film frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con film (in inglese)

1. So it was with film.
2. And the film was over.
3. We see a film on the.
4. The senses blend to film.
5. The film is a disaster.
6. The film was pure fantasy.
7. It’s a scene from a film.
8. I shot a whole roll of film.
9. Ben, you’ll love the film.
10. Eke noticed the film first.
11. A film slid across his eyes.
12. Cindy pushed the film onward.
13. It is not hard to find film.
14. Time was a film run backward.
15. It was a film about war time.
16. Half an hour into the film.
17. It was a great film and he'd.
18. Film production is my passion.
19. It’s this film, I said.
20. He played himself in every film.
21. We watched a film for a few hours.
22. Tony'd do anything for this film.
23. She’s really enjoying the film.
24. Roy on film, acting out the Beast.
25. Embedded in the film of our minds.
26. No, nothing to do with the film.
27. Something had come back on the film.
28. You should make a film about it.
29. The film began to flicker like an.
30. Here is my latest gun camera film.
31. He also had a lot of film and tapes.
32. But this had been a new roll of film.
33. One of the most popular film stars.
34. A film script lay open on the table.
35. The city is filled with film posters.
36. There was a plastic film over the map.
37. The film is set in the Tang Dynasty.
38. We sat watching the film for a while.
39. But it was only a film over her fire.
40. Ron Turcotte was the focus of our film.
41. It should prove a captivating film.
42. Film is spliced together by the frame.
43. Film and TV actors receive no applause.
44. I hope he didn’t use up all the film.
45. Dead, the same month you shot this film.
46. He hadn't analysed the film in that way.
47. His film appeared in a storm of drums:.
48. That would be the end of the film yes.
49. One of those operations film stars have.
50. Have you seen this film? I hope you have.
51. What was that film where they wanted to.
52. Thee current day Zapruder film is a hoax.
53. I exhausted an entire roll of film that.
54. There’s a line in a film I recently saw.
55. I couldn’t focus on the rest of the film.
56. Teddy Kennedy Story, The (TV film), 77.
57. It was like a porn film involving dwarves.
58. After the hotel room was recorded on film.
59. Piers had read the book and seen the film.
60. Olivia produced a voice over for the film.
61. The film was a million dollars over budget.
62. Where else could you film in the middle of.
63. Four Andhraites is the Telugu film industry.
64. Clooney action film and a Johnny Depp flick.
65. I even captured the complete spread on film.
66. A light film of sweat shone on his forehead.
67. Only saw a shot of him on the security film.
68. It sounded like the plot for an action film.
69. What moves is the film — which is the mind.
70. The film was not shown publicly for 12 years.
71. Gerek, was covered by a thin film of sawdust.
72. The reel of film played over in my mind with.
73. The film itself will age and turn yellow and.
74. The film ended and Locke stared out his window.
75. Like in that old war film with the cannons.
76. Y'know, I could use you in this film, Arthur.
77. It was a lousy film and we knew it could have.
78. She pointed at the film vaults as we swerved by.
79. Most Oscar nominations for an animated film.
80. Rajan has got a great success in film business.
81. If you look at the film, all you can see is a.
82. ABC only net w/ film of RN signing vets’ bill.
83. Click went the camera and Joseph rolled the film.
84. Wilder was happy to keep it A Billy Wilder Film.
85. I couldn’t wait for the film to be through.
86. Theres another terrific film on at the Diana.
87. A thin film of recent mud was left upon his skin.
88. Feature Film that will present a powerful story.
89. I’m sure they’re on the film from coming in.
90. Think of any film you’ve seen that grabbed you.
91. The film project was in an interesting phase now.
92. Another film that I saw on that same channel at.
93. We worked in the film business for over a decade.
94. Doesn’t he kill you, now? The film ended.
95. Namibians as well as international film companies.
96. We, however, did film the car entering the house.
97. Memory itself invaded the territorial film vaults.
98. Look at the Hollywood film called: Field of Dreams.
99. Hey, I was watching that film, she protested.
100. I’ve decided not to show any more of the film.
1. The crews were filming as he went.
2. First, cameras are filming the 879.
3. They’re filming me as I stand here.
4. It shouldn't affect filming or anything.
5. You should be filming this party, Alan said.
6. They were filming the first and last scenes there.
7. With Nancy still filming, Farah shouted in horror.
8. She hadn’t realized they’d still been filming.
9. Filming commenced on September 1, 1954, at Fox’s L.
10. Her tormentor stepped back in disgust, still filming.
