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Frasi con unmasking (in inglese)

  1. The unmasking of Mr.
  2. Shame is the unmasking of Guilt that seeks its own redemption.
  3. Inner Circle is concerned with unmasking con-tricks and illusions.
  4. Sighing with annoyance, Nancy opened the cover of her videophone, unmasking its viewing screen and activating it.
  5. I have already mentioned that the route to POWER and FREEDOM lies in unmasking, or destroying the SIX ILLUSIONS or con-tricks.

  6. With Kennedy's unmasking of the unprincipled activities of Kahn, that worthy changed his tactics, or at least dropped out of our sight.
  7. The man in the suit stared hard at Sarah for a moment, making a show of unmasking the revolver at his belt, then spoke with a deep southern drawl.
  8. If we have to let the weapons be unloaded in a Turkish port, it will then be the job of me and Dean to destroy them after unmasking the intermediaries at that end.
  9. Her eyes bulged with fear when the large stone plates forming the floor of the tunnel started suddenly opening with loud thuds one after the other, unmasking a seemingly bottomless pit under them.
  10. His arms trafficking business out of Kiev, in the Ukraine, had been going very well until that day of September 2007, when the Russian federal police had succeeded in unmasking him, probably with the help of 161.
  11. At length, yielding rather to his unusual impatience than taking counsel from his knowledge, he determined to bring matters to an issue, by unmasking his force, and proceeding cautiously, but steadily, up the stream.
  12. Ingrid looked sharply at the enemy strung along the side of the road: if she detonated now the four bombs in proximity to the enemy soldiers, she would probably cause a horrible carnage among them, but she would also risk prematurely unmasking her position on top of Hill 260.
  13. At first he had nearly driven her wild by his prying interest in what did not concern him, his way of unmasking her secret thoughts, his powers of seeing round corners, if not through sealed envelopes, but as time went on she grew fond of his honest boy-nature, and learned to laugh at his precocious acuteness.
  14. As he thus stood in a side view to me, but fronting his companion, who, presently unmasking his battery, produced an engine that certainly deserved to be put to a better use, and very fit to confirm me in my disbelief of the possibility of things; being pushed to odious extremities, which I had built on the disproportion of parts; but this disbelief I was now cured of, as by my consent all young men should likewise be, that their innocence may not be betrayed into such snares, for want of knowing the extent of their danger: for nothing is more certain than that ignorance of advice is by no means a guard against it.
  1. The battery was unmasked at the same.
  2. Three of them had him on the ground, unmasked.
  3. The girl had been unmasked and crushed after all.
  4. Enough! The filibusters of our day are unmasked.
  5. The thief has been more than unmasked, and I shall prosecute.
  6. The Red Bubble Girl unmasked? Without her balloons? Is she coming?
  7. You were head of the Council, but you have unmasked yourself at last.
  8. Every lie can be unmasked if you search for the truth under the lies.
  9. It is in addition, a terrifying act of savagery that has unmasked a new.
  10. The encounter took place between Jean Valjean veiled and Thenardier unmasked.
  11. Upaya stood before Ishtar, unmasked, and she beheld his handsome countenance.
  12. The drowsy aloofness had gone from his gray eyes and they were wide and unmasked.
  13. He has at last been unmasked and arrested, thanks to the indefatigable zeal of the public prosecutor.
  14. Not a word, not a word ! Oh, how glad I am that I have unmasked you now before your women ! Curse you !.
  15. He could see Faramir's face, which was now unmasked: it was stern and commanding, and a keen wit lay behind his searching glance.
  16. He did as great leaders do at the decisive moment, which they know that they alone recognize; he abruptly unmasked his batteries.
  17. The Spacers League’s counter-intelligence operation was thus hopelessly compromised, with Michel himself now probably unmasked as a traitor to the HSF.
  18. She would certainly have been in for a rough time here is she had been unmasked as a spy, and that could have been a further reason for her running off.
  19. Thus the man’s deception and guile were soon unmasked and he bowed his head in shame, especially when the crowd mocked him after his quackery had been exposed.
  20. Thus the man’s trickery and cunning was unmasked, and he bowed his head in shame, especially when the throng mocked him after his charlatanism had been unveiled.
  21. His partner and apprentice, Bri Lynn, seemed unfazed at the elf's knowledge, as though fully aware that their identities had been unmasked the moment they stepped foot into Shattered Rock.
  22. A second team from Langley will be sent to Madrid to deal discreetly with the embassy mole you unmasked, so that you will be able to concentrate your attention solely on the weapons shipment.
  23. But the more success they achieve, the emptier they feel, so they try to fill themselves with more success and more recognition, until the day comes when this lie is unmasked in an unexpected and tragic manner.
  24. Not far down the tunnel, between them and the opening where they had reeled and stumbled, he was aware of eyes growing visible, two great clusters of many-windowed eyes -- the coming menace was unmasked at last.
  25. Marius said to himself that it was all right so long as he, Marius, did not speak, and let things take their course; but that when it became a question of Cosette, he would find another face, and that his grandfather's true attitude would be unmasked.
  26. The stern face with unmasked traces of sorrow and extreme sadness obviously reflected his experiences in the world at large, especially in numerous humanitarian efforts, and gave Feltus a soothing and comforting feeling in the presence of this wise man.
  27. A news item about a Veronese professor who had been unmasked after years of secretly answering the lovelorn letters and entreaties addressed to Juliet Capulet was picked out by my wife Cait, and pointed to a way that we could all contribute to the piece.
  28. Thenardier rose in an unpretending manner, went to the fireplace, shoved aside the screen, which he leaned against the neighboring pallet, and thus unmasked the brazier full of glowing coals, in which the prisoner could plainly see the chisel white-hot and spotted here and there with tiny scarlet stars.
  29. Subsequently Satan realized that he could not approach the prophets (ptt) at all once he had been unmasked and his evil intentions had been unveiled, as referred to by the noble verse wherein God says: …verily, I shall seduce them all (humankind), except your pure selected obedient followers from among them.
  1. The impudence and shamelessness of your manners with me, sir, in the present case, unmasks your true character.
  2. They have with a false stamp of religion, although true religion is very far from them and the Qur’an warns of them and unmasks them.

