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How To Remove Your Fear of Death Forever cover

How To Remove Your Fear of Death Forever


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  • Published September 27, 2014, 7:33 am
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This eBook could remove your fear of death forever It could teach you-for the first time in your existence-how to live outrageously alive. Now Not tomorrow. But now! It is a book about life and death. How to be alive-now. And how never to die. It is, however, a completely subversive and dangerous eBook. It is difficult to read-shattering in its impact-full of strange consequences for you, your family, your job, and your “responsibilities”. Its author grew up in and was inspired by for example was inspired by the “Hippie” movement. Had he written this book five hundred years ago, he would have been burned at the stake. If, therefore, you are satisfied with your life as it is now . . . If you feel that you are alive enough now, that you gain enough satisfaction and meaning out of each day now . . . If you do not want to discuss or confront the question of death-then turn away from this page now. The rest of this letter will simply be confusing and destructive for you. Now, for those of you who remain, let us look at the universe through different eyes: This book says that Western Society has tricked you-INTO BELIEVING THAT YOU ARE A PRISIONER IN A BAG OF SKIN! This book assumes that you are a normal American man or woman. In other words, that you are a member of our modern Western society. As such, it says, you have been condemned at birth to spend your entire life in the shadow of impossible-and essentially ridiculous-definitions of yourself that say this: That you are nothing more than a walking bag of skin-filled with a mind, personality, and perhaps (though no one can prove it) a soul. Therefore, that you are born-live-struggle-suffer-build-love-and all the rest, only to die. To vanish. To disappear into the same nothingness you came from. That-if you no longer accept the old Western idea of a heaven and a hell-once you die, you are simply gone. That death is like being buried alive forever-no more friends, no more sunlight, or birdsong, no more love or laughter. Only darkness without end. All that all humans live and die in this terrible loneliness. Each of us is irrevocably cut off from the other-separated and alone-with even love as only a flicker of light in aeons of darkness. Cast adrift in a hostile universe-which itself will probably end in eternal darkness. This, then, is the modern Western view. And, again, this eBook says it is ridiculous. Let us turn it upside down. Let us see how the universe looks through the other end of the telescope. This book gives you a new you. It takes away your bag of skin, and gives you both your conscious and unconscious in synchronistic equilibrium.

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