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Mike's Acknowledgments

I never planned for this thing to be a book, and without the support of many it wouldn’t have been. Many thanks are due. First and foremost I want to say thanks to my old manager, Ed Hubel, for having the vision to crush my dreams of making this thing into a movie - which lead to creation of this book instead. To the masters, Tebayane Rose and Brock Schick, who gave me the grammatical notes and then taught me how to put them together to compose something magnificent. To Shannon Ward, for her faith in me for putting together the original manuscript, and for her gracious help to turn it into a novel. To everyone who tried to get in the way, smiled at my demise, or kicked me while I was down. I’m not mad acha; you turned out to be great material! To everyone I forgot: It wasn’t on purpose. To everyone who took part, or helped out with the movie Pills; especially Jessica Nash who influenced an entire chapter of the story. To Katie Hubbard, for creative input, and for modeling for the cornerstone of the cover. To my wife, Brittany Doss, for her love, encouragement, and participation for being in the book’s trailer. To Maria Garcia, the best friend I've never met, and one of the funniest - not to mention most outragous - people I've ever known. Thank you for being my friend when I needed one the most! To my brother from another mother Rick Roberts, who unlocked my brain to help me think for myself, and to find humor in the darkest of places. To my brother from the same mother Nick Doss, the world’s sexiest World of Warcraft player, for the constant feedback, support, and criticism. To the funniest and most important person from my childhood John Lappin, whose unfortunate situation has given me the motivation to finish this book after all these years. And finally, always, thank you, the reader, for having an interest in reading my book.

   Shannon's Acknowlegments

About a year ago, Mike asked me to help turn Pills into a novel. I want to thank him for waiting patiently for me to finish it when my life was pretty much utter chaos. I want to thank my friends and family who spied on me while i was writing and started laughing at it. This helped me gain motivation to finish it, because if they could laugh at it, I know you can! I want to thank my mentor and school librarian, Mrs. Logan, for helping me develop my love of the written word. She doesn't know how much she inspired me. A special shout out to my one eyed cat, Mama kitty for snuggling me many times while I wrote and sometimes laying on my keyboard.  I also want to thank my cousin, Lindsay Lavallee, who I owe my friendship with Mike to many years ago when I was in Florida for our uncle's funeral. A sad family trip led to an awesome friendship. I love you Lindsay!! To John Lappin, I know I do not know you or your family, but I am beyond happy to help anyway I can and my heart is with you guys. You stay strong, you can beat this! To those still reading this not rapidly swiping the screen to jump into the story, this is a digital book not a clitoris, and thank you for taking the time to read this. Okay, enough boring "blah, blah" thank yous, get your ass to the next page and start laughing!


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