expiration frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con expiration (in inglese)

At expiration the stock was 52.
Here T is the expiration moment.
Expiration day is nothing to fear.
The time remaining to expiration.
They each have an expiration date.
Rolling, on or near expiration, 61.
March expiration is two months away.

If licensed, the date of expiration.
November VIX expiration came in at 22.
Nothing until the week of expiration.
There are 107 days left to expiration.
The other side of expiration is birth.
These options had 40 days to expiration.
At expiration, with XYZ at or above 40.
It is shortly after the July expiration.
Only a little past the expiration date.
On expiration day, options go binary.
The eggs were past the expiration date.
With near-month expiration contracts, 31.
The contract has six weeks to expiration.
It simply remains at 100 until expiration.
All looked well until the June expiration.
Both options have the same expiration date.
With 30 days to expiration it’s about 120.
Imminent expiration means inexpensive options.
After the expiration of a few minutes, five.
At expiration, the position breaks even at 10.
At expiration our 41/44 call spread was worth 3.
The same logic is true of expiration straddles.
The two options share the same expiration date.
Q is the letter symbol for an August expiration.
The short call also has less time to expiration.
The expected value for a call at expiration is.
Options also have an expiration date, the expiry.
Not all positions get resolved on expiration day.
Both options would have the same expiration date.
Expiration Really Extends Another Day of Trading.
There are three fixed expiration cycles available.
At June expiration, I had stock with a basis of 14.
Also, November expiration is 65 days in the future.

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