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Menacingly in una frase (in inglese)

Ma moved menacingly toward him.
Nord gestured menacingly at Lov.
It looked menacingly in the dark.
Three koogly eyes bulged menacingly.
The soldier stepped forward menacingly.
Ruthie moved menacingly out on the court.
He was menacingly strong and they knew it.

The Magadhan pointed at the Naga menacingly.
A whip cracked menacingly over their heads.
He stared menacingly, waiting for an answer.
Or what? said the gangly man menacingly.
My father lunged menacingly towards my mother.
Kitara smiled and stepped forwards, menacingly.
If you don’t we will, said Todd menacingly.
He lifted a finger and waved it in the air menacingly.
You still claim him then? Zeus asked, menacingly.
He leaned against the doorway, staring menacingly at.
She glared at him and wiggled her finger at him menacingly.
It snarled again, slowly and menacingly moving towards them.
The dogs barked and one lunged forward, snapping menacingly.
Is that such a bad thing? asked Nico, almost menacingly.
He glared menacingly down at me with my phone in his fat hand.
Iĺl come back, said Packwood, pointing menacingly at Ms.
And turning, he ran behind the scenes, waving his hands menacingly.
He called out men's names menacingly from the saddle, once, twice.
The wolf growled menacingly and it bared its sharp, yellowed fangs.
He looked at it carefully, paused and then looked menacingly at Max.
That’s the wrong attitude, buddy, said the officer menacingly.
The excavators belched and menacingly moved into the attack position.
He swished it about menacingly, when he wasn’t using it as a pointer.
I watched the shadow stealthily closing on us, and this time, menacingly.
Instead, Devin grinned at her menacingly, then parked his car and waited.
He stood at the base of the steps, watching Aiden, and Landon, menacingly.
The rocks grinning menacingly at them as they kept within sight of the shore.
He jabbered away, showing his tusks, and shook his fists menacingly at Jilin.
Long Fei was in front of her in a flash and asked menacingly, What did you.
Barrett said, and menacingly raised her uncut nails to the exposed chalkboard.
The air grew heavy and the sound of thunder rumbled menacingly in the distance.
He looked over at Buffo, who stood menacingly at his side with his arms folded.
I have caught up with you at last, my darling daughter he spoke menacingly.

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