11. He panted, tears filming his eyes, and did not answer.
12. Namibia offers filming conditions of the highest level.
13. The two walked down the hallway, John filming everything.
14. Jem had set up his tripod and was hunched over, filming.
15. Namibia has been on the international map of top filming.
16. He further insisted on filming the entire proceeding by.
17. When filming had finished the band stopped off for a pint.
18. The cameramen were filming and the others had faces that.
19. In a break from filming, we recently visited the Oak Tree.
20. Their people had also been filming all day in Kansas City.
21. I started filming and Dr King got handed the keys to the city.
22. Are you filming a movie by the way? It’s not too bad so far.
23. Given the many calls upon his time, filming new and instructive.
24. Were those bastards spying on Caitlin? Were they filming her?
25. He could now command $9-12 million per picture and was filming an.
26. We were filming that evening in a converted garage that Charlie’s.
27. The killers turned as they saw the cameraman filming them and all he.
28. We were to spend next week with him filming the story from the other.
29. Fabrice had been taping the parade and filming a fly past of Egyptian.
30. We started filming early the next morning, none of us in the room had.
31. I’d smoked about 4 cigars already, the tension of filming the petrol.
32. Webinars are another way to create video content (as is filming a live.
33. I’d been out one night filming the Cairo crowds in the streets when I.
34. The closing weeks of filming were at a location somewhere in New Zealand.
35. That said, Marilyn’s emotional problems took their toll during filming.
36. She pulled the blindfold off my eyes and there they were, filming it all.
37. My most important duty is to make sure filming continues unhindered here.
38. A hundred yards away, at the entrance pool, the Cupids were still filming.
39. It had taken some doing to restore enough order on set to continue filming.
40. Without looking in the viewfinder, filming like this is a tricky business.
41. I rolled the camera once more, filming him against the skyline as he tried.
42. The shot pulled around, filming them from the side as they continued to kiss.
43. It was an easy day at ABC’s London office, we’d finished filming in the.
44. Somebody would have made a bestseller movie, filming the actions of two of us.
45. On this night I was fixated on the glow from the cameras filming the reporters.
46. At my request, Butterfield then read the memo aloud before a camera filming him.
47. That was the state of affairs when Taylor –while filming Cleopatra in Rome in.
48. No reporters are harmed in the filming of this segment, you can’t help but smile.
49. The relationship between the sequence of filming and the storyline was the first 129.
50. By this time, Marilyn was getting ready to leave to begin filming River of No Return.
51. Nancy had now started filming with her helmet-mounted camera and stood last in her line.
52. He then mutilated the child's mother while filming the entire half hour of brutal inhumanity.
53. The sex was fine but she babbled half the sleep about some guy that should have been filming.
54. For the first time since filming began he was actually happy with the way Mara played a scene.
55. By the third hour of the Black and White Night filming, everything in the room was revolving.
56. Indeed, without Natasha, Marilyn would fall into great despair during the filming of The Misfits.
57. Byron, by now very much a part of the filming, gave the technical effects department an ultimatum.
58. Five thousand onlookers watched the filming of it at 52nd and Lexington near the Trans-Lux Theatre.
59. The movie was over budget almost before it even began filming! Making matters even more confounding, Dr.
60. What’s the difference between filming yourselves fucking and being filmed standing around on stage?’.
61. Ten days later the filming was over and Byron would only shoot two further takes of the kiss the day after.
62. Mihailovich was filming a profile of Louie, to be aired during the Olympics, and had gone to Japan to prepare.
63. Thank God no one was filming me to later broadcast on America’s Funniest Videos or something like that.
64. He had shared something with her that she would never share back and his melancholy was threatening the filming.
65. Currently she was out of town, about to start filming, and had let them take the place for as long as they needed.
66. He pushed Shelley inside and she continued filming events with her camera as he ushered the two women in after her.
67. They were the only one's there, Nonik and Fmarling were filming this Noonsleep when the streets would be less busy.
68. A few reporters, including a crew from GNN, moved around the periphery of the gymnasium, filming and taking pictures.
