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UnChristianed Nation: What Would a U.S. Christian Nation Look Like? cover

UnChristianed Nation: What Would a U.S. Christian Nation Look Like?


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  • Published July 18, 2014, 3:16 am
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  • Pages: 33
  • ISBN: 9781495456985
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Why America isn't, and should never be, a "Christian Nation. "Many Americans call themselves Christians and say that America is a Christian nation. This book takes the Christian's own text - the Bible. And turns it against them, showing U.S. Christians that if America were indeed a "Christian nation", the evidence isn't there.

Steve Dustcircle attacks the theocratic mentality point by point, using everything from the early Jewish civilization to the early church and uses that as a mirror against the ways America acts and think politically, spiritually, and intellectually. America is far from being a Christian nation and with rawness, Dustcircle pulls no blows.

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