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Frasi con incubators (in inglese)

  1. Do you have incubators in this hospital?
  2. All of the clones were grown in incubators of some kind.
  3. Innovation is a common buzzword at startups and incubators.
  4. Then she turned to Bruno and asked, What are those things in the incubators, Mr.
  5. Two of the incubators were in use, with three nurses and a doctor busy around them.

  6. Here there were hundreds of incubators breeding real test tube babies to full term.
  7. There are few more unlikely incubators for outstanding investors than The Pas, Manitoba.
  8. The room was divided into four sectors each with a batch of one hundred foetal incubators.
  9. It would be remiss for me to neglect Barron’s in a chapter on legendary investor incubators.
  10. His sole concern had been with the foetal incubators and the techniques which he had developed in the cloning and IVF fields.
  11. Of course the adoption procedures which you do know about and the development of the foetal incubators are a different matter.
  12. Its door led into a chamber where some organic life forms, juveniles of unknown origin were suspended in liquid filled incubators.
  13. Notably, they used some memorable lies to win over doubters, fabricating claims that babies ripped out of hospital incubators and left to die.
  14. Nancy, with Eli now asleep and resting on her chest and left shoulder, felt sorrow at the sight of the two tiny, premature babies inside the incubators.
  15. These continuous culturing techniques enabled the laboratory to produce sufficient blood cells to supply the needs of all the incubators in the Section.

  16. The fertilised eggs in the incubators were created using cloning techniques and were carefully implanted in the artificial membranes developed for this purpose.
  17. Moving about twenty meters down the main hallway, they ended up facing a series of large bay windows that gave a view of a mid-sized room containing six incubators.
  18. All incubators were able to be removed for service by a robotic system, through special air locks to a maintenance room to prevent any chance of contaminating the main incubator room.
  19. As she pushed the door open and entered in, she was surprised to see hundreds of incubators carrying some organic forms that seemed half man like and half Ultiman like hybrid juveniles.
  20. Apparently exhausted, Nancy when to a nearby chair and sat down, still holding Eli, while Shapiro and the other doctor quickly inspected the two babies inside the incubators: both had visibly grown in size and now looked like fully developed babies.
  21. Hamish who had no knowledge of the illegal operations with the drugs but of course was heavily involved with the breeding programs had elected to stay and supervise the shutdown of the incubators if it became necessary after Jacob told him about the pending raid.
  22. But as we neared Zodanga their personal quarrels were submerged by their greater hatred for the red men, and especially for the Zodangans, who had for years waged a ruthless campaign of extermination against the green men, directing special attention toward despoiling their incubators.
  23. As a matter of fact, the new-laid egg is but little larger than an ordinary goose egg, and as it does not commence to grow until subjected to the light of the sun the chieftains have little difficulty in transporting several hundreds of them at one time from the storage vaults to the incubators.

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