69. The harness attaching them stopped them filming the crawl on to the ledge, this had been done on a film stage earlier.
70. I’ll let you in to a secret: I have to wear these to stop the camera from filming bits of my chest that it shouldn’t.
71. All in the while, Nancy’s helmet-mounted camera was filming the action, thanks to its light intensification night lens.
72. The filming of this famous scene from The Seven Year Itch was the catalyst to the end of Marilyn’s relationship with Joe.
73. Krysten Ritter also followed anxiously Nancy’s fall on the TV monitors that showed what the various cameras were filming.
74. He could see the tears filming Marcia’s eyes, but couldn’t stop the bitter words that rose from somewhere deep inside him.
75. And yet, when we were filming with BJP–RSS workers out canvassing on a door-to-door campaign, we heard the chant repeatedly.
76. In fact, nothing would ever be simple again because a television crew was filming his and every other band member’s movements.
77. Adding to her anger was the fact that a few passengers and onlookers were filming the scene now with the help of their cell phones.
78. At the time, I was a little pissed off at her, he told me when discussing her many absences during the filming of that movie.
79. Production values are very high with the breathtaking location filming, lush, saturated Technicolor, and ear-pounding stereo sound.
80. Slowing down her horse to a trot in order not to attract too much attention, she looked around at the scenery, filming as she went.
81. Nancy, who had been filming from 400 meters away the battle against the biggest group of Chinese holding out, felt bad for the Chinese.
82. David was the artist and the camera man and he handled the legal filming, and spent more time in his darkroom and computer handling film.
83. First Sergeant Morris here is tasked with filming the release and climb sequence, when my SPS-10A will shoot up past this transporter.
84. James Haspiel was present for the filming, and he recalled, I must confess I had no trouble seeing through Marilyn’s sheer panties.
85. What she didn’t have was the will to fight the demons that would keep her off the set for sixteen of the first seventeen days of filming.
86. She then calmed down and smiled to Nancy, unaware that the micro-cameras hidden in Nancy’s embroidered Amerindian headband were filming her.
87. Signaling his cameraman to start filming, Murrow watched Ingrid get on a sort of narrow platform above the opened cockpit of the space plane.
88. The two CBS cameramen didn’t have to be told twice, filming at once the cockpit through its opened top canopy section as Ingrid kept speaking.
89. Nancy Laplante spent years in the Palestine of my time, filming scenes from the life of Yeshua and following him around as one of his disciples.
90. As they walked to four small electric golf carts waiting nearby, Nancy asked a question in English to the director while filming him on the move.
91. But at least these boys understand how the game is played; so a few days later we’re back on the set, the new filming permit in my back pocket.
92. Filming for the eighth series of the revamped format, once again starring Matt Smith (UK) as the Eleventh Doctor, is scheduled for September 2013.
93. Her aft-looking BDA camera was still filming when she finally flew over the opposite bank of the lake, now out of range of the anti-aircraft guns.
94. I could never attend anything because I was filming my show, but I paraded my invitations around the set so people could touch the fancy stationery.
95. Less crew on location meant slower completion time, and Byron unfortunately was not as dedicated as he should have been to the filming that morning.
96. Though she signed on to begin filming a new movie in 1960, a musical comedy called Let’s Make Love, Marilyn was feeling anything but lighthearted.
97. There was of course a question of timetables, most films being unavoidably and annoyingly detained in the planning stage for over a year before filming.
98. All the cameras present were filming as the doors of the car opened, letting out Captain Tina Forster and two Koorivars wearing richly embroidered robes.
99. I don’t know if it worked or if they still doing it but it was a delicate thing to film and not show the penis and I had a heck of a job filming in the small.
100. According to most journalists, his dependence dates back to 1984, following an incident that Michael suffered while filming a Pepsi ad, in which his hair ignites.
