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Flesh in una frase (in inglese)

I came in flesh to.
For my flesh is dying.
He had no extra flesh.
The flesh or wills of.
The level of the flesh.
Here I am in the flesh.
Human flesh in the stew.

All flesh is not the same.
Health to all their flesh.
His image was flesh and.
New flesh there as well!.
Bits of flesh and blood.
When our flesh eyes are.
No flesh saved would not.
She is flesh of his flesh.
The smell of burned flesh.
The acid melted her flesh.
To ears of flesh and blood.
Seeing Jesus in the Flesh.
I only have a flesh wound.
His flesh was cold, stiff.
It’s just a flesh wound.
How tasty, this human flesh.
Because the crew are flesh.
Nothing but flesh on flesh.
Anubis was flesh and blood.
No flesh saved would make.
His flesh was His doctrine.
Then his hand touched flesh.
Flesh, bone, sky, and stone.
Grey horror seared his flesh.
Like flies on the cold flesh.
They too, are made of flesh.
The works of our flesh and.
He was Dracula in the flesh.
I was born human, in flesh.
My flesh had no significance.
He imagined chunks of flesh.
I just shook my head smiling, as I finished fleshing out the newest fantasy I’d just come up with in my head that I wanted to share with her later.
The water was ice cold and my body was goose fleshed and fingers.
It held bones of finest slender ivory hidden and roundly fleshed.
On the drive back to town, I fleshed out the rules of our agreement.
Bookcases full of political readings and opinion fleshed out his room.
Some dying man on the floor had fleshed his dagger with his last effort.
Bearing that in mind, NASA has fleshed out the mission details of the supply probe.
I couldn't help myself, even seeing that Bug had fleshed himself out over the years.
Scott fleshed it out by telling the woman of his own adventures at the police station.
As he pressed his palm into her withered fleshed hand, Zar trembled, shook and began to writhe.
The point fleshed itself in Tarascus' shoulder and plowed down along his ribs, and the king of Nemedia screamed.
I placed the crucifix on the boy’s chest in an inverted fashion, a black mark of burnt fleshed carved into his chest.
He was about forty, tall and well built, not fat but certainly fleshed out, with a full head of hair, and a guileless face.
And I being, at that time, the only child fleshed and delivered forth in space, how better to name me than as my father did.
I enrolled at the Sorbonne for a diploma course in French Civilization; stood in the open backs of busses on my way to University and work; goose fleshed at the romantic sight of caped Agents de Police directing traffic as morning mists lifted to reveal Chatelet, Pont Neuf, the Pantheon.
Cole, in opposition to this, assured me, "that the gentlemen I should be presented to were, by their rank and taste of things, infinitely superior to the being touched with any glare of dress or ornaments, such slick women rather confound and overlay than set off their beauty with; that these veteran voluptuaries knew better than not to hold them in the highest contempt: they with whom the pure native charms alone could pass current, and who would at any time leave a sallow, washy, painted duchess on her own hands, for a ruddy, healthy firm fleshed country maid; and as for my part, that nature had done enough for me, to set me above owing the least favour to art;" concluding withal, that for the instant occasion, there was no dress like an undress.
I was hungry to tear out their fleshes.
I wanted to tear out their fleshes and soothe away my appetite of revenge.
I was contemplating with fear the result of my work when an acute pain crossed me for a side, as if a dagger had embedded itself between my fleshes.
And when the prey surrender from its struggling breathe; she tear the fleshes of her prey piece by piece with her claws and bite with her canines contently, and quench her thirst and hunger.

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