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Living with a Psychiatric Wife cover

Living with a Psychiatric Wife


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After the birth of my second daughter, my wife's behavior changed. One night, she drank the pesticide and luckily informed me. I rushed to the doctor and he came and gave her salt water for vomiting.
The next morning, she wanted to run away from the house with my new born daughter. We prevented her and kept her in the house.
I called my doctor from Sangli, he came and gave her an injection. He informed that she should be moved away from this place for some time. He said that this behavior will continue and I have to live with this problem throughout my life.

Looking after her was not an easy job since her behavior was not normal, I had to change my outlook of the problems faced since many people had problems and they overcome by facing the reality and how to overcome.
Books that changed my life
Great men and women who overcame difficulties in life and won the battle
One of my favorite book was “Success in 30 Days” by Dr. A. F. Periera. A practical book guiding a person step-by-step each day solving problems faced and ensured success after 30 days.
Stephen Hawkins –wheel-chair ridden genius was able to write books and working as professor in one of the colleges in UK. It is unbelievable that a person with such disabilities could still face life and was able to overcome with determination.
Dale Carnegie – my favorite book – How to win Friends and Influence People, Stop Worrying and Start Living, and several other books written by him.
Sudha Chandran – a danseur did not stop her career even after one leg was amputed after a car accident and a Jaipur leg fixed.
Abrahim Lincoln – who lived in a log house and could not graduate but by reading books in this log house became a laywer and finally reached the pinnacle of his life – the President of the United States. He was assassinated because he wanted equal rights for the black people of the United States of America who were brought from Africa and had to work as slaves in the United States.

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Living with a Psychiatric Wife

I need an appropriate image ( for Cover and the Contents) for my book I am writing on how I managed to live with my wife who is psychiatric patient for 40 years. The book describes on how this happened, the treatment ,given to her,  her behavior that was affecting  every one in the family, on how I leaned to live with these problems every day, and my two daughters leaned to live without their mother condition of not looking after them.
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