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Osprey Amadeus Volume 1 cover

Osprey Amadeus Volume 1

Issue 1


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  • Published January 15, 2013, 1:59 pm
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  • Pages: 19
  • ISBN: 2147483647
Book Description | Author's Comment

The 1st release of L.A's fiction magazine, Osprey Amadeus, of serialized stories. In this issue, chapter one of Wings, The Noris,The Girl Who Struck The Wall, and Sonya: Legend of the Phantom Blade.

Extended description
The Girl Who Struck the Wall: A strange encounter turns Labirichi Yockimori's dismal existance upside down and eventually drops her into another dimensional plane. Now, Labirichi's desperate to get back to that life, no mattr how dismal it was, because in this place where conspiracy and civil war stirs, there are people who would kill to learn the secrets of the girl who struck the wall between of her world and theirs.

Wings: A young, aspiring photographer learns a lesson in resolve when her ideal vision of her own impending adulthood is shaken by reality.

The Noris:

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