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Frasi con tint (in inglese)

  1. Perhaps a tint as well.
  2. There's no tint on these windows.
  3. A tint of red shines through the.
  4. It seemed to shift to a reddish tint.
  5. Was it to tint the proprieties?

  6. Warms in the tint, and mellows in the shade.
  7. Tint with green color-paste very delicately.
  8. Mayfairs always tint their limousine windows.
  9. I looked out the window which had a red tint now.
  10. The fiery orange tint faded and shadows crept in.
  11. I could see a tint of disappointment in his face.
  12. He sees a mostly yellow sun with a red tint to it.
  13. Darren noted the slightly bluish tint to Mara's skin.
  14. Also the tint of the sun’s rays no longer appeared.
  15. The walls were black with a tint of grey as if from soot.

  16. It was of the same peculiar tint, and the same thickness.
  17. At least not yet, he said as his eyes began to tint red.
  18. A red tint had appeared on the eastern horizon, the light.
  19. Its tint was of dark violet, trimmed with threads of lace.
  20. Though her skin appeared to have more of a whitish tint to it.
  21. The glass here had taken on a shading tint against the sunlight.
  22. Who, Peter? asked James with a tint of jealousy in his voice.
  23. Her sandals were gold in tint with straps that wound to her knees.
  24. The overcast skies provided a brownish-gray tint to the river below.
  25. She was very white in the face, with a pale pink tint on her cheeks.

  26. Roll in red sugar; tint sliced almonds with green food coloring and.
  27. There was a subtle change of scene, a slight purplish tint to the sky.
  28. Samara touched his lips as he looked at the blue tint of the lips on the.
  29. That sounds like teaching to me, Karyl said, without a tint of irony.
  30. The fence surrounding the perimeter was clear except for a faint blue tint.
  31. Every autumn tint was hers in nimble legs and wild arms, wrists, and hands.
  32. Susan received a new tint for her hair this morning, only to hear negative.
  33. Willow made her hair curly and added a red tint to her chestnut brown shade.
  34. My eyes had a red tint and I had no doubt that I would be calling Tanner soon.
  35. When she walked out, she was pale with a tint of green, I need to lay down.
  36. Holmes, my hair is somewhat luxuriant, and of a rather peculiar tint of chestnut.
  37. The hairs on my arms stood on end, and the tint of my skin became a shade brighter.
  38. They tint up the same as any other water based product and now apply nearly as well.
  39. Her lip that trembled when she was nervous about school, the reddish tint in her hair.
  40. No one had seen her; no one could tell the tint of her cheeks or the color of her hair.
  41. It was a bright fire, but it made no difference to the chill-looking purplish tint of Mrs.
  42. Gender : Males are green with a blue tint and have two horizontal stripes with the top stripe.
  43. Well, would you like to hear my theory anyway? He asked with a hopeful tint to his voice.
  44. How large a body of Walden water would be required to reflect a green tint I have never proved.
  45. Katelyn’s features resembled mine the more she grew; her hair had the same brown tint as mine.
  46. Their shapes, arrangement, and gradation of tint made me think of a box of water-colour paints.
  47. The sunlight had that rich tint it picked up summer afternoons, the red that made the blue bluer.
  48. Fallows look a lot like cinnamons, but their shade of brown is darker, often with a bronzy tint.
  49. I hope you don?t mind to have a cup of tea with me?, the editor asked with a tint of sarcasm in.
  50. Elena, with a tint of desperation in her voice: Isodor, what are you doing here, what happened to you?
  51. I would have to guess a pointy hat, a wart on the nose and a green tint to her skin? she replied.
  52. You can hear the vacancy in her tone, the same syrupy tint that rolls off of Ren’s tongue onto Dorece.
  53. As the emerging sun over the neighbor’s roof reflects on the sidewalk, the fluid has a red tint to it.
  54. Throughout an enormously large proportion of the ocean, the bright blue tint of the water bespeaks its purity.
  55. Oh, my God! They had lights streaming out like fucking beacons, staining the ground outside with a golden tint.
  56. Only when he had rinsed his mouth and swallowed to improve the hour did color tint his cheek and spark his eyes.
  57. The Thai ruby is one of the rarest and most sought after, as it is Pigeon blood red with just a tint of a violet.
  58. Blonde hair with a reddish tint, blue eyes and a tiny, delicate neck where her pulse beat like a frightened rabbit.
  59. Apparently the vegetable kingdom in Mars, instead of having green for a dominant colour, is of a vivid blood-red tint.
