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Lasting Effects of an Indiscretion cover

Lasting Effects of an Indiscretion


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  • Published September 10, 2015, 8:00 am
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  • Pages: 42
  • ISBN: 9781301099542
Book Description | Author's Comment

A first writing of a fictional depiction of true story with a series of 4 books. Much like the airline crashes first believed to be accidents turned out to be terror organizations targeting American airlines. A Listeria outbreak in the US was believed to be a accidental but what if Listeria or manufactured bacteria is a planned attack against Americans by foreign countries? I can't believe there is yet another out break, first it was tomatoes, then lettuce, and now melons! What the hell is happening with our food supply Senator Dave Chesney said to his wife Melody as he laid down the morning paper and took a sip from his coffee cup? What are your plans today by the way? The Bridge club is having a charity auction for a homeless shelter and I was elected as treasurer. So you'll be gone all morning then, he said half disappointed. We can have lunch at the yacht club later though she said off handedly. No; I'll be on the hill; I just feel that someone needs to bring this outbreak to the fore front get to the bottom of it. My gut tells me its no accident and that some friggin Muslim group is responsible and its time we got off our fat arses and fight back. Dave must you use such vulgar words? Sorry dear it just makes me angry and I forgot myself. What are you thinking dear? That all these food born bacteria we are suddenly getting hit by are more than coincidence. David; you're scaring me! Melony, honey, I just have a gut feeling that our friends in the middle east have found a new Achilles heel on our own soil.

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