaining lately.
  37. This meeting’s finally starting to get entertaining.
  38. Your conversation is most entertaining, said he.
  39. Beware of entertaining too high an opinion of yourself.
  40. It’s entertaining, helping people who help themselves.
  41. Acres to be plenty entertaining! And I had the training.
  42. Guilt and fear wash over me for entertaining such doubts.
  43. You have customers in the Inn, entertaining themselves.
  44. This room is very large and was built for entertaining.
  45. Well, this should prove entertaining, Fescor commented.
  46. She might even have fantasies about entertaining the duke.
  47. I think you'll find the chocolate milkshakes entertaining.
  48. Try to have the program instructive as well as entertaining.
  49. Of course, there's nothing very entertaining here for you.
  50. Now, at Mom and Dad’s home the mundane is entertaining.
  51. Their story became a popular piece of entertaining folklore.
  52. I can tell you are both entertaining the same thoughts the.
  53. He watched her face, it was more entertaining than the movie.
  54. Most entertaining, he’ll be tending his ego for a month.
  55. It would be entertaining to watch, though, Abi murmured.
  56. Of course, this procedure will not be as entertaining to the.
  57. The porch was their place of visiting and entertaining guest.
  58. That's not a bad thing, you're certainly more entertaining.
  59. I told the Lord how sorry I was for entertaining the thought.
  60. Still, the man was entertaining and making the tourists smile.
  62. I offered to go with him and help with the entertaining, and.
  63. In March 2009, I viewed the very entertaining 2006 movie, The.
  64. If it was all a joke, it really wasn’t all that entertaining.
  65. So, I watched a New York Minute of entertaining news about the.
  66. But a friend nevertheless whose company Theo found entertaining.
  67. Great Britain that even the royal family, when not entertaining.
  68. Although Marshall may be a weasel, at least he’s entertaining.
  69. Cecily, meanwhile, was entertaining similar thoughts and questions.
  70. He was funny and entertaining and my Mum thrived on his attention.
  72. Conversations were always entertaining if a little brief he thought.
  73. You are wealthy and comfortable and enjoy cooking and entertaining.
  74. Damon shrugged, That would be entertaining to watch and she does.
  75. Try to write posts that are helpful and entertaining to your reader.
  76. Sadly, some congregations are more concerned about entertaining the.
  77. The books make for entertaining reading but they don't contain answers.
  78. What to do now? This had been very entertaining, but I needed a way out.
  79. I got teary-eyed when I saw a vision of Bes entertaining the other gods.
  80. This is all getting to be rather respectable – entertaining the vicar.
  81. Entertaining novelist of the mid twentieth century, his best work being.
  82. Steve can be quite entertaining when it comes to lampooning incompetence.
  83. It was almost entertaining to Cherybus and Aaronson, sitting comfortably.
  84. Those that follow are naturally increasingly interesting and entertaining.
  85. On the bridge there were five guards, entertaining in smoking and talking.
  86. It was too bad Morgan wasn't here, that would have been more entertaining.
  87. Jack was busy entertaining his accomplice in the National Portrait Gallery.
  88. Man may come into full harmony with the Formless Substance by entertaining.
  89. A human with some brains in their head! Oh, this is entertaining indeed.
  90. What these two came up with was outrageous, but funny and very entertaining.
  91. This is going to be a good series if the next chapters are this entertaining.
  92. Besides my confusing interactions with Zachary, lunch has been entertaining.
  93. Tammas lingered on the image of Shelby, entertaining unprofessional thoughts.
  94. Do listen to this paragraph; it is both entertaining and instructive—.
  95. Dragonflies and bees where also entertaining themselves as they flew by the.
  96. He was entertaining but we learned as well and weren’t burdened by testing.
  97. He was a comedian, skilled at entertaining with funny words and witty sayings.
  98. Inside Jesse was busy entertaining Jason, with a hot batch of cookies and punch.
  99. I think he will find you entertaining; you're different from what he's used to.
  100. He was given to holding grudges; he was always entertaining the idea of revenge.
  1. Here she entertained her guests.
  2. If the Nemoidian entertained any.
  3. I’ve entertained the idea, yeah.
  4. They didn’t want to be entertained.
  5. They usually entertained guests with.
  6. Dickie appeared to be well entertained.
  7. What a perversion to be entertained by.
  8. Star entertained several more questions.
  9. This will keep you all entertained tonight.
  10. They worked at the casino and entertained.
  11. I'd rather not be entertained playing this.
  12. They are looked after and entertained very well.
  13. Moreover they entertained them cheerfully; and.
  14. The world is so bored and wants to be entertained.
  15. After all, they had entertained the Royal family.
  16. I recalled a wonderful dream Id often entertained.
  17. It kept the roman masses entertained for centuries.
  18. Derek could see that the chief who had entertained.
  19. I’ll think of something to keep you entertained.
  20. Barnes, 'and was most kindly entertained by Thackeray.
  21. The undead still want to be entertained by the living.
