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Onr Thought May Change Your Life! cover

Onr Thought May Change Your Life!


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  • Published March 11, 2015, 12:26 pm
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Whatever we think reflects our true identity. If our thoughts are pious, it makes us pious. If our thoughts are good, it makes us good. If our thoughts are corrupt, it makes us corrupt. Our thoughts make us divine. Our thoughts make us devil. It is because before anything happens everything begins in our thoughts. We’re made of our thoughts. The way we think, the way we become. If our thoughts are strong, we feel strong and if our thoughts are weak, we feel weak. Our thoughts are like chemistry. It reacts with us and diffuses everywhere. Every thought impact us both internally and externally. If we ever allow our thoughts to roam freely, it’ll lead us somewhere else. Our thoughts are like the seven horses of a chariot. We’ve to control it.

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