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Project Neopsorin cover

Project Neopsorin

The Healing of a Low Self-Esteem


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Self-esteem is usually only a term associated with teenage boys. I hate this! The truth is many adults, male or female, old or young know that their self esteem struggles. So, what to they do? Some may retaliate with defensiveness or cocky behavior, some may fall into a "poor me" fit of depression, some may compensate by indulging in what they enjoy. Everyone deals with it a bit differently but the truth is that all these things are just the band-aid to cover up the festering and growing problem underneath. Think of this book as the Neosporin to heal the wound, not the band-aid to cover it up. In this book, together we will tackle the causes of a poor self-esteem and will find ways to control and improve it. Hopefully, this book will make you feel good about yourself and help you realize the qualities you really do posess!

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Title of front cover

How do you get the title on the front cover of your e-book? Is this something you do prior to publishing? 
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Created: August 21, 2012, 9:44 pm
  • Martin Wales
    August 27, 2012

    Yes, your cover is VERY important! It's the 1st impression and, more importantly, it is the number one way to get attention for your book - to be noticed and to be selected!

    Good Luck,


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  • Ashesh Bharadwaj
    August 22, 2012

    The front cover is an image so while creating the front cover you can add the title to it.

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