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Frasi con strictest (in inglese)

  1. In the strictest of all senses, he said.
  2. Only by the strictest attention to the.
  3. In the strictest of confidence, of course.
  4. It's one of the strictest laws of the Huldras.
  5. But use this only at bedtime—bedtime is the strictest.

  6. She reminded me of the strictest teachers I ever had in school.
  7. The Federation is not truly a government in the strictest sense.
  8. Let no one enter or leave the city without strictest investigation.
  9. The police had orders to make the strictest search for the murderer.
  10. In everything else the etiquette of the day might stand the strictest investigation.
  11. Henry! Anne said in the strictest tone she could muster, and he turned to face.
  12. Tarak turned to the doctor, And all of this will be kept in the strictest confidence.
  13. He was the only nonwhite guest—though he hadn’t in the strictest sense been invited.
  14. May I request that the remainder of our conversation be held in the strictest confidence?
  15. Under pain of court martial the strictest secrecy was imposed on all who knew of the disaster.

  16. The school's strictest teacher held her post still, watching over one child enslaved by the music.
  17. Hall came to see Truman in his room one night and disclosed in strictest confidence that he and Mr.
  18. The only chaos I have ever seen; has been in the strictest, most authoritarian nations and cultures.
  19. I take it, of course, that both the men in charge speak the strictest truth as to preliminary facts.
  20. And to make time to get through all that lay before him every day, he adhered to the strictest punctuality.
  21. This which has directed all other knowledge, men have always called science in the strictest sense of the word.
  22. He pressed for the strictest forbearance and silence towards their niece; she not only promised, but did observe it.
  23. He gave orders that the strictest discipline should be observed, clinging to the hope that the rumour would prove to be untrue.
  24. He'll like this (it keeps his bean-counters happy) and will give you all the info you need (treat it in strictest confidence of.
  25. Women who had heretofore believed that no woman Even the strictest old ladies felt that a man who could discuss the ailments and.

