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Frasi con romped (in inglese)

  1. The Kajin romped.
  2. Airs romped round him, nipping and eager airs.
  3. He patted her on the back as she romped out the door.
  4. In the first photo, he romped with a shaggy, long-legged puppy.
  5. Squeals broke the silence of the courtroom as Nimblefax romped and chased.

  6. The children did as the dwarf warrior suggested and romped to the fields of the valley.
  7. With a girlish giggle, she romped into the meadow to see who was waiting for her there.
  8. The children romped in the coolness of the date palms and the men enjoyed sitting around, talking.
  9. Ustenka had not left the hut for a single moment, but had romped about with the other girls and with Beletski all the time.
  10. She cursed when she remembered that she had smashed the glass earlier that night when she and her husband romped home from the pub.
  11. Broshee had matured quickly during the winter and was not the same self-centred youngster that had romped through Brockenhurst Forest such a short while ago.
  12. Laurie's eyes followed her with pleasure, for she neither romped nor sauntered, but danced with spirit and grace, making the delightsome pastime what it should be.
  13. Yet none of these men thought of themselves as having made any particular offence to Fate – yes, they had stole, romped, smashed, threatened, conned and generally bootlegged their way through life, but in a way they thought of as fair and, criminally speaking, within the rules.
  1. We are standing in my harem's romping room.
  2. Merry, romping children they were in those.
  3. How could you? When will you stop such romping ways?
  4. Marina said for the sidelines, Everyone is romping but me!.
  5. Seen from a distance, romping about the back yard with her child, she.
  6. She saw him flip back, his legs high, like he was romping on the bed with the boys.
  7. But the impressiveness of the situation quickly wore off, and the romping began again.
  8. Aoife and the babysitter were still romping around the sitting room floor when they arrived.
  9. Through the half-closed doors he heard the laughter, the joyous outcries, the sound of romping.
  10. But so would being dry, and warm, and romping between silken sheets with a lively pair of beauties.
  11. It was a wild, romping, passionate love that turned their bodies into moist, supple objects of feverish delight.
  12. HE knew it was autumn again, because Torry came romping into the house bringing the windy crisp cold smell of autumn with him.
  13. Though they all grew up there very happily, romping over the lawns in the spring and fall, and coasting down the sloping hill in the winter.
  14. Olin and Horan had remained above and as they watched the romping and yelling boys below the stonemason said, It is going to work, your water wheel.
  15. And now, applying my eye close, I commanded the room perfectly, and could see my two young sparks romping and pulling one another about, entirely, to my imagination, in frolic and innocent play.
  16. Pretty soon, the little girls were romping with Martha on the beach and we grownups lagged behind them, catching up on missed chapters in each other’s lives and marveling at the way the sun lit the coastline.
  17. Look here…old…man… said Gadsa, watching satisfyingly as Morg grimaced …we do not have time for any of this foolishness with you and your little squaddies you have romping in the forest out there.
  18. Laurie knew this pillow well, and had cause to regard it with deep aversion, having been unmercifully pummeled with it in former days when romping was allowed, and now frequently debarred by it from the seat he most coveted next to Jo in the sofa corner.
  19. To go romping in the heather,.
  1. His computer romps were listed as.
  2. A cascade of images appeared and ran through in a slideshow of carnal romps.
  3. They had all met at elite Northeast universities and also while taking exotic, druggy romps through the subcontinent.
  4. I simply cannot wrap my mind around the concept of parents allowing their very young daughters to dress provocatively and listen to music that sends the message that she’s only good for romps in bed.