  22. Oh my life, you have entertained me with your beauty.
  23. For three hours, Thomas entertained and reassured twenty-.
  24. We'll have a lot to keep us entertained in the meantime.
  25. She could imagine herself being entertained in such a flat.
  26. Wrong emotions entertained and repeated are potent causes.
  27. His letters of advice and consolation entertained me vastly.
  28. She smiled, heartily entertained at the theatrics of it all.
  29. At my table, it was Alistair who was keeping us entertained.
  30. Already we have entertained the archbishop of Monmouth here.
  31. She entertained this visitor often over the next couple months.
  32. Then you will feel the need to be entertained by someone else.
  33. She was pleased, excited, and entertained all at the same time.
  34. Since Callder had died, she had often entertained such thoughts.
  35. Jaden is hovering in one place being entertained by the commotion.
  36. I mentioned in my last letter the fears I entertained of a mutiny.
  37. I have always entertained the idea of having a wedding in my chamber.
  38. Bulstrode entertained Raffles merely as a friend of her former master.
  39. Tadeo’s and Nathalie’s stories entertained them, making them laugh.
  40. When I was watching the fire, I would sing to keep myself entertained.
  41. She explained, somehow entertained by it, as if it was part of a show:.
  42. He kept open house, entertained the whole town, gave suppers and dances.
  43. Daniel kept him entertained while he ate with stories about Dragons Hill.
  44. Any idea I had entertained that I might refuse the bequest had evaporated.
  45. An expectation was entertained that it would be given at the next session.
  46. Suicide is a severe sin and one that should not be flippantly entertained.
  47. If it had just been about sex, well, I might have entertained the thought.
  48. This was indeed a paradox that greatly entertained Barrad during his ride.
  49. He entertained towards the Indians of the valley feelings of paternal scorn.
  50. Staring through the glass, each man’s individual mind entertained his own.
  51. Realistically her view kept slamming the dead end, although she entertained.
  52. Minstrels and jugglers entertained the villagers and children while they ate.
  53. And Lezura wondered why she had even entertained the idea of him visiting her.
  54. The right to be fed by the State, and entertained by the State for 1,000 years.
  55. She entertained at gatherings for charity, the YWCA and YMCA at the age of eight.
  56. Abbey was behaving really well, all of us trying to keep each other entertained.
  57. It was the perfect setting for a distinguished guest in which to be entertained.
  58. It was in the early morning after my arrival that I entertained this speculation.
  59. Perhaps these questions are entertained only in youth, as most believe of poetry.
  60. Gary had many girlfriends, who he entertained at a little castle he had built in.
  61. And yes, I don’t deny having entertained the idea of a relationship with you.
  62. After all, she’d never entertained thoughts of the tough times coming to an end.
  63. Cristal entertained the thought of reaching over and smacking the back of her head.
  64. Soon, he entertained the notion of making permanent his relationship with Lucille.
  65. In my life, I have entertained the past and the future far more than I should have.
  66. Two days without any electronics or any sort of thing that would keep me entertained.
  67. The five riders rode abreast along the well-paved road while Jhamed entertained them.
  68. Story entertained a very different opinion from that of the gentleman from Tennessee.
  69. I want them to be amused, entertained, aroused; but never shocked, disgusted or upset.
  70. Through the rest of the day, the children entertained each other by retelling the story.
  71. Nevertheless, I have not been well entertained; but that was my own fault and not yours.
  72. He told us stories of Bethlehem and entertained us with the love story of Boaz and Ruth.
  73. And we were entertained in the cave by him in the mountain and there we remained one day.
  74. He had even entertained thoughts of resuming their relationship once this study was over.
  75. I know an opinion is entertained that only those who are of the favored race can be free.
  76. Very high expectations are entertained of the importance of this institution in the west.
  77. No apprehension of danger could be entertained by their admission to the rights of citizens.
  78. For my part, despite the harpooner's confident talk, I admit that I entertained no illusions.
  79. There is some great historical fiction available – you’ll be entertained and enlightened.
  80. Sometimes he wove a real secret code into the words he was writing to keep spies entertained.
  81. Nothing of violence echoed from his person, and Knowlan entertained no thoughts of the blade.
  82. Now he even entertained thoughts of running for mayor when the revered Mayor Jenkins retired.
  83. It’s my gift to you for keeping me entertained and safe, not necessarily in that order.
  84. At the rare parties she attended, she was used to being the person who entertained the others.
  85. The townsmen had been entertained by his scientific demonstrations and had paid well for them.
  86. Four popular local musicians were hired, and they entertained the audience taking their turns.
  87. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so entertained and amused this late at night!.
