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Frasi con shanties (in inglese)

  1. She was hiding from him behind one of the wooden shanties in the market-place.
  2. Alastair seemed to know where he was going though and started humming sea shanties.
  3. Rushing with anticipation, Stan made his way through the crowds and makeshift shanties of the spaceport.
  4. They accuse me of wanting to clear the space of shanties in order to construct the magnificent Domus Aurea.
  5. They started burning down the houses, colony of towns, shanties, shops and buildings near the Railway station.

  6. Near the watchman’s hut the black shapes of the Cossacks’ shanties and of horses tethered together could be seen.
  7. At the Castle the carriers were constantly returning in gangs, and being paid off; the rum shanties did a roaring trade.
  8. You should see it, he added more to the bartender than me, it’s like a old-time Hooverville, bonfires and shanties.
  9. In the more central regions of the settlement the less wealthy residents of Jefferson built their cabins, shanties and lean-tos.
  10. The village was small and primitive, with shanties and tin huts and a few stores, and a pristine white beach that seemed to stretch on forever.
  11. In Hooverville tin roofs cartwheeled across the sky and shanties were simply shredded, leaving their denizens standing dazed among the wreckage.
  12. This time he made off in a different direction, skirting the smattering of shanties along the foreshore with enough skip in his heel to easily betray his bearing.
  13. The jungle quickly made place to a collection of shanties inhabited by the poorest crust of the local population, then to more prosperous buildings made of either wood or bricks.
  14. It’ll be dark before you get home and there’s a new colony of darkies living in tents and shanties near the next spring, mean cause for putting on their nightshirts and riding abroad this evening.
  15. The arrests had begun hours earlier, under the veil of night, when police and SA storm troopers broke into the shanties and wagons that were home to Roma and Sinti families—Gypsies—and rousted them from their beds.

  16. The spirit shanties, of course, did a roaring trade; but if drunkenness existed on all sides, it led only to scenes of uproarious joy; they were far too happy at being home again and all their troubles over, for any quarrelling amongst themselves.
  17. And I had seen the hordes of hapless young and old, men and women, and children; they were lying, sitting and sleeping in the courtyard of the temple; they were living in the tent houses and shanties; they were wearing ragged clothes and begging with a bowl in their hands.
  18. But the entire outside, front, sides and rear, was then clad in wood panels representing rustic slats as one would find in the slums of third world countries where families lived not in homes as known in the west but in shanties made of whatever material could be found, often planks of old timber.
  19. The choppers heard not, the camp shanties echoed not,.

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