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Gator Moon cover

Gator Moon


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  • Published July 3, 2012, 7:55 pm
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Two dogs, superb physical specimens, in their prime and brutally honest in their behavior. Each loyal to his human companion and forgiving of each man's aberrant behavior.
Physical, earthy Joe Billie Bloodtooth, in the prime of his rebellious life, unwittingly fulfilling the dictum of his birthright as he spirals into madness.
Physical, disciplined Samson Hercules Duff, in his prime when accidentally gifted with a sensory enhancement that threatens to destroy his iron-willed self-control, if not his life.
Two men—strangers—reduced to animalistic behavior as they meet in an epic struggle of survival and vengeance in the unforgiving majesty of the Florida Everglades.... The mighty Pay-Hay-Okee.
How animal is human?
How human is animal?

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