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Frasi con roofline (in inglese)

  1. Suddenly his head appeared above the roofline.
  2. He studied the edge of the roofline of the great building.
  3. He checked up, down, and along the eaves of the roofline.
  4. He activated the marquee which slowly appeared above the roofline.
  5. Carl built two courses above the roofline before adding one more tile.

  6. However, the roofline indicated there was a good hundred feet she couldn't see.
  7. The marquee slowly poked above the roofline and the Do not tailgate signal flashed.
  8. The blackness of the roofline was accented by twinkling lights inside, silhouetted against a violent sky.
  9. He was too late to see whoever it was on the stoop; he caught only an arc of black nylon, cut off from the rest of its umbrella by the chord of the roofline.
  10. Over the white box of the Exxon station darted the shadows of the birds, singly, one after another, as though launched by some catapult on the far side of the roofline.
  11. To further the air of abandonment, they’d done something to draw birds to the roofline and windows, sprinkled seed possibly, so that guano whitewashed the stoop below.
  12. The Osbairnes inhabited an elegant, but neglected old wooden house, the exterior of which boasted intricate fretwork around the verandah, a complicated roofline, carved finials and a desperate need for several coats of paint.
  13. Turrets had been added to the roofline during the repair, but only on the sides that were rebuilt; at the other two corners crouched ancient stone grotesques, so badly abraded by wind and weather that it was hard to say what they had been.
  14. Angels in various degrees of drunkenness play Spin the Knife, cradle lit cigarettes between knuckles in tests of endurance, argue about the blackout’s origins, then cluster along the northern roofline to watch a warehouse burn ten blocks uptown.

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