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Laying in una frase (in inglese)

He saw Anna laying in.
Laying her back on the.
He was laying on his side.
I was laying on the couch.
Then remove and laying it.
Martin laying down the law.
Laying on of Hands (5 of 7).

Eleanor was laying on a cot.
She was laying on top of him.
It is laying here on the floor.
Laying as the base his reason.
Never once laying his eyes on.
Her egg laying days were over.
Purpose of Laying on of Hands.
Laying my head on the pillows.
She was laying in bed somewhere.
The other guard was laying dead.
Laying it all out there, part six.
Laying them out on the rough ta-.
He is half covered laying on the.
Laying sod for an hour will burn.
Laying of the underground cables.
Laying there in the once safe and.
The KDM continued laying into the.
The waiter was laying tables with.
She stood on her feet, laying the.
He's laying down in the living room.
With the simple laying of his hands.
Williams said, laying down his cards.
Laying it all out there, part four10.
Laying back down, she shut her eyes.
Laying one of her legs over my hips.
He was laying on an underwater bed!.
She started laying them around Bernice.
I sat down next to him, laying my own.
Not laying to heart the sad and heavy.
Dave is laying on his side facing Carol.
They spread out and began laying charges.
He even stopped laying carpet full time.
Bonnie was laying next to him on the bed.
It was all laid out.
I laid my cards down.
Water to be laid on.
Then she laid it on.
Of the God laid plan.
Bev then laid it on.
She laid in his arms.
She laid the pies on.
As I laid down to bed.
One white egg is laid.
I laid her on her bed.
And then he laid back.
This book has laid out.
The joy laid before ME.
There was a ghost laid.
He has his tools laid.
The plans are laid out.
As soon as I laid him.
Then he laid on my lap.
Otto laid out the plan.
The pace is laid back.
He laid his open palm.
Mind you, I laid it on.
The plans are laid bare.
I laid on the sleeping.
I must have laid there.
Jesus laid hands on her.
She nodded and laid down.
Laid out in front of us.
I laid my hand on his arm.
I laid a hand on his arm.
It was a wonderful, laid.
As I laid in bed to rest.
He laid the palm of his.
I laid my hands upon her.
The Doc laid his hand on.
He laid there quietly for.
I laid there thinking for.
Closing her eyes she laid.
If she lays eyes on.
He lays back with a.
John lays on his back.
She lays where she has.
It lays hold on even God.
The book of days lays open.
Jabar lays claim on the bid.
He lays it out and readies.
Seth lays Kevin’s arm down.
A book lays open on her lap.
Herein lays the rub, however.
And herein lays the problem.
She lays her eggs in a space.
Cass lays the woman back down.
She lays her head on his chest.
So the little boy lays in bed.
She lays you flat, arms akimbo.
Hoffman's Lays of the Hudson, &c.
In one of thine enchanting lays.
John lays back in his bed again.
Noël lays a hand on my upper leg.
Mission to the UN lays out what.
The lower end of the mountain lays.
Cass lays there pondering the notion.
He lays there with his blind fold on.
Till the hero comes and lays to rest.
The pawn lays on the ground bleeding.
Here the virtual heart lays before you.
She lays motionless on the sandy floor.
Weak Love lays down; Great Hate uplifts.
Aaron lays his hands, face up, in his lap.
But it’s Smokey's beat; he lays it down.
He lays emphasis on the same thing in the.
Laden stops everything and lays still on me.
The Promissory Note lays out the terms and.
It's empty, but he never lays a finger on me.
Or of the destruction that lays waste at noon.
She lays on the resting couch still trembling.
One turtle lays in the spring hundreds of eggs.
The cause of the contrasts lays in the recent.

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I lay on the bed.
And I too lay down.
He lay in the bed.
She lay in her cave.
Then lay in the sun.
They lay hands on me.
She lay frozen in a.
He still lay atop me.
Besides that I lay low.
And he said, Lay not.
I lay there with her.
Mama lay on the ground.
And then he lay still.
Tammy lay in the grass.
A condom lay 3 inches.
Elior lay on the ground.
Carl lay on the couch.
He lay among a bed of.
He lay down and sighed.
Lay down on this table.
The two beds lay empty.
He lay back on the bed.
He lay back on the couch.
I lay quietly after that.
As I lay in bed, Swami.
Lay her next to the boy.
But what lay just over.
Speak up whatever is lay.
I lay there on my back.
Kate lay back and sighed.
He lay there for a while.
He lay Murray on the bed.
As I lay there wondering.
As I lay there I heard it.
A broken beam lay nearby.
He was a really good lay.
The summer toys that lay.
Merilee lay on the ground.
The heart lay exposed so.
Harry lay back once more.

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