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Woman's in una frase (in inglese)

A woman's face has no.
The woman's eyes lit up.
But a woman's body and.
Has God spoken on woman's.
No: it is that woman's there.
A woman's voice from the hut.
My little woman's down there.

A woman's voice answered him.
The fat woman's at peace now.
Or a woman's with her saucepan.
The woman's pipe playing stopped.
First, it lifts the woman's hand.
The old woman's and her sister's.
It was the old woman's little boy.
I could not see the woman's face.
Woman's woe with wonder pondering.
A woman's voice nearby; distressed.
An elderly woman's voice squeaked.
Sirotkin was to play a woman's part.
A woman's experience has no meaning.
What would I know of a woman's mind.
They need a woman's care, Frederick.
It called to all her woman's instinct.
It was a woman's voice that interrupted.
God was the woman's joy, love and peace.
Alice gazed into the other woman's eyes.
Jean Valjean took the old woman's hand:.
A woman's laughed cut through the forest.
The other, in a woman's hand, was sealed.
Not a tolerable woman's part in the play.
One of woman's magnanimities is to yield.
Sirotkin was charming in a woman's dress.
It was in a woman's hand, written hastily.
Yet a woman's story is only the starting.
Serpents too are gluttons for woman's milk.
A woman's experience must not show in her.
One of them shifted that woman's body today.
A woman's step was heard mounting the stairs.
That is, a woman's appetite and eating must.
Amelia almost laughed at the woman's audacity.

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