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Abeyance dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. In the abeyance of the.
2. The mind should be normally in abeyance.
3. Time was in abeyance on the ship's clocks.
4. The spirituality aspect is still in abeyance.
5. There may be such a state as the abeyance of.
6. Duprina stood awhile in abeyance, looking all around.
7. The experience of mental silence I call the abeyance of.

8. M: Call it silence, or void, or abeyance, the fact is that the three.
9. With hypnotism, the conscious mind is placed in abeyance through induced.
10. From that day to this, such plutonic construction work has been in abeyance.
11. Nowadays the military profession is in abeyance and the magisterial robe is the badge of honor.
12. Spacetime, dualities and cycles are suspended, held in abeyance or become frozen at the event horizon.
13. The beginning of November found its date still in abeyance, though he asked her at the most tempting times.
14. After an hour and five minutes of fast jogging Roidon returned, his incipient frustration put into abeyance.
15. Jaggers being highly dictatorial, and Wemmick obstinately justifying himself whenever there was the smallest point in abeyance for a moment.
16. I am sorry to say that I fear that the converse of the proposition is, in a great degree, true, and that those principles which I then supported, and which were the ground of the revolution of political sentiment in 1801 which thereafter ensued, have fallen, as it were, in abeyance; that, in fact, we have forgotten our oracle.

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