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            The Tale of The Cat People:

It was just another day in Haren Valley, in a medium sized house that was hidden in the woods lived some magical cat people. There was a mother and a father named Crystal who has white hair and dark yellow eyes and Frank who has brown hair and green eyes, with their three beautiful daughters named Siesta, Julie, and Layla. Siesta is tall and the oldest and is 15 and has light blue hair and dark blue eyes, Julie is also tall and is the second oldest and is 13 and has yellow hair and brown eyes, and Layla is short and is the youngest and is 11 and has pink hair and dark magenta eyes, well actually Layla’s eyes change colors depending on her mood, her eyes have been known to turn yellow, blue, red, brown, gold, green, purple, pink, and more.

Chapter 1: The Tragedy.
Hey mom (asks Layla.) Yes sweetie said their mom. Will we ever get to make contact with humans? Oh i’m sorry sweet heart but I don’t think we will, you see humans aren’t usually used to seeing magical creatures like cat people or demons and things like that. And if they ever do they might freak out and try to hurt us. But mom we don’t know for sure if they will hurt us or not, why don’t we just try? Because it’s too risky Layla (says her dad.) I don’t mean to gripe but your mother and I aren’t going to take any risks just to try and see if a human will hurt us or not….do you understand? (Layla sighs)…. Yes father. Come on cheer up Layla mom and dad are just trying to keep us safe (says Siesta). I know but it’s just that….i’ve always wanted to actually see or meet a human (says layla). (a few months later their mom and dad are killed trying to hunt for food when they wander to far and was both shot by a human, back at the house Siesta, Julie, and Layla are all sitting in a room with each other with great grief.) what are we gonna do now (says Layla)? I don’t know (says Siesta), the best thing we can do for now is stick together and hold on to hope. Mom was right said Layla you never do know what humans will do to you. (Layla bursts into tears, and Siesta and Julie both put their arms around Layla and hug her and also start to cry.) hey it’s okay Layla….everything will be okay (says Siesta). (Layla presses her face into Siestas chest and continues to cry.) I miss them so much Siesta….I don’t know what i’ll do without them. (Siesta looks down at Layla with a heartbroken look on her face) I don’t know either Layla….I don’t know either.

Chapter 2: Leaving Haren Valley.
(several years pass and Siesta is now 19, and Julie is 17, and Layla is 15. Food is becoming scarce around the house and they are beginning to starve.) ugh i’m so hungry….Siesta aren’t you going to cook something (moans Layla)? I can’t food resources are running out around the valley? Then what are we going to do (asks Julie)? I don’t know but I can’t just sit here and let us starve….so we have no choice but to move to human environments. (Julie and Layla gasp.) what! Are you crazy! Have you completely forgot about what happened to mom and dad! No but what choice do we have? My job as being an older sister is to keep care of both of you and keep you safe, I can’t just sit here and let the only two sisters I have starve to death. (Julie and Layla look at each other and sigh.) Okay you’re right we should move (says Julie). (Layla has an upset look on her face looking around the house.) What’s wrong Layla (says Siesta)? I’m gonna miss this house, I mean….this is where we all was raised after all, and we’ve shared so many memories, I don’t want to leave. I don’t either but we have no choice (says Siesta). (a few weeks later they all have their things packed and begin moving, soon they find a decent house right outside of a city called Zendaya City, the house is not far from the woods and is the perfect size for all three of them, so they move in.) wow….I know for a fact this house will be great for all of us to be happy and healthy (says Siesta). Yeah I guess it’s ok (says Layla). You guess it’s okay? It’s just right (says Julie). Well i’m going to unpack my stuff in my new room (says Layla). Me too (says Julie). (Layla takes her stuff to her new bedroom upstairs and begins to unpack then she sighs). Man why did we ever have to move? I wish we was still at the old house with mom and dad. (Layla stops what she’s doing and looks down at her suitcase with a sad look on her face) why…..why did this ever have to happen? Why can’t mom and dad still be alive? (Layla then suddenly gets angry and grabs one of her shoes and chunks it at the wall, then she breaks down and puts her hands on her face and begins to cry) I….I just want them back, that’s all I ask for Is to see mom and dad again, I only have Siesta and Julie to depend on now….not mom….and not dad. (the next morning Siesta calls Layla and Julie down to the living room) Layla! Julie! Would you come down here please? Okay I thought of an idea last night after you both went to bed, so I was thinking the only way we will be able to leave the house and actually get near humans and be okay is to wear these. (Siesta pulls out three hooded jackets from a bag.) Great but how exactly is that supposed to help (says Julie with a sarcastic tone)? Well it’s simple….we put them on and cover our heads with the hoodie so that the humans won’t be able to see our cat ears (says Siesta). Yeah but what about our tails (says Layla)? (Siestas eyes go wide) oh….um well I didn’t think about that. Why don’t we just tuck them inside our pants (says Layla). Okay that will work (says Siesta). Now we each have our very own jackets (says Siesta). Layla yours is the magenta one, Julie yours is the orange one, and mine is the dark blue one. (Siesta hands them their jackets and they try them on) it fits perfect (says Layla). Mine too (says Julie). (Layla runs to Siesta and grabs her arms) Can I go out and explore the city right now Siesta! Please, please, pleeeease? (Siesta thinks for a second) Ok fine but please be careful, and be extremely cautious of your surroundings. (Layla jumps and smiles and screams with excitement and gives Siesta a big hug) oh thank you, thank you, thank you Siesta! Don’t worry i’ll be very carefull. (Layla runs out the house with her jacket and hoodie on with her tail tucked in her pants) I actually can’t believe Siesta is letting me go! This is going to be so much fun, i’m actually going to see a real human and where they live!
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