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When someone is living his life not the way he should then even a day off the routine is such a huge
blessing. Stuck up on the daily routine man nearly forgets what does life really feels like. This story of
three days is such a regular story celebrated in extraordinary way and though title says only 3 days, it is
the story of a life. A story of teenage love that will surely offend who thinks life should be lived the way
they are living. Every abnormal thing to their routine is easily labelled crazy and they never agree life is
full of surprises and excitement. But let me begin for the readers who don't feel lazy wrestling their eyes
over the fantasy of thoughts from a writer.
The date, the special date when I saw her for the first time, there was nothing really special about that.
Well when i say not really special I really mean it and I don't even remember the date and there was
nothing special in meeting her either. She was just another regular girl I usually could charm with my
words. But i never saw any story could be formed with her. I thought she was few years older to me, the
way she handled the situations, her dressing sense, everything was so amazing. Amazing like a fully
grown women. Later I realized she was 13 and I was 15. Oh just kidding, she was already 18 and able to
make her own decisions and trusted by the government to select her leader to lead the nation. So that's
the story, she was 18 and I was 15. Three year's difference was nothing like 3 days and we really looked
awkward together. Oops! did you believe that? I was kidding once again, I was already 18 years and 3
days older than her. 18 years, that's my age and 3 days: that's my ego, the ego of superiority t o her.
Those 3 days hugely boosted my ego of being matured than a matured girl and had seen lots about this
world than her. Isn't three days more than enough to know more about this world?
I had already noticed her beauty even before the mathematics of age began. She was not beautiful is
the biggest lie I can tell to my readers. First impression was good and thus I was quick to react. I said
hello and the smile that I saw on her face 5 minutes earlier had yet not fade but that couldn't be the
reaction to me. A polite hello was the least I expected but probably god had played a bad play with her.
She might be deaf and didn't hear me.
Few minutes later I found myself in the company of my light-hearted friends who were sharing jokes.
My friends were encouraging me to share some dirty jokes and just when I was about to start telling one
she just appeared in front of us. I pretended not to look at her. It would not be polite to crack a dirty
joke in front of a girl but she was deaf so I started telling the dirties t joke I ever knew. The group that
was so loud few minutes before was completely silent, why wouldn't they be? my joke would obviously
good and it deserved that much of respect. But that silence was not like any other silence. There was
some peculiarity in that silence, as if it wanted to say something to me. But cool people don't like
conversations withe silence. I completed my joke and everyone started laughing. I silently looked
towards the direction where she stood with a wish to have one more glimpse of her beauty but alas! she
wasn't there. Probably she didn't like, oh! she is deaf and dumb. At this sudden moment I realized she
was deaf too and it is the reason she didn't reply to my hello. I fell gentle tap in my head and I looked
above my head. I saw beautiful chin hiding beautiful lips of the same girl my eyes were willing to see. I
quickly straightened my head and turned back to look at her from my left side though i was feeling
someone had put hands on my right shoulder, probably to garner my atten tion. Turning left seemed to
be best decision of my life as she had too decided to sit to my left by now. I could see her beautiful
cheeks facing me, I felt like pecking a kiss there but I hold up. She suddenly looked at me and I realized it

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