  26. It was decided that the lawyer must undergo his imprisonment under the strictest observation, in a garden wing of the banker's house.
  27. As the deceased was a priest and monk of the strictest rule, the Gospel, not the Psalter, had to be read over his body by monks in holy orders.
  28. But Lisa, there’s something else I wanted to tell you but it must be kept in the strictest of confidence, okay? This must not leave this room.
  29. But the nun stopped her because she had instructions to give it personally and with the strictest secrecy to Doña Fernanda del Carpio de Buendía.
  30. For the strictest laws aiming at the preservation of national seamen had to recognise the difficulties of manning merchant ships all over the world.
  31. And this knowledge, which forms the guide to all other branches of knowledge, men have always called science in the strictest acceptation of the word.
  32. Any leads or sources of information you might be willing to share with us, it certainly would be appreciated and held in the strictest of confidence.
  33. The flight from Gengee took little more than five weeks and it was now stored in a refrigerated room under the strictest quarantine while it was studied.
  34. And among these were some of the oldest monks, strictest in their devotion, genuine ascetics, who had kept silent during the life of the deceased elder, but now suddenly unsealed their lips.
  35. There were no statues or plants for decoration; the liquid lights swirled in plain waveglass urns as if to show visitors that nothing but the strictest and gravest business should proceed here.
  36. She is also grateful and enthused that Marge and I will allow to be published the short story Luke composed; that is, using only Luke’s first name, so I tell you this in the strictest of confidence.
  37. In the strictest sense (and the one in which she may have been speaking), my self-identification as more female than male does put me in the position of having a homosexual relationship with my spouse.
  38. Buffalo Bill, something of a hero in his time, and his associates, managed to reduce the numbers to 1000 by 1890, and it was only by taking the strictest steps that the species was saved from extinction.
  39. On the contrary, it seemed, that mainly at Steelkilt's instigation, they had resolved to maintain the strictest peacefulness, obey all orders to the last, and, when the ship reached port, desert her in a body.
  40. I had given the strictest private instructions; and dropping speechless into the dinghy, a palpitating mixture of heat, anxiety, and rapture, was rowed as fast as two strong men could row me to the brig and the waiting skipper.
  41. The North was determined to force the negro vote on the state and, to this end, Georgia had existence as a state had been wiped out and it had become, with Florida and Alabama, been declared in rebellion and put under the strictest martial law.
  42. Where the rivers were navigable we had usually progressed by means of hastily constructed rafts, but the stream now flowed too swiftly to allow of that form of transport, and we had therefore to work our passage in the strictest sense of the word.
  43. Abroad, in melancholy and happiness, and I may add in the strictest monastic solitude (this fact I learned afterwards through Tatyana Pavlovna), he suddenly thought of mother—to be exact, thought of her *' hollow cheeks, and at once sent for her.
  44. Caroline wasn’t sure about the part of Sylvia’s plan that called for killing Brian, nevertheless she called her lawyer, explained as much as he needed to know and asked that he, in the strictest confidentiality, arrange a meeting with the police.
  45. The name, Badachro Sett, was really a misnomer, because in the strictest sense it was not a sett at all, more a scattered collection of separate tunnels and chambers that made extensive use of a natural cave system at the base of the Badachro Mountains.
  46. It was a valued, a precious trust to me; and gladly would I have discharged it in the strictest sense, by watching over her education myself, had the nature of our situations allowed it; but I had no family, no home; and my little Eliza was therefore placed at school.
  47. Under the law of competition, the employer of thousands is forced into the strictest economies, among which the rates paid to labor figure prominently, and often there is friction between the employer and the employed, between capital and labor, between rich and poor.
  48. The strictest regards for the rights of neutrals cannot be too sedulously observed; nor should an opportunity be lost in cultivating friendly relations with their naval and merchant services, and of placing the true character of the contest in which we are engaged in its proper light.
  49. Not only had he placed himself beyond human laws, he had rendered himself independent, out of all reach, free in the strictest sense of the word! For who would dare chase him to the depths of the sea when he thwarted all attacks on the surface? What ship could withstand a collision with his underwater Monitor? What armor.
  50. In a country where the winters are so cold as in Great Britain, fuel is, during that season, in the strictest sense of the word, a necessary of life, not only for the purpose of dressing victuals, but for the comfortable subsistence of many different sorts of workmen who work within doors ; and coals are the cheapest of all fuel.
  51. The Doctor was more than suspected of having no religion, but somehow Middlemarch tolerated this deficiency in him as if he had been a Lord Chancellor; indeed it is probable that his professional weight was the more believed in, the world-old association of cleverness with the evil principle being still potent in the minds even of lady-patients who had the strictest ideas of frilling and sentiment.
  52. But in this general survey, you may be sure, the most material spot of me was not excused the strictest visitation; nor was it but agreed, that I had not the least reason to be diffident of passing even for a maid, on occasion; so inconsiderable a flaw had my preceding adventures created there, and so soon had the blemish of an over-stretch been repaired and worn out at any age, and in my naturally small make in that part.
  53. But unlike Captain Peleg—who cared not a rush for what are called serious things, and indeed deemed those self-same serious things the veriest of all trifles—Captain Bildad had not only been originally educated according to the strictest sect of Nantucket Quakerism, but all his subsequent ocean life, and the sight of many unclad, lovely island creatures, round the Horn—all that had not moved this native born Quaker one single jot, had not so much as altered one angle of his vest.
  54. The conduct of the Executive had undergone the strictest scrutiny by these gentlemen, and their own arguments would, in his opinion, convince every impartial man, that it had been perfectly fair and upright to all foreign nations; the least attention to the documents, which have from time to time been published, would also convince every man of it, and satisfy all that the great object of the Government had been peace, and that peace was maintained until it could no longer be done without surrendering almost every national right worth preserving.
  55. He had no hesitation in saying he had uniformly been influenced by this motive alone, entirely disconnected with any stipulated obligation to Great Britain; and under this influence, alone, he would be found at all times as ready to resist the aggressions of France, as he had at any time been those of Great Britain, if they should, unfortunately, be persevered in; but, at the same time, he wished to take away every pretext for such perseverance, by persevering in a conduct of the strictest and most scrupulous impartiality toward all the belligerents.
  56. If it can be shown, as perhaps it can, that some of these words had been occasionally used, in highly emotional passages of the poets, in a strained and tropical sense, in which the idea of misery and pain leading to death is the prominent thought, such a reader would at once decide that in a grave philosophical or religious treatise these words must be taken in their proper and obvious meaning; especially in sacred writings partaking of the duality of public legislative documents, in which important words are to be always taken in their strictest and most direct definition.
  57. You are aware we have all met here accidentally (to my great joy, I must add—to my very great joy); but, though I should be the first to refuse to divulge a family secret before the strictest rules of ordinary propriety rendered such a revelation necessary, yet, as my dear guest here appears to me to have given us to understand, by covert hints and insinuations, that he is not averse to the matter becoming common property (he will forgive me if I have mistaken his intentions!)—I cannot help feeling that the prince is not only not averse, but actually desires me to make known our great family secret.
  58. But new occasions call for new laws; the side pavement, concentrating the people, required to be kept cleaner, and in better order, than when the whole width of the street was in use; so that the magistrates were constrained to make regulations concerning the same, and to enact fines and penalties against those who neglected to scrape and wash the plainstones forenent their houses, and to denounce, in the strictest terms, the emptying of improper utensils on the same; and this, until the people had grown into the habitude of attending to the rules, gave rise to many pleas, and contentious appeals and bickerings, before the magistrates.
  59. In this manner incest is created, in the strictest sense of the term,.

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