  60. Stepping from her car, she gushed, Oh, great! The house looks new! That tint is perfect—it goes great with the rest.
  61. The window panes were of green glass; even the sky above the City had a green tint, and the rays of the sun were green.
  62. Now she was wearing a tint of makeup, her eyes were shining, she looked happy and a bit excited, and very, very seductive.
  63. Overhead the dome tint darkens by some unknown mechanism that only Master comprehends, almost completely blocking out the sun.
  64. Through the smoke, as he approached the gate, Petya saw Dolokhov, whose face was of a pale-greenish tint, shouting to his men.
  65. Through the smoke, as he approached the gate, Pétya saw Dólokhov, whose face was of a pale-greenish tint, shouting to his men.
  66. The face which she turned towards us was of the strangest livid tint, and the features were absolutely devoid of any expression.
  67. She had blond hair, blue eyes, and though her skin was grey, there seemed to be a golden tint to it that sparkled when she moved.
  68. I, in my turn, scrutinised the paper; but saw nothing on it save a few dingy stains of paint where I had tried the tint in my pencil.
  69. But history must not yet tell the tragedies enacted here; let time intervene in some measure to assuage and lend an azure tint to them.
  70. I want some red tint for my hair, the color of carrots or tomatoes, I guess, the color of wine, yes, wine; I think I'd like that better.
  71. Some looked familiar but were of different colors and Marcus said that the sun’s greenish tint might have had something to do with that.
  72. The parlor was a most inviting room, mellow in tint, comfortable in the cut of the chairs and sofas, and inviting with magazines and pictures.
  73. The sea, absorbing every color of the prism except its blue rays, reflected the latter in every direction and sported a wonderful indigo tint.
  74. I looked at the knife in my hand again, noticing it had turned from metal to a shining crystal, with a blue tint that seemed almost more like a sapphire.
  75. When the oldest and truest breeds of various colours are crossed, we see a strong tendency for the blue tint and bars and marks to reappear in the mongrels.
  76. It is well known that a large plate of glass will have a green tint, owing, as the makers say, to its "body," but a small piece of the same will be colorless.
  77. As its name imports, it is of an exceedingly rich, mottled tint, with a bestreaked snowy and golden ground, dotted with spots of the deepest crimson and purple.
  78. I approached the parked cars in the heart of the Forest Preserve—I observed the insignia on Millsap’s squad car and the dark tint on Grim’s shabby Caprice.
  79. In the horse we see this tendency strong whenever a dun tint appears—a tint which approaches to that of the general colouring of the other species of the genus.
  80. It had a faint orange tint to it, something that triggered a thought in his mind: he had seen in the past uranium glass, which had hues of orange-red to lemon yellow.
  81. In tropical waters a greenish tint on the underside of clouds, known as lagoon glare, is produced by the reflection of sunlight from the shallow water over coral reefs.
  82. Gould in the landau, with his fine, old, clean-shaven face of a uniform tint as if modelled in yellow wax, shaded by a soft felt hat, the dark eyes looking out fixedly.
  83. She was a blonde, tall and graceful, with a skin of that delicate tint which the French call "mat," the colour of old ivory, or of the lighter petals of the sulphur rose.
  84. Duncan's eyes followed the movement, and he perceived that the animal just mentioned was beautifully, though faintly, worked in blue tint, on the swarthy breast of the chief.
  85. With one hand splayed against his chest, she pushes herself up to look into his face, some mixture of curiosity, pleasure, and pride just visible under the sated tint in her eyes.
  86. Or some slight amount of ink may be left on the plate in certain places where a tint is wanted, and a little may be smudged out of the lines themselves to give them a softer quality.
  87. Occasionally, we passed through a clearing and then we could see the sky had a sickly yellow-brown tint, and soon after, it became obvious that the air was becoming thicker with volcanic ash.
  88. As she suffered the side effects of radiation, I saw the thinness in her vigorous hair, the sallow tint to her skin, and I realized how far away I’d been, how much she’d managed on her own.
  89. His companions crowded about him in wonder and every eye was like his own, fastened intently on the figure of a small tortoise, beautifully tattooed on the breast of the prisoner, in a bright blue tint.
  90. This coat was made of serge, and its colour had presumably once been blue, but it was now a sort of heliotrope and violet: the greater part being of the former tint, and the parts under the sleeves of the latter.
