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Portals of Eternity-Vol.4 cover

Portals of Eternity-Vol.4


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  • Published February 12, 2014, 9:17 am
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A collection of three essays on spiritual warfare and the combatants and consequences.

1. "The Bottomless Pit" -- A look at the frightening things Scripture tells us about this horrible place.

2. "Clash of Kingdoms: How Satan Is Crafting This World to Oppose God" -- Current tactics of the enemy of God to attack God's kingdom by influencing what happens in our world today, including altering what it means to be human, via genetic technology and other modern methods.

3. "The Deep Things of God" -- The great reward of surrendering one's spirit to God in Jesus Christ is to be admitted into God's most intimate thoughts and Spirit, to know God in a way that few ever will. Nothing else can compare to this intimacy, and this essay is meant to help one realize this astonishing gift of God by pointing out God's own plan, as revealed in his Word, for us to gain this great blessing.

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