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1. Oh, what a bloody romp!.
2. But that romp in the shower had been hot.
3. Totally unsuitable for a romp in the forests.
4. When it used to jump and romp in the forest.
5. That romp made this whole adventure worth it.
6. Her only comment was a giggle, and the romp was on.
7. I’m not losing my judgeship over a romp with you.
8. He was singing the same song and they had a wonderful romp.
9. After another toe-curling romp, Herndon even went to sleep.
10. Not, Scarlett loyally hastened to fun to romp with a mother.
11. Often, he couldnt decide whether to walk like a man or romp like a boy.
12. This is the story of their trials and tribulations, as they romp through a.
13. But, I really suspect that he just wants to have a romantic romp with my sister.
14. Her posies tool Mad romp that she is, she had pulled her fill as we reclined together.
15. I was left to sleep off the affects of the alcohol and our romp, tucked safely within.
16. Four days later, after some research about the marks, some fine dinners and a romp in the local.
17. Here people danced in the simplicity of their hearts to amuse themselves and even to romp wildly.
18. Zach walked towards the graveyard cottage with Will and they took Sammy out for a romp in the fields.
19. FYI, that would have been a 20 minute romp, you know how long it’s been since I‘ve had some honey!.
20. Oddly enough though, he could romp freely in a storm in any climate and escape with little more than a drenching.
21. Hold on Casanova, this is more important than your two minute romp with a tart way past her sell by date!.
22. As hard as it is to believe, some women just want a romp in the hay with a hot guy once in a while and nothing more.
23. The present might be fun, a romp here, a frolic there, a little companionship on cold nights, but she wasn’t about to rush in.
24. Alan saw quite a bit of Chensa but lately less of Mingalle once Kivete moved in, unless the four of them got together for a romp.
25. There had been no one else but that little romp in the vines with Nobron at the logging party since she and Alan had first joined.
26. It was a United Artists low-budget, stolen-diamond backstage romp that is significant only as the final film appearance of the legendary Marx Brothers.
27. He had several girls--oriental and Caucasian, American and foreign--on the string for romp and randy just about any time of the day he cared to indulge.
28. Even this wasn't as much privacy as she really wanted for a romp, but there weren't any people really close by and no one she noticed was paying close attention.
29. At this point I should probably tell you that my mum, brother and sister were all supposedly asleep in their bedrooms during my late-night, booze-fuelled, saucy romp.
30. The semi-streaker finally faded away into the dense crowd, and our boy Gio (Fandango) continued his rather casual and aloof romp rock; his own version of a top rock.
31. Recognizing when the line of least resistance has been broken, however, and the stock is free to romp higher, is critical in understanding these types of patterns.
32. The prerequisite for any short-sale set-up and topping formation is a substantial prior price run, such as CROX’s 13-month upside romp through late 2006 and most of 2007.
33. It was such a romp as no one has ever had except in Narnia; and whether it was more like playing with a thunderstorm or playing with a kitten Lucy could never make up her mind.
34. He supposed one of Durov's people had probably seen me enter the Coral Towers to meet Viktoria for something more than a romp in the sack, and on a hunch had me followed back home.
35. Apollo was only a moderate success because instead of the ribald romp that nudity promised, patrons were presented with a play that took an amusing and intelligent swipe at many social stupidities.
36. As she climbed the dark stairs above the garage, the question hit her: How many times has Annette put the kids to bed, then sneaked over here to her little love nest for a quick romp with Donovan?
37. I appreciate the great outdoors as much as the next person, but the creation of a mattress was an endpoint to the occurrence of having to romp in the hay and be fed upon by both vermin and insect alike.
38. The following day, Caroline invited her new friend for a horseback ride on what she was sure he envisioned to be a romantic romp with his new girlfriend, something on the order of Sir Lancelot and Guinevere.
39. Sometimes a big takeover in a sector – banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, retailing and so on – prompts speculation that others will follow, and most of the shares in similar businesses suddenly romp ahead.
40. I slapped him half-heartedly on the shoulder, and the sweet love-making quickly turned into a laughing romp that ended as it often did: in each other’s arms, tears prickling at the back of my eyes as my emotions filled me up and spilled over in physical release.
41. I thought of the pleasure that would be experienced by the ordinary "romp" at home were he able to make so vast an impression with his everyday practical jokes; and it was to me a matter of tremendous wonder that a harmless biscuit-tin, a common or garden firework, and a "domestic" pig could possibly combine to cause such intense excitement.
42. She had the bulging eyes of the parrots when they romp on the crooked swamps of the sandy flatcars of the sea, the long and narrow extremities of a curved flamingo and the speaking, that was one of the worst things that I had never heard, squeezed, as if the words were fleeing filled towards the freedom, dropped in a Spanish accent that one did not know if it was real or fake.
43. Grose herself, and that she wanted, by just so much as she did thus see, to make me suppose she didn't, and at the same time, without showing anything, arrive at a guess as to whether I myself did! It was a pity that I needed once more to describe the portentous little activity by which she sought to divert my attention—the perceptible increase of movement, the greater intensity of play, the singing, the gabbling of nonsense, and the invitation to romp.

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