  91. Here and there stood sharp peaks, lean spires that rose as high as 200 feet; farther off, a succession of steeply cut cliffs sporting a grayish tint, huge mirrors that reflected the sparse rays of a sun half drowned in mist.
  92. She was dressed to play golf and I remember thinking she looked like a good illustration, her chin raised a little, jauntily, her hair the color of an autumn leaf, her face the same brown tint as the fingerless glove on her knee.
  93. Like the water, the Walden ice, seen near at hand, has a green tint, but at a distance is beautifully blue, and you can easily tell it from the white ice of the river, or the merely greenish ice of some ponds, a quarter of a mile off.
  94. Viewed from a hilltop it reflects the color of the sky; but near at hand it is of a yellowish tint next the shore where you can see the sand, then a light green, which gradually deepens to a uniform dark green in the body of the pond.
  95. Sonya was a slender little brunette with a tender look in her eyes which were veiled by long lashes, thick black plaits coiling twice round her head, and a tawny tint in her complexion and especially in the color of her slender but graceful and muscular arms and neck.
  96. Sónya was a slender little brunette with a tender look in her eyes which were veiled by long lashes, thick black plaits coiling twice round her head, and a tawny tint in her complexion and especially in the color of her slender but graceful and muscular arms and neck.
  97. As a result: for untold thousands of years, billions of terrified weak, brainwashed: aurally poisoned living humans: secretly controlled and manipulated by unseen undead: have allowed a tint tiny! Handful of the most evilly possessed living humans to dominate and oppress and terrorize them.
  98. I infer that this is the case from having as yet found no exception to the rule that seeds are always thus disseminated when embedded within a fruit of any kind (that is within a fleshy or pulpy envelope), if it be coloured of any brilliant tint, or rendered conspicuous by being white or black.
  99. Holbein, who used this medium largely, tinted the paper in most of his portrait drawings, varying the tint very much, and sometimes using zinc white as a wash, which enabled him to supplement his work with a silver-point line here and there, and also got over any difficulty the size in the paper might cause.
  100. Now observe the case of the several breeds of pigeons: they are descended from a pigeon (including two or three sub-species or geographical races) of a bluish colour, with certain bars and other marks; and when any breed assumes by simple variation a bluish tint, these bars and other marks invariably reappear; but without any other change of form or character.
  1. I dont mind tinting the hair on my head, but not there.
  2. Oh, yes, that, she replied, her cheeks tinting delicately with pink.
  3. For the best results, have permanent tinting done in a salon by a professional colorist.
  4. This is usually the result of too much perming, tinting, and coloring, or too frequent use of heated rollers, dryers, and tongs.
  5. Another question developed the fact that whenever Harris was away it was generally assumed that he was tinting the metropolis vermilion from the Battery to the Bronx.
  6. The morning sun had just shot its first beams across the hills, tinting with golden hue the reddening autumn leaves, when the young hussar began to move in his fevered dreams, and murmured the name Jolanka.
