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Casanova's Adventure of a Lifetime cover

Casanova's Adventure of a Lifetime


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  • Published July 23, 2013, 12:15 pm
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  • Pages: 185
  • ISBN: 2147483647
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Have you ever wondered what happened to the sailor and waitress from the 1972 hit song "Brandy?" Do you love romantic adventures? Let your journey begin:

True love is finding that part of you only another can complete. It requires risking our deepest emotions, secret thoughts, and most cherished desires to someone for the first time. Exposing our heart is the hardest thing we will ever do in this life. We choose only to do this after we find someone we trust, and often adore. Life was never meant to walk alone. While there are many types of love, there is only one valiant knight for each destitute princess. For a heart comes in halves; and true love has room to share but one other heart.
This is a story in search of that missing half heart. This is a journey through the amazing chain...

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