1. Filmed in and around St.
2. My own stepmother filmed it.
3. Miss Laplante filmed the whole thing.
4. We filmed it on our phones, obviously.
5. They were filmed without their knowledge.
6. Jose's eyes seemed filmed over, reflective.
7. Still, I wish that I could have filmed her.
8. The crew filmed Thomas and Cindy walking hand.
9. Tears filmed his eyes when he looked down at her.
10. The Soviet concentration camps were never filmed.
11. When was this filmed and was it recorded live?
12. The scene lurched, as if filmed by one who was stumbling.
13. He knew what happened to my parents because he filmed it.
14. An episode of that show about hoarders could be filmed here.
15. Aazuria, these movies were filmed long before you were born.
16. He and his crew had filmed there a couple of times previously.
17. We filmed a woman who told us that she been found in her small.
18. One of the most dramatic scenes I ever filmed was this dish at.
19. The depth of the feeling about the award was shown when we filmed.
20. The camera was quickly set up and they filmed Rolls Royce’s and.
21. There was an engineer we filmed, who had been playing with his son.
22. Everything went smoothly after that, we filmed the inauguration and.
23. She was once again in the Room where Hu Lyang had filmed and raped her.
24. Marcia took a drink, taking her time, her eyes still filmed with tears.
25. We filmed Bradley’s 727 jet fly out of Ton San Nuit airport with the.
26. In the middle of the program there were filmed segments with Christians.
27. Okay, it was filmed on the hills around Manchester with actors, but hey.
28. He filmed Raffe and Kerim discussing how they were going to eliminate you.
29. The situation was a little delicate, Charlie wanted to be filmed with his.
30. Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now was filmed there in 1975-76.
31. They were from the hut next door and some filmed with their camera phones.
32. It was a long while ago when I filmed him and no doubt he’s out now and.
33. The scene was to be filmed in a dusky light, almost dream sequence surreal.
34. Ron and his friends, then filmed them from the roof of the enclosure, down.
35. Stepmother brought a camcorder and filmed while Mother yelled discouragement.
36. Valley, filmed in front of German wine cognoscenti, Gerrie had slated one of.
37. He remembered news footage of soldiers at war filmed with night-vision cameras.
38. I was part of the team that filmed the scenes from the Pleistocene that you saw.
39. We did manage to get one of these sessions filmed, and it is fun to watch on DVD.
40. He said it was part of Fort Worden, where they filmed An Officer and a Gentleman.
41. We were usually filmed with a fish-eye lens, giving me a more bug-eyed appearance.
42. After I had spent my rounds I noticed that the cameraman had filmed my firing sequence.
43. The report must have been filmed hours earlier, as the Sun was still up on the picture.
44. Reacher lay on his back, filmed with sweat, the AC not really cold, the ceiling fan busted.
45. I filmed some of the party reeling in a few big fish, a couple of crocs sunning themselves on.
46. It stopped in midair in a vertical position as the cameras filmed and the masses looked in awe.
47. Our team secretly filmed the conversations where the two sides talked of a potential money deal.
48. John was actually a little excited to have these events filmed and broadcast across the country.
49. This way, the Time Patrol would be able to put names on all the faces filmed up to now in Ville-Marie.
50. What’s the difference between filming yourselves fucking and being filmed standing around on stage?’.
51. The first actual footage filmed was a scene that took place at the standing train set at MGM Studios in Culver City.
52. But let me turn this over to Johnny and hear how he recalled the session during a filmed tribute to George Jones.
53. The blackmailer had filmed Robert late afternoon, and the house cleaner had not come into the room until much later.
54. This is the ROYAL SOVEREIGN, covertly filmed from above while sitting on its landing pad near London in 3386 ‘B’.
55. Whoever she filmed, pretty much acted out what they wanted, the only place Kaha’s script entered was when she edited it.
56. Their hum vibrated like mini-bombers as they clogged ears, filmed eyes and skin, streamed in and out of his nose and mouth.
57. Now everything that had ever been said, filmed, or written about our family was being regurgitated for a whole new audience.