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1. I'll unmask you.
2. Unmask and receive my blessing.
3. If she unmask her beauty to the moon:.
4. I expect it to be traumatic for you to unmask these illusions.
5. I want to unmask these crooks called the cosmic experts and the.
6. He must unmask his unconscious complicity with this devouring and.
7. It is very difficult to unmask incest, and the ideal of perfection is a good.
8. Ishtar didn’t honestly estimate a high probability of success in convincing Upaya to unmask.
9. Director Brennan, tell your agents to do everything possible to unmask the remaining players in this deal.
10. They openly unmask what is false and prove that there is nothing to lay hold of among us, and nothing to lean upon.
11. The Morgs took a few precious seconds to see that the synchrotron fire had stopped and to unmask their surviving sensors.
12. I honestly believe that I could help better your cause and unmask hypocrites by continuing to live among Humans, Oh Great Lucifer.
13. My job is simply to help in any way I can to provide you with the information you think you need to unmask this man, or woman, whoever it turns out to be.
14. Street to surprise them there, to catch them unawares, to unmask them, and in general to behave somewhat more energetically than he had done the day before.
15. One morning, though I had never tried my hand with the pen, it suddenly occurred to me to write a satire on this officer in the form of a novel which would unmask his villainy.
16. Anger then came to him: someone had probably found out that Lyudmila had betrayed the HSF and had eliminated her before she could unmask the other Hygiean agents involved in the plot.
17. The thought occurred to him to unmask the infamy at once on the spot; but how could it be done? Ivan Andreyitch even ran up to the second row of boxes, but judiciously came back again.
18. You will need very great strength of character to complete this task, but you will have the terrific feeling that huge weights are dropping from your shoulders every time you unmask one.
19. The one thing you’ve actually managed to accomplish, despite what’s obviously monumental stupidity, Khapahr told him, is to unmask the most highly placed Charisian spy in Dohlar.
20. I did unmask his villainy, I even exaggerated it; at first I so altered his surname that it could easily be recognized, but on second thoughts I changed it, and sent the story to the Otetchestvenniya Zapiski.
21. There are many stories of his getting to know an officer in just such a chance way and attaching him to himself! What if he gave me a place near him? Oh, how I would guard him, how I would tell him the truth, how I would unmask his deceivers!’ And in order to realize vividly his love devotion to the sovereign, Rostov pictured to himself an enemy or a deceitful German, whom he would not only kill with pleasure but whom he would slap in the face before the Emperor.

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