  1. This serum is tinted gray.
  2. With the tinted windows blocking out.
  3. They embroidered and tinted themselves.
  4. All were heavily tinted, and obviously.
  5. Brooke’s voice was tinted with jealousy.
  6. Red Covers, thick paper, tinted pictures.
  7. His tinted window slid down into the door.
  8. L€ne adjusted her ponytail tinted with.
  9. It was an act of humiliation tinted with.
  10. The liquid in the syringe is tinted orange.
  11. Bugs landed continually on the tinted glass.
  12. Then, in the green tinted glass, I saw her.
  13. All of the glass was tinted like sunglasses.
  14. Despair and exultation tinted his mindspeak.
  15. And that blue Tahoe with the tinted windows.
  16. The car was dark blue, with tinted gray glass.
  17. Murdam’s mask was obscured by the tinted glass.
  18. The whites of his eyes were tinted an unhealthy.
  19. The tinted windows would hide older folks nicely.
  20. And then they closed the tinted glass divider be-.
  21. Our windows are tinted so it won’t affect us.
  22. Tinted paper, with maps and illustrations, 12mo, $1.
  23. The rosy gold of tinted sky reflects on gleaming sand.
  24. Out of the tinted windows, he saw a baying crowd of.
  25. Lot of dark-blue Tahoes with tinted windows in DC.
  26. Its blue tinted fur is an exceptionally rare phenomenon.
  27. We walked into the huge lobby and out the tinted glass doors.
  28. With that the black tinted window glided back up and the car.
  29. I could not see who was in the car as the windows were tinted.
  30. They aren’t, but fixtures in the ceiling spray tinted vapor.
  31. The pen tinted the paper blue as it moved swiftly in his agile.
  32. A video was streaming on the screen showing an interior tinted.
  33. Happy children skipped past on the tinted glass and Loofah smiled.
  34. All of them were also wearing protective tinted shooting goggles.
  35. With the tinted windows, he had no idea how many were in the car.
  36. The shower door was tinted glass and Holly was in no hurry to move.
  37. In the blue tinted half-light, Tom looked at the chaos in the square.
  38. All the windows on the other floors were tinted and had the blinds.
  39. Anything lowered, with tinted glass, stick-on bits and lots of vents.
  40. We parked our unmarked van with it’s heavily tinted windows at the.
  41. In the center, that was a graceful fountain spewing blue tinted water.
  42. The light blue eyes I had begun to admire were brightly tinted with red.
  43. Up there, she motioned with her head, toward the tinted glass wall.
  44. He discovered that the windows had been tinted and air conditioning added.
  45. Claire looked out of the tinted window of her family's security's Escalade.
  46. He wore little granny glasses, tinted sometimes, but often the clear ones.
  47. His short body was plump with fat, his complexion tinted with swarthiness.
  48. He cut and tinted his hair black, well-shaven and looked good in his uniform.
  49. His back to the spectator! This original is faintly tinted, the colours being.
  50. This primer is a shellac that has been tinted with white to add hiding quality.
  51. A welding helmet with tinted face shield and safety glasses with side shields.
  52. The windows were tinted, so Bryony couldn’t see the occupants of the vehicle.
  53. The transparent Zerite dome only slightly tinted the majestic view of mountains.
  54. Five minutes later, they were sitting in the buggy, watching the red tinted sky.
  55. This is because the tinted moisturizer will provide you with a less heavier look.
  56. Today, he wore a pale peach that looked surprisingly nice against his tinted skin.
  57. It’s huge with stained glass windows and big glass doors that are partially tinted.
  58. She spread out the phantom of a fan, shaped and painted as a tuft of its tinted bloom.
  59. A dark tinted glass rose up and sealed me in with only my head and shoulders in view.
  60. The second car has tinted windows, as for this one… I was using my initiative-.
  61. Focused beams of red tinted light shot out of each of the faceted sides of the crystals.
  62. As though she can see me through the tinted window, Haley slams her fist into the glass.
  63. Russell glanced in the rearview mirror, thankful that their rented SUV had tinted windows.
  64. It was just past sunset, a time when everything looked tinted with blue, and sound carried.
  65. Through the tinted glass of the casket he noticed the concerned look of the nurse and Zolla.
  66. The windows were tinted, so we couldn’t see the driver or passenger’s faces or anything.
  67. It had barely rolled to a stop when a black BMW with heavily tinted windows pulled alongside.
  68. She notices and tries to pay it no mind, but then the black tinted window rolls down halfway.
  69. It is metal-plated on the top and front, like a mirror, with tinted windows all along the side.
  70. Remember that permanently tinted hair can be very susceptible to damage and treat it carefully.
  71. The windows were heavily tinted with a dark color, blocking out most of the light from the core.
  72. The tubes of light now overhead revealed Detective McSomething’s eyeglasses to be subtly tinted.
  73. I could see very little through the car’s tinted windows, and he would not tell me where we were.
  74. Where was Valeriya? Caramarin peered into the Merc but couldn't see in because of the tinted windows.
  75. From behind the tinted glass Caleb could trace the outline of Holly's naked body with his hungry eyes.
  76. I’d even had tinted glasses made for them too, as I had figured that they intended on tagging along.
  77. I later heard and read that the tinted clouds which caught my son’s attention this Valentine’s Day.
  78. The car I worked for four years to pay for is a gloss black luxury sedan with a mirror tinted moon roof.
  79. McGarren grabbed his key fob and limped over to the tinted glass doors at the small building’s entrance.
  80. The thick-paned, tinted French doors behind the desk that overlooked half of the swimming pool were open.
  81. A number of lamps shining through tinted shades bathed the whole great room before us in a ruddy radiance.
  82. I stopped and slowly turned to face the man, who stood beside me, in a crisp cream and yellow tinted suit.
  83. The intensity of her eyes shone through the tinted orange of her mask as if they were molten flames of fire.
  84. She had pale blue tinted hair, short sharp pointed ears and eyes of a pale witch light that were razor-sharp.
  85. It was a wide vehicle with a black color, grey base and a large blue tinted glass dome over the entire interior.
  86. They appeared excited, weaving their orange tinted bodies in and out and around one another in a kind of dance.
  87. So were the tinted spectacles and the curious voice, which both hinted at a disguise, as did the bushy whiskers.
  88. She slipped out a pair of tinted contacts from the case, moistening them, stretching her lids to insert each one.
  89. It was a giant dog, as large as a calf, tawny tinted, with hanging jowl, black muzzle, and huge projecting bones.
  90. Her hair was crimped and ironed into improbable curls which were tinted an even more improbable reddish brown colour.