58. The same age as Marilyn, Herbert got to know her while Scudda-Hoo! Scudda-Hay! was being filmed and remained friendly with her.
59. In fact, if you want to I can show you considering I filmed every one of them squealing about their rights and blah, blah, blah.
60. Occasionally there are orders now for living organs, live beating hearts to be removed and filmed for the pleasure of the client.
61. The plaque also gave the year on which the Time Patrol had filmed the scene: what he was watching had existed over 4,000 years ago.
62. The reporter from the Entertainment Weekly television show spoke in his microphone as his cameraman filmed the arrival of the woman.
63. It would be the second project for Marilyn Monroe Productions, following Bus Stop, and would be filmed at Britain’s Pinewood Studios.
64. Activating her headband cameras, Nancy filmed her, realizing that the young Jewish girl was Magdala, her incarnation in this time period.
65. At night the ceiling of the cavern would be transformed by plasma screen pictures of the night sky, filmed from the outside so ever changing.
66. All the scenes were filmed in their stated time periods and the persons depicted in it are actual historical characters as named in our documentary.
67. Chuck Statler and his crew filmed us there and then took us out scouting locations in the after-hours bars of Honolulu shortly after we landed in Hawaii.
68. I was not only instructed to delete the scene we filmed, but also to unpublish the website, and in so many words was told not to continue on with the film.
69. Marquez started the press conference around one oćlock, surrounded by Clarity and the girls, who were sitting naked beside her, filmed by several cameras.
70. The sight of his face wrenched a gasp from Cerian because she saw that his eyes were filmed over and she knew that he was blind, What’s your name?
71. She also noticed and filmed what looked like six large bomb craters over what she knew to be the location of the two underground centrifuge halls of Natanz.
72. All that had been filmed and recorded from various angles, with the goal of producing a visual documentary and an illustrated book at the end of the mission.
73. Baath party officials are required to take part in executions and filmed doing so, thus binding themselves together in responsibility with blood cement.
74. And President Bush was filmed being apathetic, just sitting there listening to reading session, in an elementary school, like: I don’t need to get up quick.
75. Photographed and filmed by dozens of lenses, Bill Clinton exchanged a kiss on the cheek with Nancy, then shook hands with Anderson Cooper and Benjamin Maisani.
76. Kaha often didn’t use the sound from what she filmed anyway, she just filmed people walking around talking to each other, put music to it, and narrated the script.
77. The show doesn’t really need any staff as it’s all filmed on state-of-the-art fixed cameras and in a video diary room, so I’ll be pitching in on the community.
78. Already guessing what it was, Nancy filmed the site, zooming in particular on a piece of tail that bore a registry number that was still readable, as Mousavi explained.
79. When we arrived, Hal who had been there many times rented a car and drove us south to the Mather Inn which was filmed in one of Hitchcock’s more notable horror movies.
80. The two technicians then pulled on the two knobs at the base of her suit’s backpack and opened for her the dorsal access hatch while the CBS cameramen filmed the scene.
81. In January, Marilyn filmed another awful movie that Johnny Hyde had secured for her, another bit part, this one in a roller-derby film, The Fireball, starring Mickey Rooney.
82. Her spy probes had filmed a young woman kept recluse in the house since the start of the wedding, as prescribed by Jewish customs, and had recorded her name as ‘Miriam’.
83. Avatar (USA, 2009) – filmed and released in digital 3D – is the highest-grossing film of all time, having reaped an eye-popping $2,782,275,172 (£1,848,630,000) globally.
84. But surely whiplash in a car accident would have been punishment enough; why did the Universe want him to be eaten by a lunatic, whilst being filmed by a pair of crazed OAPs?
85. Nancy turned around and gave a thumbs-up signal to Tony Gilroy, who was sitting on a chair put on a large elevated platform built especially for these scenes filmed on the roof.
86. The Qatari cameraman filmed that but instinctively jerked when a mortar bomb exploded right in the middle of the village square, no more than ten meters from Nancy and the two girls.
87. But a television reporter went to the flat, pried open a small window, climbed into the flat and filmed his report from the very room where the policeman was said to have shot himself.
