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Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series cover

Encala : Book 3 of the Heku Series


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  • Published July 3, 2012, 6:26 pm
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Emily and Chevalier get settled into the palace, and life as one of the ruling heads of the Equites begins. The Equites elect Damon onto the Council, and he immediately finds himself at odds with Emily. Her independence and headstrong personality harshly conflict with his strict nature as one of the "old ones". As the Council City Cavalry struggles to keep tabs on Emily, the Encala begin their mission to gain her confidence, and then jump to drastic measures to pull her into the Encala Faction. The V.E.S. emerges, and come to believe that Emily and Allen are being controlled by the vampires. They quickly intertwine themselves closely with the city outside of Council City, the home of the Equites; and Emily befriends a strange heku, who takes her safety personally. Download this FREE e-Book today!

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