  91. Above the rosy tinted clouds into the bright blue sky; Where Goodness always present is, and the languid King of Sorrow.
  92. Jezebel, I read in his eyes as he took in my gold loop earrings, hair tinted a fiery red to warn men off, and turned away.
  93. The sky is streaked a beautiful deep red colour across the horizon, the clouds tinted pink and red as they reflect the sun.
  94. Toward the back wall of the car park, in a rented car with dark tinted glass sat a man with a cell phone pressed to his ear.
  95. No lights were showing in the pickup, and, despite the tinted window, I could see that both occupants were still in the cab.
  96. The whole thing seemed to be made strictly of shiny steel and sky blue tinted glass surfaces that reflected light like mirrors.
  97. Maybe I was in shock, but I seemed to zone out as I watched the water foaming in the sink, the bubbles tinted pink and sparkling.
  98. Truman, now a Major, was sitting in the back seat of his shiny Lincoln town car with tinted windows, directing police operations.
  99. Thus the southern shores of America, Australia, and New Zealand may have become slightly tinted by the same peculiar forms of life.
  100. The water had surrounded Aazuria’s bare feet, tinted with a few droplets of blood from where the glass had cut the woman’s skin.
  1. Imagination! who can paint thy power; or reflect the evanescent tints of hope.
  2. And himself? And ancient watercolor priest, tints fading fast, trapped inside.
  3. Tints of purple, gold, and crimson were mirrored in the clear water of the harbour.
  4. A hundred tints glistened on the white ground and the iron bars of the garden railing.
  5. Her rich tints made the white face of her companion the more worn and haggard by the contrast.
  6. The various shades and tints of sandstone are necessarily due to the coloration of the individual grains.
  7. The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening.
  8. That is why we talk only about individual colors, tints, rhythms, discerning them by intensity and other characteristics.
  9. I wondered who had gotten, or would want, the barber chair, the liniments, the ointments, the lotions that used to color the mirrored wall with their tints and tinctures.
  10. Against the peaceful landscape, the pale, decaying tints of the copses, the blue air of the horizon, and the lichened stile-boards, these staring vermilion words shone forth.
  11. These will show the value of what most students consider beneath their notice—work in two tints and give the best models possible of artistic distribution of light and shade.
  12. But who could show a cheek like Queequeg? which, barred with various tints, seemed like the Andes' western slope, to show forth in one array, contrasting climates, zone by zone.
  13. Beyond and above spread an expanse of sky, dark blue as at twilight: rising into the sky was a woman’s shape to the bust, portrayed in tints as dusk and soft as I could combine.
  14. Some showed Maria with politicians and officers but most were old sepia tints of her with armed carpenters and farmers, moustachioed heroes from the mountains and valleys of occupied Crete.
  15. It was a unique experience, that underground river which splits up into numerous passageways and underground cavities full of impressive stalagmites and stalactites that glitter in shading-off tints.
  16. Permanent tints actually alter the structure of the hair, so having one should be regarded as a serious step, and should only be taken if you are prepared to spend time and money having the roots touched up.
  17. Indeed, you must admit that it is impossible to create any masterpiece of fine arts without a harmonious combination of various colors and tints, for example, starting with black and red and ending with violet and white.
  18. That fabric covering you was woven from the masses of filaments that anchor certain seashells; as the ancients were wont to do, it was dyed with purple ink from the murex snail and shaded with violet tints that I extract from a marine slug, the Mediterranean sea hare.
  19. The thick vegetation met overhead, interlacing into a natural pergola, and through this tunnel of verdure in a golden twilight flowed the green, pellucid river, beautiful in itself, but marvelous from the strange tints thrown by the vivid light from above filtered and tempered in its fall.
  20. The breeze was from the west: it came over the hills, sweet with scents of heath and rush; the sky was of stainless blue; the stream descending the ravine, swelled with past spring rains, poured along plentiful and clear, catching golden gleams from the sun, and sapphire tints from the firmament.