88. In the second series of Natalie Naked, filmed shortly before Pearson’s incarceration, there’s a clip showing the two of them having sex – well, the early stages of having sex, anyway.
89. A reconnaissance satellite tracked and filmed the arrival of the limousine and its escort of four atmospheric interceptors in Mafia Island, relaying its sensors and visual feeds to the MJOLNIR.
90. Because he and Johnny had been caught red handed and had been filmed on the three earlier runs by both the Mexican Federales in Hermosillo and our FBI in Winslow, there really was no viable defense.
91. All the readings were filmed to record what degree of screen chemistry the actors had together, during this process Candy mentioned more than once that it might have been a bad idea to script a film about love.
92. I could NOT SLEEP for two days after I READ this page and WATCHED the VIDEO of a man filmed using these Amazing Control Powers to make cashiers & bankers hand over bundles of cash without any resistance or memory!.
93. The first pictures of the magma cauldron were sent to various news agencies within minutes of the departure of the KOSTROMA, the ship itself having already been filmed in action by amateur cameramen and photographers.
94. Judging from Hank"s tone of voice and his mannerisms I think he either knew or suspected that I was the third assailant but for some reason he understood that I really didn"t know that it was a gang-rape when I filmed the act.
95. He’s a terrific and persistent birddog who chased down the details with his written and filmed interviews of witnesses to the JFK assassination and autopsy; he’s a hero and a major American patriot, and has a fun sense of humor.
96. Then, about five in the afternoon, Nancy Laplante manifested herself again, this time from Haifa, where she filmed live a Hezbollah rocket bombardment on the city as rocket after rocket slammed in various areas of Haifa and its port.
97. It was the first film shot entirely in CinemaScope, but another Fox film, the prestigious religious epic The Robe, also filmed in CinemaScope, was released to theaters first, claiming bragging rights as the first film in the new process.
98. When it was being filmed, America was still in the grip of economic misery: The sandstorm that blows Dorothy’s house away would have reminded a lot of people of the dustbowl that had devastated the American Midwest only a few years before.
99. In fact the film marked the first use of the new widescreen process, but the studio’s prestige picture of 1953, The Robe, filmed after Millionaire, was released to theaters before it, thus its claim to being the world’s first Cinema-Scope film.
100. Jeanne, who had discreetly sent spy probes to various strategic points of Paris to film those historical events for the benefit of the Time Patrol, also filmed the scenes down her street with the help of a pair of micro-cameras hidden in her earrings.