  88. We find that every man is the reflection of the thought he has entertained during his lifetime.
  89. They also entertained us with some of the mask dances that night and then turned to storytelling.
  90. I haven’t felt horny, excited, entertained sexual fantasies, or anything since the accident.
  91. Joyce entertained the kids inside, playing card games and making fudge and cocoa on the woodstove.
  92. In the shade of the porch, my child entertained herself quietly with a few toys, crayons and books.
  93. I entertained much anger against both of my husbands for not providing protection and support to me.
  94. Just trying to keep you guys entertained, I said as I watched a hawk soar on a thermal updraft.
  95. She hardly stirred; it had been a busy night for her being passed around and entertained by everyone.
  96. Nonetheless, this male entertained certain physical traits that were similar to the serpent that had.
  97. But she nonetheless was entertained by the conversation and her friend’s obvious discomfort with it.
  98. The candid reader will not quarrel with a hope so diffidently entertained and so cautiously expressed.
  99. Smith-Hughes entertained several of his corporate officials at a dinner held in the Hilton dining room.
  100. He had dropped about a shift in his waking hours, but hadn’t entertained a new social agenda this week.
  1. Indeed, and your father rarely entertains.
  2. Lippman, on the other hand, entertains the possibility.
  3. Plus, Ziglar always entertains and tells a great story.
  4. You have failed to notice that she too entertains to-night.
  5. They achieve anend with a minimum effort, but only when it entertains the audience.
  7. Each time the mind entertains a thought, the easier becomes the resulting action - and.
  8. In this sense, the narcissist is both schizoid and paranoid and often entertains ideas of reference.
  9. An audience does not merely listen to a speaker; it looks into the way he delivers, he enthralls and entertains.
  10. Her mind entertains an elegant dream, that she delightfully dances in the strong arms of twirling white suited sailor.
  11. You fail to grasp that understanding sympathy which the wise parent entertains for his immature and sometimes erring child.
  12. Coyote Kishpaugh has been writing prose and poetry most of his life, and alternately entertains and terrifies his children by telling them stories late at night.
  13. And hence the honorable gentleman from Vermont entertains doubts with regard to our title against Spain, while he feels entirely satisfied of it against France.
  14. With his hospitable intellect he embraces children, beggars, insane, and scholars, and entertains the thought of all, adding to it commonly some breadth and elegance.
  15. When a person is oppressed by fear and consistently entertains the feelings that fear causes, he or she becomes prey to physical, mental, spiritual and economical encroachments (i.
  16. Hilaire apparently entertains no doubt, that the more an organ normally differs in the different species of the same group, the more subject it is to anomalies in the individuals.
  17. You shall stay: now then! Heathcliff, why don't you evince satisfaction at my pleasant news? Isabella swears that the love Edgar has for me is nothing to that she entertains for you.
  18. Pray tell him that the sentiment of esteem and friendship which the Emperor Napoleon entertains towards him will be impaired neither by the vicissitudes of warfare nor by any other circumstances.
  19. Upon this view of the subject, there is a constitutional difficulty on which the House should decide, before it entertains a motion for delegating a power to decide this question to any tribunal or commission whatever.
  20. There the most sumptuous decorating and furnishing has been done, and when she entertains, her dinners will be the most splendid and her balls the largest and most luxurious of the season, for whatever the duchess does is done in almost regal style.
  21. What a difference between an audience pleased only when the speaker entertains them, and one that is gathered because of already awakened interest in the cause of missions! Well, we had both kinds, but our afternoon audiences were chiefly of the latter.
  22. Secondly, he conceives the family to be the natural enemy of the state; and he entertains the serious hope that an universal brotherhood may take the place of private interests--an aspiration which, although not justified by experience, has possessed many noble minds.
  23. Langhorne-Shaw, is, if anything, more devoted to country life in England than either, for a very great part of every year she spends, by preference, at her husband’s beautiful home, Barton Hall, and there she entertains not only extensively and luxuriously, but chiefly the diplomats, domestic and foreign.
  24. Suchiloff is a little drunk, he is a simple-minded man, full of gratitude to the comrade who entertains him, and dare not refuse; he has heard, moreover, from other prisoners, that these exchanges are made, and understands, therefore, that there is nothing extraordinary, unheard-of, in the proposition made to him.

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