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    1. All the space seemed to be vacant however except sessions who's outer descriptor started with 5524314424351243

    2. When they arrived at the station the family went straight through to the main concourse and found a vacant wooden bench that wasn't covered in too many pigeon droppings

    3. He rushed over to his friend’s car and tapped on the smoked glass windows, gesticulating wildly at the vacant spot where his lovely sparkling convertible had been standing

    4. Terry continued to stand there, staring at the shin pads, his face displaying the mixed pleasures of vacant distrust and horror

    5. This time Terry had no trouble locating the bubble gum card, the tee shirt and the video, and he snapped out of his vacant trance with a sense of welcome relief

    6. In silence, we walk towards the vacant bench along the path and sit down

    7. to the main concourse and found a vacant wooden bench that

    8. Their rooms are often vacant

    9. the smoked glass windows, gesticulating wildly at the vacant spot

    10. displaying the mixed pleasures of vacant distrust and horror

    11. tee shirt and the video, and he snapped out of his vacant trance with

    12. Ted offers Billy a vacant bar stool, but Billy prefers to stand, leaning on the bar

    13. " He drags a vacant bar stool over and sits down

    14. “I have vacant rooms,” Kulai said

    15. She did not interrogate him directly about how her vacant body came to wind up at the Kassikan after that, but they did talk of those days and of her fiery courtship by the Brazilian and what the gossip rags did with it at the time

    16. A slight breeze hustles old crisp packets into the corners of vacant parking bays and there is enough of a chill in the air to make skin creep with goose bumps

    17. vacant space with cold, vengeful, anger

    18. They sat at the two vacant seats and a prim waiter inquired about their drink preferences

    19. Hipolyta picked up her sister's slack, assisting Belle at the Lodges and in large part filled Harry's shoes left vacant at the hardware store

    20. It started innocently enough; most of the town's guests were at supper or were off on overnight excursions, so Main Street was nearly vacant

    21. Flowers filled every vacant space, some planted and others wild, but all beautiful in the eye of the visitors

    22. But there was one seat which was vacant to the right of Grenwer

    23. Otto had purchased all of the rooms even though two were vacant

    24. Tom and Sue and Brian and Flavio would occupy the vacant rooms on the return trip

    25. If the seller doesn't lower the price, it will remain vacant

    26. waving us towards the now vacant picnic area with a sad

    27. She was about to attempt the latter, believing the tower to be vacant, when she saw a pair of conical helms slowly poke up from the tower’s knee-wall

    28. bloodshot and vacant; the colour had drained from my

    29. The others remained silent, their eyes vacant and empty as they stared at the ground

    30. For the most part, the courtyard was now vacant, the gardeners having rounded up most of the wildlife, as well as any edible plant life, to be immediately delivered to the kitchen, prepped for storage and added to the keep's list of supplies in anticipation of a lengthy siege

    31. They went down two more flights of stairs, then down another hallway and passed another vacant reception desk

    32. She had seen such a vacant being once before, back in Castle Kandor

    33. The front yard was now vacant, thanks to the

    34. roller skate is taking up previously vacant space on the

    35. carousel and fills the vacant spot between a pair of pink

    36. My grandmother's apartment remained vacant so we stayed there

    37. To see a vacant lot or property in your dream suggests that you need your own space, either emotional space or physical space

    38. At first he tried looking for vacant warehouses in the other cities of the Axfield district and even some further away, but Ussermis came up as the only place where he could do it

    39. He didn’t even object when I moved into a vacant cottage my father once owned

    40. She thanked the gods that she had not been gagged and could speak, but she wondered who if anyone would hear her cries in such a woody and remote area rendered even more vacant by the weather

    41. The animal cocked its head up and down and in various abrupt angles in vacant observation

    42. second later at the vacant car space which

    43. When Danny Boros decided to head for home by cutting through a vacant lot and several backyards in his new neighborhood, he had no idea of the excitement that lay ahead of him

    44. His vacant eyes stared, but he didn't advance

    45. Of these George was strapped into the right-hand seat and the left-hand seat, the navigator’s position, was vacant

    46. The followers of Zuinglius, or more properly those of Calvin, on the contrary, bestowed upon the people of each parish, whenever the church became vacant, the right of electing their own pastor; and established, at the same time, the most perfect equality among the clergy

    47. In those small republics, therefore, the magistrate very soon found it necessary, for the sake of preserving the public peace, to assume to himself the right of presenting to all vacant benefices

    48. February, and the whole town appeared to be vacant to Jessie

    49. I’d seen a feral cat hanging around the vacant lot, but now that I thought about it, I hadn’t seen it for several days

    50. When the garbage truck rattled to a stop in the nearly vacant parking lot, John still held the kitten, wrapped in the scarf, in his gloved hand

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    vacant uninhabited devoid void abandoned deserted unfilled lacking expressionless vacuous vapid inane