1. No films for two years.
2. Maximus Films, like I said.
3. Then again, those films are staged.
4. Some of the other films about Gāndhi:.
5. Watch films – some 50-100 hours will do.
6. Why are these stereotypical films still.
7. There would undoubtedly be books and films.
8. Watch films that are suspense or thrillers.
9. She then disappeared with the rolls of films.
10. Everyone thinks films are made in Hollywood.
11. You know, Barry said, the war films.
12. Crass obviously had a sideline in bimbo films.
13. He was in thirty-three feature films as well.
14. Karl was a producer and dealer of Snuff Films.
15. Nowadays these films didn’t make him happy.
16. Many films have been produced in Namibia by.
17. He paid it and the propaganda films that were.
18. Our films and programs are overrun with clichés.
19. Since there are countless films that have been.
20. He didn’t approve of the content of most films.
21. That’s what all the Bollywood films were about.
22. Films and books on the lives of saints have not.
23. Films, BBC Science, Epo Filmproduktions and others.
24. It was still one of his favourite Earth-type films.
25. In 1948 she starred in the films A Date with Judy.
26. Andy - I was lucky enough to break into films first.
27. I’m in heaven with all things that the sex films.
28. They can be had, because they love films, we don’t.
29. The OWG hadn’t produced any films in recent years.
30. Well known examples of these are found in the films.
31. He looked like he was out of one of those army films.
32. BADDE holds a movie camera and films the road ahead.
33. I’m not sure I think much of 3D films, she said.
34. Oh, they always do that in French films, she said.
35. Most of these films were made in America, encouraging.
36. You could gravitate to films of a spiritual nature too.
37. In films set in Victorian times we often see the old-.
38. Since then, many films have been produced in Namibia by.
39. It looked similar to those in the classic Western films.
40. It’s one of few such short films that I really like.
41. You know, he began, still looking through my films.
42. Films with a message, whether you agree with it or not.
43. She was never allowed to dance in any of her many films.
44. Byron began to get offers for other films in daily doses.
45. I think she met him at the opening of one of his films.
46. I recorded all that and my films should captivate you, Jan.
47. Some of the internationally acclaimed films shot here were.
48. He wrote scripts for her films and made her a real actress.
49. For me this was always the saddest moment about making films.
50. He was Hal Schaeffer, the musical coach of her recent films.
51. First of three important films for Marilyn released in 1953.
52. Some of the internationally acclaimed films shot in Namibia.
53. His routine consists of rehashing skits from films and shows.
54. In the tapes and films of those concerts he could still feel.
55. V monitors of the tunnels and films about the American conflict.
56. Some other Examples of great films not understood by the mildly.
57. Reagan spent World War II in Hollywood, shooting training films.
58. To him it felt more organic than any party he had seen films of.
59. Would you by chance have more films about ancient Jerusalem?
60. She started to think of films about children who become possessed.
61. The Cowboy and Indian films of the 1950s became a Hollywood staple.
62. That the psychopathic character often finds his way into films (as.
63. And he has the biggest collection of horror films I’ve ever seen.
64. He laughed silently, in honor of the old days, before films talked.
65. Only 3 anti-Semitic films about the Jews were ever made by the Nazis.
66. Large portions of the books were destroyed and the films unreadable.
67. Other countries boast a variety in the subject of the films they produce.
68. An example is Big Fish and Life Aquatic but these films are the majority.
69. Be assured that I wil work hard to produce more films that you can enjoy.
70. The author of ten books, she has had two of her novels optioned for films.
71. He was fascinated by the animals, some of which he had only seen in films.
72. You can view Anna's resume and watch clips from her films here: http://www.
73. Lately, an increasing number of films and TV programs use subtitles in the.
74. The governor does it, hell she films in the mansion with your tax dollars.
75. Time for questions if we survived - unlike adventure films when I was a kid.
76. When I finally saw it, I thought it was one of the most brilliant films ever.
77. The films featuring Marilyn Monroe in 1950 and 1951 were not exactly memorable.
78. He dismissed her with the wave of his hand and continued to look over the films.
79. German propaganda films had to launch appeals for winter woollies for the lads.
80. I love the CSI and comedy shows and the films on some of the Freeview channels.
81. This winter as many as five Bergman films have been running at once in Manhattan.
82. It was everything he had seen in films and photographs, but this time it was real.
83. We have heard many stories and seen films about that almost insurmountable barrier.
84. Evidence in the form of photographs and films were presented in April to a council.
85. If Hitler had approved of these films they would have made more, but they didn’t.
86. There are films about children, about boys, about girls, and about boys and girls;.
87. Griffith was astonishingly prolific: Between 1908 and 1913, he shot some 450 films.
88. Huge massacres, huge injustices; detailed and described in history books and films.
89. Well not in the romantic sense that you read about in books or saw in films, anyway.
90. As well as writing films with his brother, he has written an eight book series (hero.
91. Avoiding the big sell blockbusters for the equally big sell quirky cult making films.
92. The tunnel sank through commissaries of tinned films to reliquaries for the nameless.
93. My God, who would I run films with, who? She'll be back, sure! His eyes spilled over.
94. There would be an explosion of intelligence beyond all control, as in the Matrix films.
95. No but those creeps in Hollywood or Los Angeles or wherever your American films are.
96. Well when I was a kid, my brothers and I used to watch Martial Arts films on TV a lot.
97. Insurance companies, new films, French wine, Eurostar, and airlines offering cheap fares.
98. Are you the ones who had unauthorized screenings of the following films? they asked.
99. Figures combined from all films (1978–2013) in which these characters take the lead role.
100. He took her mind off it when necessary, taking her to see funny films just to see her smile.

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