  21. One gleam of light lifted into relief a half-submerged mast, on which sat a cormorant, dark and large, with wings flecked with foam; its beak held a gold bracelet set with gems, that I had touched with as brilliant tints as my palette could yield, and as glittering distinctness as my pencil could impart.
  22. He does not moralize, he neither condemns nor praises; but like a fate, silent, passionless, and resistless, he carries the story along, allows the sunshine for a time to silver the turbid stream, the butterflies and gnats to flutter above it in rainbow tints, and then remorselessly draws over the landscape gray twilight.
  23. It was a shock to me to turn from the wonderful smoky beauty of a sunset over London, with its lurid lights and inky shadows and all the marvellous tints that come on foul clouds even as on foul water, and to realize all the grim sternness of my own cold stone building, with its wealth of breathing misery, and my own desolate heart to endure it all.
  24. Before the sun dipped below the black mass of Kettleness, standing boldly athwart the western sky, its downward way was marked by myriad clouds of every sunset colour, flame, purple, pink, green, violet, and all the tints of gold, with here and there masses not large, but of seemingly absolute blackness, in all sorts of shapes, as well outlined as colossal silhouettes.
  25. One November afternoon, in the calm at the end of a rain-storm of several days' duration, when the sky was still completely overcast and the air was full of mist, I observed that the pond was remarkably smooth, so that it was difficult to distinguish its surface; though it no longer reflected the bright tints of October, but the sombre November colors of the surrounding hills.
  26. As it swung inwards, he realized that this room always took his breath away with its circular design, the walls dripping with gold leaf and complex cream cornicing, vases, busts and art placed in every conceivable free space, all illuminated by a domed stained-glass window in the ceiling that shot out different tints of light at oblique angles over the masterpieces on the walls.
  27. He had been very careful to act upon any suggestions that Sweater had made from time to time and on several occasions had taken a lot of trouble to get just the right tints of certain colours, making up a number of different shades and combinations, and doing parts of the skirtings or mouldings of rooms in order that Mr Sweater might see exactly - before they went on with it — what it would look like when finished.
  28. But if, on the other hand, the work of art has for its object the adornment of a surface of any sort, as a weapon, a utensil, an article of costume, and if the natural objects represented or suggested are used only as suggestions to furnish pretty lines and pleasant tints, which lines and tints might have been after all represented apart from the object were man’s mind more creative than it is,—that is art of decoration.
  29. But the psychological dynamics of the Process considerably increase when you begin to apply a conscious approach to it, when you decide for yourself whether anything should be or not be in your Life, whether a given choice will promote the process of your high-qualitative re-creation or will introduce some dark tints into Your Image, will contradict your Conscience, create long tensions (resistance) with all other objects of the outer World.
  30. The Subconsciousness constantly scans and saves wave Configurations of focused-by-Us Stereo-Types and controls the coordination and regulation of all automatic, biological functions, thoroughly saving, during our entire Life, not only all circumstances, situations, events, and the subsequent Experience gained as a result of them, but also all finest tints of any of our experiences, reactions, impressions, Thoughts, Feelings, emotions, and anything else that our UFS has acquired during the time of its refocusing in rotation Cycles of biological Forms of a given Stereo-Form.
  31. This riot of rainbow tints was a wonder, a feast for the eyes: a genuine kaleidoscope of red, green, yellow, orange, violet, indigo, and blue; in short, the whole palette of a color–happy painter! If only I had been able to share with Conseil the intense sensations rising in my brain, competing with him in exclamations of wonderment! If only I had known, like Captain Nemo and his companion, how to exchange thoughts by means of prearranged signals! So, for lack of anything better, I talked to myself: I declaimed inside this copper box that topped my head, spending more air on empty words than was perhaps advisable.
  32. Dynamics of the manifestation of urglukst “psychonations” and “emanations” are quite vague and yet by no means represent what we (in our subjective wave Perception) usually understand by Forms: at the black background (with all possible dark tints) that represents the creative dynamics of fragmented Consciousnesses of parrgs (the 1st-3rd Channels of ARGLLAAMUNI), there is an incessant, dim twinkling (like on a TV screen with switched-off channels) of a set of red mobile “points” — a joint manifestation of destructive dynamics of parrgs “emanations” with “psychonations” of alls (the 1st-3rd Channels of INGLIMILISSA-Iissiidi.
  33. The portals of the east with tints of rose,.

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